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10 Mobile Texting Apps You need to Know About

Popular Mobile Texting Apps

Ever since its inception, text messaging has been a driving force in the field of communication. The first text was probably sent about two decades ago, and ever since then, this communication tool has only seen an upward growth when it comes to public acceptance and ease of use. Almost three-quarters of the world's population today have access to mobile phone and trillions of text messages are sent across the globe every day.

Texting is the most widely used way of communication throughout the world, and is especially popular amongst the younger generations. With communication and information transfer getting faster and faster, the world is getting smaller and smaller. The obsession of people towards social media and texting is therefore changing the face of communication.

10 Top Mobile Texting Apps You Need to Know About

Being a widely used medium of communication today, especially by the younger generation of the world, mobile app development companies always strive to come up with newer, better apps for texting. The main aim is to attract more number of users to their platform due to which there is huge competition in this domain. Here we have compiled a list of the some of the top mobile messaging apps you need to be aware of -

  1. Line


    This is an instant messaging mobile app which is used to send messages and IM's on devices such as smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. Line allows users to communicate via images, videos, texts, and even supports free video conference over the internet. The Line app is available across different platforms and is one of the largest used social messaging apps in Japan.

  2. Kik Messenger

    Kik Messenger

    Developed by a Canadian company, Kik is an instant messaging software app available on different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. It uses the mobile's internet connection to send messages in the form of images, videos, web pages, sketches, etc. Kik allows users to register anonymously without providing their mobile number thereby preserving their identity. A popular messenger app, Kik has seen a decline in user base following the popularity of WhatsApp.

  3. Viber


    Developed by Viber Media, Viber is a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) app and also doubles as an instant messaging app. It allows users to send messages in different forms such as texts, images, videos, etc. This app is available on all mobile platforms and it requires one to download on the phone first before it can be used on the desktop version. Viber gained prominence because of its quick telephony and faster access to friends and contacts unlike Skype.

  4. WeChat


    Developed by a Chinese company, this is a multi-platform instant messaging app. This is one of the largest mobile messaging apps in terms of daily active users. It allows users to send messages via texts, photos, videos, hold-to-talk, video games, video conferencing etc.

  5. WhatsApp


    Recently acquired by Facebook Inc., WhatsApp is an online texting app available on multiple platforms. It allows users to send messages via text, photos, videos, push-to-record audio, file transfer, and calling. Currently this app has a user base of about 1 billion people and is the most popular texting app in the world. The developers support this app by publishing regular updates which allow them to trail blaze across their competitors.

  6. TextMe


    TextMe is another texting app used to send messages over the internet from your smartphone. The app allows users to send texts, images, videos, locations, etc. Once you register using your e-mail id or Facebook, you will able to access your contacts and text them using this easy-to-use app.

  7. Facebook Messenger

    Facebook Messenger

    Facebook provides an online texting app to all its users for no extra cost. Facebook has a user base of about a billion people now and provides this app across platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc. This app can also be used to send messages to friends who are not on Facebook at all, since it integrates normal SMS functionality as well.

  8. Google Voice

    Google Voice

    Launched by Google, this is an instant messaging app which can be used to chat with and text your contacts. Users can choose to respond to text on their personal computer as well through a Google Voice account. This app can be also be used to make free calls over the internet. Once popular, Google is slowly transferring Voice's capabilities to its social app - Hangouts, which features most user-requested features and is present on multiple platforms as well.

  9. Pinger


    This is an instant messaging app which has a very nice user interface and is very user friendly. The entire navigation is based on photos, hence by clicking on the contact's photo, it gives access to call, text, photo, and voicemail. Profile images are directly taken from the user's Facebook account and it provides a specific number to each account.

  10. textPlus


    This messaging app offers free and unlimited text messaging services to users irrespective of the phone they are using. This app is well-known mainly for its community messaging or group messaging feature. This allows the user to communicate with people in a chat room like environment.

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