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iPhone Apps for Better Business Performance

iOS Apps for Business

Apple's iOS 9 is the latest release of their operating system, and along with several other improvements, this particular version attempts at making a businessman's life simpler. Apple has always surprised its customers with cutting edge technology and has challenged its competitors every single time, and its new business focused app support aims to change how business people work using their phones on a day-to-day basis.

Today, Apple's App Store boasts of having over 1.5 million iPhone apps, leaving customers spoilt for choice. The iPhone is to business users what Blackberry used to be, an indispensable part of any business. At the same time, with numerous iOS capabilities and technologies incorporated into iPhone business apps, it can get difficult to choose the right app for your business. Let's have a look at the apps which can help your business perform better.

7 iPhone Apps for Better Business Performance

With iOS 9, The next generation of business apps take advantage of iOS' unique and powerful capabilities such as Touch ID, iBeacon, Handoff, App extensions, AirPlay, etc. These unique business apps are now helping in streamlining workflows and making everyday tasks much more productive.

Make use of the powerful features and possibilities which can take your business to new heights. Here we have categorized the different iPhone capabilities and listed the iPhone apps which make use of them.

  1. iBeacon Technology

    This technology lets your iOS device automatically detect proximity to a particular location. This feature can be used to check the availability of meeting rooms, checking if employees are present in the office, or to improve customer service by providing personalized messages to your clients.

    Mobile Applications

    Usher Security

    This iPhone app manages employee access without the use of any physical badges or credentials.

    Mobile Applications

    Sales Assist

    This app uses the iBeacon technology to detect the whereabouts of the shopper on the store floor. This can be used to provide personalized service and recommendations.

  2. Handoff

    This iOS capability allows you to start a task on one iOS device and then later continue on another device. So if you are traveling and want to catch up on the work which you started earlier on your Mac, by logging in to the same iCloud account, you can continue with the task on your iPhone.

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    This app simplifies managing daily tasks and with Handoff, you can list things on your iPhone and later mark them as completed on your Apple Watch.

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    This app makes it easy to join meetings on your iPhone while commuting and then later hand off to your Mac once you reach office.

  3. Touch ID

    Inherently a fingerprint sensor, Touch ID does more than just unlocking your iPhone. It helps to access your apps securely and manage your critical data without the hassle of multiple passwords. A single fingerprint touch ensures that all your data is safe.

    Mobile Applications


    This app creates a secure vault for all your passwords of different accounts and apps. Access to all your data, websites, and business apps can be done with a single touch.

    Mobile Applications


    This app is aimed at businesses, and enables users to digitally sign documents using Touch ID. This avoids the hassles of printing the documents and then signing them.

  4. Location Services

    Location services are an extension of GPS technology, and allow you to get the right information at the right time. This technology can have certain implications on how you conduct business, and can increase your productivity by helping you navigate to reach your client's office or automatically capturing and updating location information of a construction site.

    Mobile Applications


    This app simplifies and speeds up any safety inspection. With Location Services, this app logs location data for more accurate and efficient inspections.

    Mobile Applications


    This app uses Location Services and smart-drive technology to detect your route, track mileage, and calculate your business travel reimbursements very easily.

  5. Camera

    Now you can use the built-in camera on your iPhone in more innovative ways than ever before. Leverage your phone camera in business apps to simplify daily tasks, view augmented visualizations, and even replace complex manual calculations with just a tap.

    Mobile Applications


    This app allows you to measure rooms and door floor plans by just clicking a picture. Attributes and annotations can be added to a snapshot to create an indoor map.

    Mobile Applications

    Sun Seeker

    This app uses the camera to easily view the sun's location and the solar path. This further helps in designing architectural plans or selecting an ideal time for a photo shoot.

  6. AirPlay

    Airplay allows seamless sharing of your work with other iOS/Mac users. It can be used to easily share photos, documents, etc. from iPhone to Apple TV, Mac, etc. wirelessly by simply tapping into AirPlay without having to connect to your organization's network.

    Mobile Applications


    Making attractive presentations is an easy task with Keynote. AirPlay makes it very simple to share it with a group of people or stream it wirelessly from any iOS device.

    Mobile Applications


    This app helps you draw a new product design, outline a business plan, or create diagrams. With AirPlay you can share the same on big screens and present it to a larger crowd.

  7. App Extensions

    Extensions allow you to do more with the apps on your iPhone. Work in one app while opening another app's functionality and content across iOS. One can also view daily tasks in the notification center and share documents between apps.

    Mobile Applications


    This app extension allows you to view all your notes, checklists, and quickly access the common functions of the app with a single tap.

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    This app extension allows you to automate functions across other apps. Using Workflow you can easily launch workflows from inside the app.

Other Popular iPhone Business Apps

Apart from the iPhone apps for business mentioned above there are numerous other apps which can be used by businesses to improve productivity. Some of the other popular iPhone apps used by businesses include -

  1. iTeleport app allows you to remotely access your desktop with ease from any iOS device and gain access to all your work documents
  2. OneDrive is a cloud storage app from Microsoft which enables you to back-up all your important documents and later access them from any device. This also allows an easy drag-and-drop feature to copy all your files securely
  3. Square Register is a mobile payment app which facilitates easy payment of bills using a credit card reader dongle which can be plugged into the iPhone's headphone jack
  4. FreshBooks is an iOS mobile accounting app which allows you to record and track your business' expenses and profits. It can also track how long your employees spend on a project and creates invoices accordingly

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