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Outsource e-Learning Content and Application Porting

e-Learning Content Application Porting

Are you looking to move your existing e-Learning content or application to another e-Learning development platform? O2I offers end-to-end e-Learning content and application porting services to help you manage this transition with ease, without any loss of critical information and existing features.

Benefits of e-Learning Content and Application Porting

  • Eliminates the Need for New e-Learning Content Development
    Content porting innately avoids the need for developing new e-Learning content from scratch. This not only saves time, but also the effort and resources that would be needed to develop a new e-Learning content or application.
  • Faster e-Learning Implementation
    Web migration of content and applications is the fastest way to start offering new e-Learning implementation services to the users, as existing learning content is already available. It only requires migration, and some essential modifications to make it ready-to-use for a new platform with additional features and capabilities.

6-Step Process of e-Learning Content and Application Porting at O2I

Migration Analysis
Migration Analysis

Experts at O2I will first analyze your exiting/traditional learning content or application, and understand the scope for a possible migration. This will give an idea of the efforts required for migration, and the amount of new e-Learning supportive content that needs to be developed. Further, this analysis would provide a clear estimation of migration time, and the amount of additional content that needs to be developed.

Creation of A Similar, Yet Edgy Learning Interface
Edgy Learning

During migration of learning content or software porting, O2I experts will ensure that the new e-Learning user interface and environment looks similar to existing e-Learning system, while offering that extra edge. This will make things easier for your users when they upgrade onto the new e-Learning platform.

Specific Modules Development to Enable Migration
Module Development

In most probability, all the content of your existing learning systems might not be migration-friendly; there could be some technical issues and other compatibility problems which may hinder smooth migration. This is where we develop new or similar e-Learning content or programs that synchronize with your existing content to give you a perfect e-Learning application.

Migration, Conversion and Compatibility Solutions
Migration, Conversion and Compatibility Solutions

May it be your entire IT migration to enable e-Learning, web content management including migration, specific software migration, flash to html5 conversion, web application migration, or handling compatibility issues while migration or conversion; O2I can serve all your migration and porting needs to ensure complete e-Learning readiness.

Migration Testing
Migration Testing

One of the most important parts of content migration is ensuring it's stability and capability to take the load, while meeting all the required standards and guidelines. We follow a specialized process at O2I to test and retest content and applications before migration, so that our clients have zero issues, post migration.

Future Ready Migration
Future Ready Migration

We at O2I ensure that the migrated content is ready for future migrations, if there is a need or change in technology. This makes your content or application ever ready for migration in the future with ease and also avoids the need for a new content or application development.

Outsource Your Content and Application Migration to O2I

Outsource2india is a leading organization when it comes to outsourcing e-Learning application development or porting. Our team of experts takes care of the finer details, while porting your e-Learning content or application to give you a ready-to-use e-Learning solution in less time and half the cost.

Talk to one of our executives today, and migrate your e-Learning solutions to keep pace with changing technology and user demands.

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