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Outsource Instructional Design Services

Instructional Design Services

Think about this. In present day technology, we can direct inanimate things like drug capsules to reach where they are meant to go and have the impact that they were designed for. Why can't the same principle be used to ensure the effectiveness of simple things like training sessions, in the corporate sector?

Instructional Design is such a technology which helps you design the packaging, combine the necessary ingredients, set it in motion at the correct speed and ensure that it is on target!

Corporate Training - An Essential Component for Success

Corporate training, which had always been a constant focus area for all insightful companies, has now become a powerful tool to improve business performance. Instructional Design can be used to increase the effectiveness of corporate training by targeting the designing, developing, packaging and delivery of the training program towards a specialized target audience.

Where can you use ID for targeted learning?

  • Corporate Training - With highly interactive and user-friendly tools that are designed to target learning, you can transfer knowledge and conduct in-house training for your employees.
  • Online Courses - Through ID, you can create online courses that teach skills or knowledge in any domain.
  • Product Tutorials - If you need to train people on a new software or product, you can use ID to create simulations or demonstrations that will ensure learning.
  • Web based training (WBT) and computer based training (CBT) - WBTs and CBTs can be used for online courses or training courses.

Role of ID in Training

One reason Instructional Design is in the limelight is the flexibility and power of web based training (WBT) and computer based training (CBT) programs. Companies are realizing that it is now possible to develop highly interactive and user-friendly tools to transfer knowledge and conduct in-house training for their learning solutions.

e-Learning Instructional Design Services We Offer

  • Training Needs Analysis - This is necessary to decide whether there is a need for training. The first step is to identify the gap between a person's present performance level and his or her future performance potential. Next, we evaluate whether training will actually bridge this performance gap.
  • Instructional Analysis - This is where the instructional analysis is conducted in relation to the overall goal of the training programme. This will cover target trainee analysis, performance analysis, instructional goal analysis, content analysis and instructional medium analysis.
  • Macro level course design - This is a high level design of the structure of a course. The overall 'how' of the course is decided here. Decisions such as whether the course will be administered online or offline and whether an instructor will be present are made during macro level course design.
  • Curriculum Design - This decides the overall 'what' of the course. Decisions involving the kind of topics to be covered and their relation to performance gap will be taken here.
  • Instructional Strategies - Here's where the approach of the instruction is decided. Different instructional approaches such as simulations, learning games, quizzes etc are evaluated to see which best suits the desired learning goal.
  • Story boarding - The story board is the most detailed, conceptual view of your idea. It provides a screen by screen illustration of your instructional strategy, complete with actual visuals, audio and text.

The steps involved in developing an ID module

Instructional Design Development for WBT or CBT, in a broad sense, is a two-phase process.

Phase 1

The first phase- During this phase, we arrive at the framework, which will define the methodologies to be adopted depending on the needs and the profile of the audience. We select the material to be used depending on whom it is meant for, set rules of engagement, kind of interactivity, kind of feedback, kind of delivery etc. This phase has two components:


  • Needs Analysis, to identify the areas that need to be strengthened.
  • Task Analysis, to find out what tasks are necessary to do a job. This will help identify the pre-requisites.
  • Audience Analysis, to understand the learner profile.


  • The Story Board: This will shape the look and feel of the ID module and involves a lot of creativity and understanding of the learning theories and methodologies. Every step is visualized by the Instructional Designer and captured in a storyboard as clear ideas, which will guide the fleshing of the framework of the design.
  • Media Design: This is vital part of the story boarding. The Instructional designer creates the images, video and audio elements to be presented to the learner.

Phase 2

The second phase of Instructional Design development is that of providing the flesh to the framework of the design. The three components of this phase are:

  • Developing the content
  • Creating the graphics
  • Programming

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