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Outsource Digital Game Based e-Learning Solutions

Digital Game Based e-Learning Solutions

Make your e-Learning highly engaging with game based learning. Games bring the perfect culmination of fun and focus for your users' e-Learning experience. O2I has proficiency in creating customized game based learning (GBL) applications to meet your specific training requirements.

Why Digital Game Based Learning?

  • Replace Traditional Monotonous Learning Systems - Games are synonymous with fun, and game based learning can replace traditional classroom/self-motivated learning. Learning process, procedures, how-to guides, and many other programs can be offered effectively through games, puzzles, mind games, etc.
  • Enticing and Engaging - Undoubtedly game based learning scores heavily in this aspect. Nothing can be as fun as playing a game, and if learning comes along the way, it's an added bonus. Incorporating fun element into learning makes it a highly productive activity. Even, multi-player games can be created to make the learning process even more appealing and entertaining.
  • Advanced and Varied Digital Platforms - With lots of interactive digital platforms available like mobiles, internet, gaming consoles, cloud, computer-aided learning (CAL), etc., the options to deliver a digital game based learning system are wider and easier.

O2I Relies On the Principles of Game Based Learning

All our game applications are developed keeping the key principles of game based learning in mind. This ensures that all game learning applications developed by Outsource2india are effective and goal oriented. Some of the gaming principles we follow include -

  • Probing Technique
  • Repetition Method
  • Storyline Method
  • Process
  • Strategy
  • Simulation
  • Procedural Methods and many more

O2I Combines Fun and Learning, with Game Based Solution Development

The most challenging part while developing a game based e-Learning application is the way learning is intertwined into fun. Lots of game based learning applications terribly fail if they are more oriented towards proving fun element, as users forgo learning and get carried away in the flow of game.

These kinds of games fail to induce necessary learning and in the process fall short to meet the actual objectives. O2I's experts ensure that the learning objectives are always met by creating appropriate balance between learning and fun.

Scalable e-Learning Game Designs from O2I

At O2I we ensure that all game e-Learning applications follow scalable designs. This ensures that frequent changes and modular additions to the games are seamless, on-the-fly, and quick. We have the infrastructure and workforce to handle development of any size and even scale it if the project demands so.

Game Based e-Learning Applications from O2I

  • Simulation Games - We simulate situations and procedures through a fun-filled gaming process that makes learners understand how a product works, or a service is delivered in reality
  • Procedural Games - These kinds of games follow set procedures through which task based targets are given to the players, to achieve a goal. These types of games makes users understand the process for completing a particular task at hand
  • Storyline - These games are based on an underlying storyline which induces the learning objectives and activities for the players
  • Multi-Player Games - These kinds of games are developed to improve coordination among users. Multi-Player Games focus primarily in creating coordinated team efforts to complete assigned game/task
  • Mobile Games - Mobile game based learning is an area which is witnessing frantic growth and is in great demand. At O2I, we can develop custom built mobile e-Learning games for any mobile platform like IOS, Blackberry, Android, Windows, etc.

Outsource Game Based e-Learning Application Development to O2I

That's not all; we create a lot more game based applications like -

  • Puzzles
  • Problem Solving Games
  • Strategic Games
  • Construction Games
  • Quiz and Challenges Based Games, and more

Our experienced game e-Learning application development team understands how fun can be combined with learning, to improve its effectiveness. We have the expertise to deliver best game based learning solutions for your training requirements. Outsource game based learning solution development to us, and make learning fun.

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