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What Makes Power BI the Most Intuitive Enterprise Software Solution

What Makes Power BI Analytics an Intuitive Enterprise Software Solution?

Microsoft Power BI is a leading business intelligence platform. It combines processing power with versatility to generate all types of reports - from basics to complex - with absolute ease.

The best part is that it can be easily accessed by both IT and non-IT users. Together, the tool makes it possible for all levels of users to deep dive into issues and figure out the root cause of a problem. This makes it an indispensable software solution for enterprises.

Microsoft Power BI is the most intuitive enterprise software solution because it brings advanced analytics to everyday business decision process. These includes identifying outliers in business data, grouping data together, executing clustering techniques, applying AI insights, and using advanced analytics custom visuals. All these features together enable decision-makers to derive useful insights from fast-generating data and find solutions on the go.

Features that Make Power BI an Advanced Analytics Tool:

The following in-built features make Power BI an advanced analytics tool for businesses -

  • Quick Insights

    This is a specially built feature in Power BI that provides the user an intuitive and advanced way to scour for insights from volumes of data. It involves applying advanced algorithms to different and selective data subset. A user can find better visibility to data insights with a single click and a in the shortest span of time.

  • Ask a Question

    This one feature equips the user to add a 'question' button inside the report. The user can use the question to carry out drilled down analysis while analysing or preparing a report. The feature empowers the user to get doubts and confusion cleared.

  • Intelligent App Suggestions

    This is yet another sophisticated feature in Power BI. It presents the user with a list of work-related apps to improve productivity. The app list can be generated based on, relevance, popularity, content and user review.

  • Integration of Azure Machine Learning

    Sometimes data subsets need to be analyzed in greater details. Power BI comes integrated with Azure Machine Learning. Users just need to drag and drop data modules to see the results of Machine Learning algorithms.

  • Data Shaping with R

    Power BI Query editor comes equipped with R. This helps the user to carry out instantaneous data cleansing. Thereafter they can shape the data with just a few clicks and ready to process it for advanced analytics.

  • Segmentation & Cohort Analysis

    This one feature of Power BI helps to establish the relationship between diverse data sets. It breaks down and blends diverse data sets into one meaningful structures of co-related data. This is followed by mapping of the different structures to identify the exact relationship between the diverse data sets. This feature helps to make complete sense of all the business data or comprehend all that is needed for deeper analysis.

  • Data Analysis Expression

    Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) is a set of functions that can be used to develop formulas and expressions. It can compute value for different types of data. In Power BI, DAX works just as it works in Microsoft Excel but without the complexity of columns, rows and numbers. And the best part is that DAX reports are easy to build and understand.

  • Integration with Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics

    Power BI comes integrated with Azure Stream and Azure Machine Learning. This enables users to get access to real-time data and combine and give shape to a wide variety of data sets. The combination of these two tools equips Power BI with the quality of predictive intelligence thus giving insights for proactive action.

  • Data Visualization in Power BI

    Another key aspect of Power BI is enhanced visibility of real-time data. This again helps to find business insights on the go. Besides, Power BI gives a range of options for pre-built visualizations and add features to existing pre-built visualization capabilities.


Power BI doubles up as advanced analytical tool that allows business users to analyze data and share insights across an enterprise. Also, it provides a comprehensive view of important KPIs and other metrics all of which can be viewed through interactive and intuitive dashboards.

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