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Outsource Custom Template Design Services

Custom Template Design Services

As per latest research reports, over 94% of customers have failed to trust particular businesses/e-commerce websites because of low-quality and unappealing designs. As a result, there is a growing requirement for well-designed web templates which can showcase your business offerings and attract more customers.

With the help of Outsource2india's custom template design services, you can reach out to your customers and get ahead of your competitors at the same time, by using our high-quality and user-friendly design. Our custom template designs are easy-to-use and affordable. We believe in flexibility and offer our customers the freedom to add site components, widgets, features and color schemes.

Our Website Template Design Service Offerings

  1. Custom eBay Template Design

    eBay, with its huge collection of affordable products, has transformed how businesses sell to customers online. If you are an eBay entrepreneur, among a million other such entrepreneurs, it is very important that you differentiate your eBay store template design from the crowd. At Outsource2india, we can make that happen. Our eBay template design services include -

    • A mobile compatible and fully responsive design that we will optimize for quick loading
    • eBay template designs that have inbuilt custom galleries, where you can simply click or perform a mouse-over to enlarge product images
    • Inclusion of eBay specific elements, like promo banners and side/top navigation bars
    • Use of a cohesive design throughout the website, along with a perfectly matching color palette and logo

    Our designers can also help design exclusive website templates for small businesses and other popular e-commerce websites.

  2. Custom Joomla Template Design

    Joomla is an extremely popular open-source content management system that has been downloaded by more than 70 million users for publishing web content. At Outsource2india, our team of skilled designers can design a Joomla template (in the latest version of Joomla 3.4) that is fully responsive, mobile compatible, and which can showcase your business image professionally. Our Joomla template design services are different from the rest and can offer your business with -

    • An extensive range of module positions and flexible design layouts to match the exact nature of your business; be it for a corporate website, e-commerce site, retail website, or even a school website
    • An interesting pick of color schemes, wireframes, and font selection
    • Quick conversion of existing PSD files into a functional and effective Joomla template

    Once the project is completed, we submit all the source files for the original design back to you as part of our original quality guarantee.

  3. Custom Wordpress Template Design

    Wordpress, which started out as a blogging platform, is now used by non-blogging websites as well, because of its user-friendly CMS capabilities and rock solid framework. Over the years, we have worked on several Wordpress template designs and can assure you of a quality template within a tight budget. Some of the highlights of our services include -

    • Option of customized Wordpress themes based on your preferences or development of your self-designed PSD files, which will be converted into a fully functional Wordpress theme-based template
    • Wordpress templates that support semantic coding for quick and efficient SEO
    • Personalized, unique, and customized Wordpress designs, which can be used in all web browsers
    • Easy social media integration with popular social sites (Facebook and Google+ amongst others). Customized comment boxes will also be added

    Apart from working with Wordpress theme templates, we can also provide you with customized blogger template designs which are easy-to-use and cost-effective.

Features of Our Custom Template Designs

If your business is facing any one of the following scenarios, it is best to opt for custom template design services from Outsource2india -

  • Your business is on a tight budget and you do not have the finances for an in-house custom website design
  • You need to get your business website up and running, within a very short timeframe
  • The content which you can display on your website is very limited
  • You require a simple and easy-to-use website template design for your small start-up business venture

At O2I, our custom template designs are ideal for your business, and provide you with the following value-added features -

  • In-built search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Options of HTML and PSD with CSS versions
  • Use of clear cross-border codes
  • Original and new website template design ideas
  • Custom template designs which can be easily modified and updated
  • Professionally created graphic designs
  • Custom email template designs for your business

Why Choose Outsource2india for Custom Template Designs?

Although faced with a million different choices, our website design templates differentiate from the rest by providing you with an enhanced, optimized portal to attract customers. Not only are our designs contemporary in nature, but their originality ensures you website always stands out from the rest. By choosing us, you stand to gain from the following -

  • The core structure of the design template, along with the color schemes and the overall layout are created in a format which makes it easy to add content and images
  • Our professionally created templates will add more credibility to your site, when compared to other available design templates
  • We develop template designs that are lightweight, fully optimized for responsiveness, and are SEO ready
  • Our team meticulously tests each and every one of our template designs for compatibility with popular browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari amongst others
  • With our ongoing customer support, our team will always be there to support you, answer your queries, or get your website running again
  • We have the capability to work within very short timeframes. This ensures that your website goes online, much ahead of your deadline
  • Our cost-effective pricing offers are unbeatable when compared with other service providers

Partner with Outsource2india for Enhanced Custom Template Designs

Our pioneering custom template designs are backed up by a skilled team with a minimum of 5 years of experience between them. With an expertly coded and completely secure CSS/XHTML website, you can enjoy the benefits of a seamless web interface that works without a problem and communicates with your customers on a personal level.

Contact us to outsource custom template design services and see the difference. We will be glad to assist you with a customized business, e-commerce, or retail website template design.

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