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Leverage business resources for unparalleled productivity by hiring professional workforce analytics services for data-driven strategies at rates starting at $20 per hour

Every organization that strives to grow critically evaluates every strategy, operation, and process within the organization. However, it is just as crucial for an enterprise to leverage data about the teams, employees, and candidates who work on various levels to be able to maximize the business outcomes. And the most efficient way of having access to people data is by leveraging workforce analytics services. It is only when you put your human resources in the right direction that you can achieve the outcomes and growth that you envision for your company. When you leverage workforce analytics services by partnering with a professional workforce analytics services providing company, you can identify candidates who match the needs and work culture of your organization, thus being a valuable addition to your business.

Outsource2india is the leading workforce analytics service provider that has been helping clients assess employee behavior and determine high-performers, helping direct the right resources to retain them. We also perform workforce planning and analytics to help organizations understand their talent requirements and meet challenges related to hiring and sustaining a better performing workforce within teams, all of which lead to the best opportunities for our client's business plans.

Workforce Analytics Services We Offer

Outsource2india can be your one-stop solution for all your strategic workforce planning requirements, offering a whole range of workforce analytics services. With our services and solutions, we can empower you to understand your requirements and the ideal size and capabilities for your teams better. And when different teams operating on various levels at your organization are the right mix of talent and manpower with all the resources being made available to them, there is one less challenge to think of as you move forward to fulfill your business aspirations and goals. Following are the workforce analytics services that we offer -

  1. Workforce Analytics

    Workforce Analytics

    With our workforce analytics services, you can gain crucial insights into the day-to-day workforce activities in your organization to help you understand the timescales of your projects as well as make accurate forecasts. Our services also come in handy to help you understand what tools and methodologies would yield the best of outcomes. With our workforce analytics dashboard, you can gain real-time insights into data that can help you keep updated about action planning and ongoing projects.

  2. Strategic Workforce Planning

    Strategic Workforce Planning

    We understand that the most crucial aspect of success for businesses is the strategies they work with. However, the effectiveness and efficiency of these strategies, to a large extent, depend on the people who work at your organization. With our workforce planning and strategy services, we help you understand the right kind of people who would best suit your operations so that you can dedicate the right resources in the direction. We also help you determine what aspects can help you in executing the strategies in the most efficient ways to fulfill the vision and goals of your business.

  3. Workforce Acquisition Strategy and Operating Model

    Workforce Acquisition Strategy and Operating Model

    If you plan to change your workforce environment, which can be quite a task and an added stress when you're already managing so many operations, we can always help with our workforce acquisition strategies and services. As you plan to redesign your business talent supply chain, we can be your workforce analytics services partner and help you understand how to secure the right mix of skills and workforce capabilities that can help you in achieving your business aspirations.

  4. Talent Acquisition

    Talent Acquisition

    When you hire a set of new people and screen potential candidates for different roles, knowing what capabilities and talent to look for can pay off in unimaginable ways. Each employee that you screen and hire should be a valuable addition to your team and company, thus boosting the efficacy of your business operations. And workforce analytics services are the right kind of technology that can help you in the hiring process by providing you data to help you make insight-driven decisions. In addition to that, workforce analytics tools can also help automate various processes and repetitive tasks to save you a lot of time.

Workforce Analytics Process We Follow

Workforce analytics forms a core part of HR analytics that helps measure and track employee-related data, which in turn helps enhance the productivity of your teams. With this data, you can gain important insights that help you in the process of workforce planning to meet the various challenges in the area of the workforce. Here's more on what to expect from us -


Through client engagement and workforce research, we will define the problem


Our team will create project briefs that incorporate the solution outline


We will identify an analytics team with the right capabilities and experience


The team will be mapped into analytics roles


Workforce analytics will be carried out and use cases will be tested to collect feedback


Rigorous quality checks will follow to ensure data validity


Reports in custom views will be created for users

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Why Outsource Workforce Analytics Services to Outsource2india?

Outsource2india has been providing workforce analytics services in India as well as to countless global clients over the past 24 years. With this vast experience, a team of specialists, and our rich insights into this impressive technology, we can cater to your varied needs of recruitment, strategic workforce planning, and understanding how to distribute resources in your organization for the best outcomes. Outsourcing workforce analytics services to us have various benefits, several of which have been listed below -

  • Affordable Solutions

    At Outsource2india, we provide the most flexible workforce analytics services at highly affordable rates to make our services accessible for companies of all sizes. You can handpick the services that you require to meet your business goals. And we ensure that you only have to pay for the services that you opt for.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We assign a dedicated project manager to your project who will serve as a single point of contact to address all your doubts, confusions, and queries. The project manager will also give you timely updates about the progress of the project, and you can also give your feedback.

  • Latest Technology

    We leverage all the latest tools, technology, and systems to offer top-notch workforce analytics services. What's more, is that we keep upgrading these tools to ensure that we only use feature-packed technology to offer services that are nothing short of perfection and excellence.

  • 100% Data Security

    When you share confidential and delicate data and information about your business, we ensure complete data security by adhering to stringent data security policies to protect your data from data breaches and third-party access. Our teams also sign a confidentiality clause to go that extra mile to give you complete data security assurance.

  • ISO-certified Company

    Being an ISO-certified company, all our processes, methodologies, and practices are complete as per the industry standards. Therefore, when you collaborate with us for our workforce analytics services, you can rest confident that we provide top-notch solutions tailored for your business.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    We understand that time is a resource just as precious as money, and we ensure that we deliver impressive results as promised. With an efficient team and all the resources, we promise quick turnaround times and enhance the strategic workforce planning for your enterprise.

  • Multiple Delivery Locations

    Being located across multiple locations around the globe allows us to readily meet the requirements of our clients about workforce analytics services. This not only allows us to collaborate with global clients but also adds efficiency and perfection to our services.

  • 24/7 Assistance

    If you have any queries regarding our services, you can reach out to us anytime via calls, emails, social media profiles, or the live chatbox on our website to put forth your queries. We have a dedicated team of customer care executives who are available around the clock to address your queries and provide you with the information that you need in a short frame of time.

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Outsource Workforce Analytics to Outsource2india

In the modern times that are empowered so much by technology-driven web analytics solutions, the only way forward is to leverage workforce analytics services and the multitude of benefits that it brings for your enterprise. When you measure the behavior and performance of your teams, employees, managers, and identify the scope for improvement, you are closer to your business aspirations. Furthermore, workforce analytics services help you identify the talent and capabilities that can enhance your operations and conduct the hiring process in the right direction. And when you outsource workforce analytics services to a workforce analytics services company as professional, transparent, and dedicated as Outsource2india, we help you reach closer to your business goals in the most systematic ways.

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