Outsource2india’s Web Analytics Methodology

Here's a look into how we undertake a Web Analytics project. What we consider, what we setup, what options you have, what we do (briefly) and how you get the results.

O2I's approach involves 4 main steps:

  1. Understanding your business, website objectives, and organization structure
  2. Evaluating the web analytics tools, installing and configuring them
  3. Data Collection
  4. Data Analysis and providing an optimal solution

You can choose any/ all of these options, or even combinations of the three. If you already have a Web Analytics team, we can offer our services to train them so that they can perform the analysis and handle the tools on their own. If you are not interested in building a Web Analytics team, and you are interested in a long-term relationship, then we can setup an offshore team to monitor the website for performance, make detailed reports and provide suggestions for improvement.

Web Analytics Process at Outsource2india

The first is to understand your business and how you would measure the success of your website. We would meet / email/talk with key stake holders in your organization and get an overall understanding. We would also work with you to understand the kind of reports that your team would need and the frequency.

Choosing the right tool is important and it has serious financial implications. If you have already invested in a tool, we would work with this tool. If you are yet to purchase the tool, we would assist you with the tool selection. Once the tool is chosen and installed, we would proceed with configuration to collect the right numbers.

Data collection would also involve what we call as data auditing. Not all traffic to websites is relevant traffic. So we would do an audit, clean up the data and put filters in place so that the data collection works correctly.

Once the data starts coming in, we would start with the reporting, analysis and recommendations process. The reports might be routine in nature or it could be based on ad hoc requests. The findings are presented along with certain recommendations using PowerPoint, MS Excel or as an html page.

It is essential that we repeat the cycle again. All modifications to the site based on our recommendations would be measured again to assess their effectiveness.

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