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Web Analytics Technology

The common adage of "Technology and Marketing do not mix" is proved wrong with our Web Analytics strategy. Actually they complement each other so well that we cannot imagine one without the other. In a business where numbers, and lots of it, dictate terms, it is unthinkable to decipher any analysis without technology.  Web Analytics tools help reduce numbers to understandable data in spite of their limitations.

Our technology team is engaged in developing tools to address needs where existing tools cease to be of use. Log files, our primary medium for analysis, have a wealth of information hidden under the debris of data. Log Splitter and Log Parser are tools designed to operate on log files and address specific needs.

Log Parser, scavenges undesirable traffic data from log files and readies it for use. The tool reads data from text files to a SQL database. Log Parser is equipped with customizable filters to eliminate undesired data during the migration process. Built on .NET platform with MS SQL database, Log Parser is a much needed tool.

Log Generator, as is obvious from the name, works at the log file level to segment data based on various criteria. Log Generator extracts data from SQL database and generates log files based on user preferences. The segmented data thus derived can be fed into visualization tools. It is built on .NET platform with MS SQL database.

The technology team works in tandem with marketing and analysis teams, incorporating intelligence from completed and ongoing customer projects. O2I's technology initiatives and approach facilitates a neutral approach towards available Web Analytics tools. Log Generator and Log Parser were developed to satisfy the shortcomings identified with common tools. The target audience would be customers who have already invested in expensive tools but are not able to derive the expected results.

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