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Outsource e-Learning Content Development Services

e-Learning Content Development Services

e-Learning is fast evolving as a de facto training standard, but what really drives it towards success is strong, convincing, and engaging content. It could be a basic CBT or a highly interactive learning environment; the content that forms the learning sessions is of primary importance.

O2I's highly pragmatic and thought provoking content development services for e-Learning in India promise a whole new learning experience for the users. Our content development is based on fundamental learning principles, combined with technology enablement and exclusive O2I expertise, for better and effective training.

Core Principles That Form the Basis of Developing Content for e-Learning

  • Usability - Most online or e-Learning content fails to evoke the necessary interest in users, mainly because of its poor usability. It is crucial to develop content that is written with the readers' perspective, is easy-to-learn, short and crisp, pictorial and soothing for the eyes. Our team ensures that the entire learning is enticing and simple rather than making it difficult and boring for the learners.
  • Engagement - If your e-Learning solution fails to engage users within the first few seconds, it's likely that the users' interest may slip away. So online content should be like a slippery slope where users just glide through the slide and have great time learning, without getting bored.
  • Interactivity - Most content developers are busy creating eye catching content, which is often a monologue. At O2I, we understand that interactivity can bring users' involvement to the fore, which makes learning memorable and highly productive. We develop interactive content for various media including documents, presentations, videos, demos, quizzes, etc.
  • Assessment - Unless you gauge the impact of your e-Learning content, you are just beating around the bush. You have to take extreme care in creating easy and involving assessment procedures and ensure that you are succeeding in your efforts. We continually assess our content based on user behavior, feedback, technology/domain changes, and industry benchmarks. This ensures suitable and evolving content based on the learning needs of different individuals.

e-Learning Advantages with O2I

O2I understands that e-Learning solutions should be more effective and user-friendly, and therefore provides the following advantages to its clients -

  • Better Than the Alternatives - A crucial area where most content developers fail is to check how the next best learning alternative is performing. At O2I, through our content moderation support, we ensure that the online content development process acknowledges all other learning alternatives and ensures that it stands out from the rest.
  • Best Use of Technology - Assessing the learning objectives and using the best technology to bring ultimate results is what makes O2I's development process effective and robust. We use a wide variety of development and authoring tools like Macromedia Authorware, Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe Premiere, Sound Forge and Learn2 StreamMaker, to name a few. Moreover, we keep ourselves engaged in updating our skills on the latest applications and tools, so that we can offer you the best.
  • Expert Team of Professionals - Our team of experts include highly skilled instructional systems design (ISD) specialists, content developers, creative artists and testers who work together to deliver the best-in-class learning solutions.
  • Constant Improvements - Assessments help us analyze the impact of trainings and give us pointers for improvements. The improvement could be content makeover, using new technology, or redesigning for effectiveness; which ensures what we are delivering is best and in-tune with the latest trends and technology.
  • Updating on e-Learning Trends - As a leading content development e-Learning services provider in India, it's our primary job to be aware of the latest trends in e-Learning development and e-Learning design. This gives us an edge over our competitors and helps us recommend custom e-Learning solutions to our clients.

Outsource2india offers a complete range of e-Learning solutions in India. Outsource e-Learning content development to O2I and get the best results.

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