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Software Development for Healthcare

Outsource Software Development for Healthcare

O2I's healthcare software development is the answer to building robust software for the entire continuum of healthcare needs.

A sound strategy is the cusp of a successful healthcare software development. So, we passionately innovate to make your everyday functions easier with custom healthcare IT consulting. Have you wondered how dollar and time can be saved if administrative and management processes are tech-enabled? We can aggrandize your value proposition to attract potential audience and business growth.

To turn small and big aspirations into reality we at Outsource2india work with fast-paced technology to fill your cup to the brim with many profitable encounters. Your ambitious pursuit of a software-driven IT infrastructure to transform small physician workplaces into a business' hotspot can be fulfilled by outsourcing healthcare software development services. Be it healthcare software development or healthcare IT consulting we offer quality solutions that fit your budget.

Healthcare Software Development Services We Offer

O2I's healthcare software development is a comprehensive solution that streamlines functions from the back office to a physician's office. Being a specialist in custom healthcare software development services in India we focus on your concerns, regulatory compliances (MACRA, HIPAA, ACO, HIE etc.), evolving healthcare standards (HL-7, ICD-10) and dependencies to develop a sound strategy exclusively for your business. We provide Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software solutions, hospital management software services, claims processing software services and Impact Analysis Software services. Our specialization also spans across other areas including web & mobile strategy.

Our proficient team of experts is competent in designing and developing customized health care software solutions, including specialized software for healthcare analytics, and health information management, amongst others. The services we offer under healthcare software development are as follows -

  1. Healthcare App Development

    We can develop fully customized medical apps laden with features such as push notifications, tracking, analytics dashboards, schedulers, and much more. With all these features, your healthcare operations can be managed breezily. As part of this service, we undertake the development of medical apps, hospital administration apps, medical imaging apps, and HIPAA compliant apps.

  2. Healthcare Mobility Services

    If you run a healthcare facility with global operations, synchronization of tasks can become a challenge. If you are plagued by this concern fret not! O2I's mobility solutions can help you communicate and collaborate in real-time. The high-speed collaboration will quickly smoothen all creases to facilitate seamless clinical data management, healthcare communication, online consultation, and form-based feedback collection.

  3. Development of Patient Portals

    Being an experienced offshore healthcare software development company, we develop custom portals that are integrated with UI/UX. Our solution also comes with social media integration to make patient encounters interactive and friendly. As part of this service we offer complete support in viewing treatment plans, social media integration, viewing health data, online appointment setting, as well as tracking and updating medical history.

  4. Data Analytics and Management

    With a skilled team of codebreakers, we turn raw clinical data into valuable insights critical for healthcare decisions. We gather a large volume of related and unrelated data for analysis and begin extracting information that enriches the quality of customer engagement as well as business. As part of our data analytics services, we offer descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and comparative analytics.

  5. Healthcare Compliance Solutions

    We leverage data algorithms to automate the compliance process for healthcare providers. This service let you leave major concerns to us if you do not have the time and resources to check adherence to regulatory compliance. We perform a comprehensive evaluation by leaving no stone unturned. Ergo, reducing the risk faced by providers. As a part of our compliance solution, we provide accurate solutions such as HIPAA consulting practices, HIPAA audits, risk analysis, and evaluation of medical product standards.

  6. Healthcare Information Security

    We store all clinical data on a secure network that is forbidden for access by unauthorized members. We routinely check the network's health to understand if they are secure from confidentiality and privacy breach. By choosing this service, you can get robust protection against both internal and external attacks. You can also get secure access to patient medical records to ensure smooth and safe medical transactions, backups, and recovery.

  7. Healthcare Customer Relationship Management

    Documentation of patient encounter is incomplete without transparency in patient-doctor interaction that occur via the web, live chat, call support, and even in-person appointment. We can personalize the experience for each patient by considering past encounters documented in CRM and EHR. We can streamline chronic disease management, assistance in patient profiling and feedback collection to improve the quality of relationship with patients.

  8. Virtual and Augmented Reality Care Services

    We work with your team to understand the patient encounters and scan for areas that need optimizations. Using high-quality inputs, we train our algorithm to provide models that enable healthcare providers to sustain interactive experience. To this end, we offer the right training to your professionals. As part of the training under healthcare software development solutions, we cover the areas of pain management, mental health treatment, and patient education.

  9. Healthcare Apps Maintenance Services

    You can effortlessly manage the IT-based services through our healthcare-specific maintenance solutions. With an aim to keep your IT services in good health we take care of your IT infrastructure to ensure your networks are optimally protected from vulnerabilities, secure transmission of clinical data, safe medical transaction, as well as back-up and recovery.

Healthcare Software Development Process We Follow

Once you outsource healthcare software development services to O2I, we put our 25 years of experience in healthcare software development to work by following a well-structured method of execution that begins with requirement analysis and ends with efficient support. We also want you to understand how we do it because it lets you witness the transformation of your investment into measurable results. Here is what makes us different from the other healthcare IT consulting firms -

Requirement Analysis  

01. Requirement Analysis

By working with your team, we gather information on the project requirement that allows us to understand the project scope, define goals, and the time needed for project completion


02. Prototyping

With a clear understanding of the project, we create a prototype of the solution that addresses your primary needs. We then share the sample for your approval


03. Programming

Once the feature and design are finalized we begin the development phase that will continue in planned phases. Each module is developed with care to ensure matching compliance


04. Testing

After completion of coding, we test each module to record output as expected. If there are output conflicts it is quickly resolved and retested

Project Delivery  

05. Project Delivery

After successful quality assurance checks and beta tests, we release the project by sending the finished project and software documentation via a secure channel

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Healthcare Software Development Services from Outsource2india?

Outsource2india is a name that stands apart from other healthcare software development companies not just because we offer quality services but also because we understand what you really need. We have a team of qualified developers who are the reason behind 120+ projects involving healthcare software. Here are more reasons why we are the right people for the job -

  • Certified Healthcare Software Developers

    O2I is an ISO-certified healthcare software development company that is deeply involved in the development of custom software and application for healthcare providers worldwide.

  • Data Security

    With a compelling reputation for following safe practices while managing confidential files and documents, we handle client's clinical data with extra care and responsibility.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    Our signature method of executing project involves routine tests to ensure outputs are accurate and in alignment with the client's quality expectation.

  • Short Turnaround

    You can save up to 50% in turnaround time by outsourcing healthcare software development because we are adapted to working under tight deadline and even tighter quality standards.

  • Scalability

    25 years of experience in software development has taught us the importance of developing a scalable software. We anticipate the possibility of a software or technology becoming obsolete if it isn't designed to adapt or evolve. So, we future-proof your software by making it ready for operation by running timely updates.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    Pricing is a crucial factor before the client decides to outsource healthcare software development. We keep our pricing model flexible and pocket-friendly so that you need not look past us if you have a narrow budget.

  • Single-point Contact

    When you need to reach us, we save you from further hassles by assigning a dedicated representative to work beside you at a personal level. This will save you valuable time that is otherwise spent on tentative wait.

  • Experienced Team of Developers, Software Architects, and Testers

    Our 200+ highly-skilled software architects, developers and testers have over 10 years of experience in software development and deployment. With an expertise you can count on anytime, anywhere we complete the project within stipulated time by incorporating your needs.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We count on our well-equipped infrastructure to complete the project within the client's budget. We are housed with tools and customized technologies that will make the development of software easier.

  • Development Software

    We use a range of development tools that will aid our team to automate and even code modules with accuracy. We also use automated testing tools that ensure high-performance output.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    We take away your concerns when you outsource healthcare software development because your project data and other confidential files can be sent to us via a secure channel. This will allow you to upload documents on the cloud by leveraging our VPN and secure FTP.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    When you need to reach us, you can easily connect by phone calls and email. Our dedicated subject matter experts can tend to your needs on demand from your local time zone.

Client Success Story

Android App to Streamline Healthcare Resource Allocation

Android App to Streamline Healthcare Resource Allocation

Managing healthcare appointment was made easy with a high-quality Android App that was designed by O2I for a UK client at an affordable rate

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Multi-functional Travel App Development to Facilitate Bookings

Multi-functional Travel App Development to Facilitate Bookings

Hotel booking and travel planning was made a breezy job with a multifunctional travel app that was developed by O2I with intuitive user-interface and attractive themes

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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the services your team has provided. Your team has been a pleasure to work with, professional and timely. The only delay in work that we have experienced has been due to our own lack of organization managing our projects, not yours. Job well done and I hope we can continue to grow together.

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Outsource Healthcare Software Development to O2I - Software Development Experts

Outsource2india is a 25 years old company that has already seen the success of many healthcare software development projects. We currently reign as a leader in software development services thanks to the continuous innovation that we emphasize at our knowledge centers. We have a team of 200+ qualified resources that are skilled in development services. If you believe in forging strong relations with clients, then it is essential to prioritize the proper functioning of the app. To this end, we employ stringent quality assurance tests to make sure the software functions work as expected.

Reach us now if you require assistance with your healthcare software development needs. We have what it takes to address your needs.

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