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Outsource Project Portfolio Management Services

Project Portfolio Management Services

The foremost concern for any organization that handles multiple projects is to efficiently manage the projects in its portfolio. For a project to be successful, it is important to not only plug the inefficiencies, but also identify any backlogs before time runs out. Lack of planning and cost overruns caused by delay can eventually lead to substantial financial loss or even project cancellation. Therefore, it is imperative that companies manage their project portfolio carefully, thereby ensuring a steady ROI and timely completion of projects.

O2I's Project Portfolio Management Services

At Outsource2india, we have handled both large-scale and small-scale PPM services for our global clients, and our significant experience has taught us that a single approach towards effective PPM is not suitable for every company. As a result, our approach towards project portfolio management is highly versatile and scalable so as to ensure it suits your existing processes.

At O2I our PPM Specialists leverage our expertise with varied project management tools to -

  • Analyze current projects in the portfolio based on benefits and costs
  • Gather information and create reports about project performance history
  • Predict how much effort and resources a project will take
  • Implement strategic prioritization of projects in the portfolio
  • Enable standardization improvement for all projects
  • Establish a strong project and portfolio management strategy

As part of our services, we also offer sophisticated and user-friendly project portfolio management software which can assist your project managers in planning ahead and prioritizing between strategic and non-strategic projects. Our open source project portfolio management software helps you to easily organize different project portfolios based upon their importance, and allows for easy collaboration, tracking and reporting as per your requirements.

Benefits of Project Portfolio Management

At O2I, we understand that implementing a successful project requires an efficient and centralized approach to portfolio management. Our holistic outlook towards PPM ensures we align all your projects based on their importance for you and your stakeholders, while leaving room for changing objectives and goals.

Our professional approach towards project portfolio management has been proven to -

  • Improve project turnaround times dramatically
  • Improve project status reporting and reduce the management time spent on the same
  • Decrease the time to achieve financial sign-off for new projects
  • Reduce budget overruns
  • Avoid expense on non-strategic projects and project dependencies
  • Reduce labor expense due to better staff utilization
  • Reduce project management expense
  • Streamline your PMM endeavor by integrating our project portfolio management software within your existing infrastructure and workflow system

At O2I we have handled Project Portfolio Management (PPM) for a number of software service companies, enabling them to prioritize their IT investments and make the most of their available resources so as to consistently deliver on their project TAT.

Our methodical approach and systematic handling of project portfolios using Project Portfolio Management Tools has helped our clients to reduce losses due to unproductive PPM.

With over 25 years of experience under our belt, we can not only put an effective project portfolio management system into place by analyzing your current projects, but also improve and fine-tune your existing PPM system by identifying inefficiencies.

Choose Outsource2india for Project Portfolio Management Services

If your organization is looking for an outsourcing partner who can implement and take care of your project portfolio management process, then it makes strong business sense to outsource to us. Our innovative PPM solutions can overcome the usual challenges faced by most companies by providing timely and critical project execution strategies across portfolios.

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