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Outsource Software Project Quality Standards at O2I

O2I follows strict software project evaluation methods to ensure that we deploy best practices in our projects and produce robust, powerful software that deliver on all counts. Our project management teams define precise quality goals for each project as well as its deliverables. Project managers and software teams have to constantly monitor and fine-tuning project plans, processes and activities so that the end result is high quality software that exceeds customer expectations.

At O2I software project evaluation is done from the standpoint of both the project methodologies as well as the deliverable i.e., the software developed.

Software Project Quality

Our project management teams ensure that there is strict adherence to project management best practices. At O2I, software projects conform to committed cost, time and resource outlays. Our project teams follow prescribed formats in communication and maintain accurate templates, standards, checklists and documentation in accordance with international software project quality standards. Additionally, we have an internal review process for all software projects, where peer-review is conducted for the whole testing team to assess their work, quality, and inter-personal relationships.

Software Quality Assurance Processes

A high quality project may deliver a poor software product. At O2I we focus on the 'fit for purpose' criteria of the software developed. We ensure that our software meets and exceeds all customer requirements and is also robust, built on stable technologies, easy-to-maintain and scalable. We ensure that all software developed by us meets and exceeds client requirements.

Software Project Quality Standards used at O2I

O2I offers a free 3-day trial and testing of all software developed by our teams. We also follow some of the latest international standards for QA to ensure that our projects and deliverables are of the highest quality.

  • ISO 12207
  • CMM and CMMI capabilities
  • ISO 9000 standards for documentation
  • ISO 15504 or 'Software Process Improvement Capability Determination' (SPICE) model
  • Six sigma methodologies
  • ITIL v3

Partner with Outsource2india for high-quality Software Projects

O2I's customers are confident in our ability to provide superior software solutions that go through stringent software quality assurance testing and finally deliver on all counts. At O2I software quality assurance processes are put in place early on in the project lifecycle to avoid unforeseen errors, project delays and defects in the software developed. However, O2I also invests in corrective mechanisms that will serve to fix any problems or defects were they to crop up at any later stage of the software project lifecycle. Accountability is fixed on specific individuals who are put in charge of quality processes during the entire project lifecycle.

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