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7 Popular Types of Business Applications for Mobile Phones

Today, the mobile phone has become an inseparable part of each and every business. It's hard to think that the venerable email was the first business application ever created in the year 2008, and which revolutionized the business mobile apps domain forever.

The industry has come a long way since then and mobile users are now able to perform complex tasks such as raising invoices, check-in to their flights, keep track of their daily workouts, etc. by just using their mobile phones. Business apps also have many other tertiary benefits for users, while continuously improving their productivity and saving time and money. Right from an entry-level employee to the top management, today everyone is using a mobile business app to remain productive on the go.

7 Popular Types of Business Apps

A large number of business applications have sprung up with the smartphone industry boom. Depending on the business requirements, the business app can be as versatile as you want them to be. Some of the more popular categories of business apps include -

  1. Office Productivity Apps

    These apps are also popularly known as personal productivity apps and are dedicated towards creating information such as documents, spreadsheets, electronic music, digital videos, etc. These apps contribute towards increasing the productivity and performance of the employees.

    These apps are mainly used by almost everyone in the company, right from entry-level employee to the top management. Some common apps belonging to this category include calendars, schedulers, business card readers, tax calculators, time and expense trackers, and workflow apps

  2. Travel Apps

    Travel being an important part of every person's life, these apps finds a lot of relevance in today's world. People find it very convenient to book travel tickets, hotels, and avail to sightseeing services with just a tap on their mobile phones. These apps are also used by businesspeople who are mostly travelling for business tours and projects, and include location based apps, navigation apps, reservation apps, flight status apps, travel organizers, and translator apps

  3. Tools and Utility Apps for Businesses

    This category comprises of apps which are used by customers to get their work done faster and more efficiently. These apps also allow the users to analyze and search for data very easily. Some of the best productivity apps in this category include scanning apps, data protection apps, currency apps, world clock apps, and memo pad apps.

  4. Enterprise-specific Apps

    Enterprise-specific apps are purposefully-designed mobile apps which are developed to address the needs of an organization rather than any individual. These organizations can be businesses, schools, interest-based groups, retailers, or governments. These may be used for time and expense tracking, approvals, salesforce automation, etc. Some popular apps belonging to this category include expense tracker apps, ERP apps, salesforce automation apps, zendesk apps, and helpdesk apps

  5. Communication Apps

    These are some of the most important business applications and are used to provide specific capabilities to businessmen such as remote access, exchanging files and messages in various formats between two computers or users, etc. Such apps include email apps, social networking apps, video conferencing apps, meeting centers, and instant messaging apps

  6. Mobile Payment Apps

    The mobile app payment option becomes a very convenient option for people who prefer doing cashless transactions. With technologies such as "touch to pay" in the market creating waves, mobile payment apps are new trendy way to make payments.

    Mobile payment apps are used by major establishments such as banks, e-commerce websites, grocery stores, etc. One single payment app can be used to pay at multiple outlets.

    Some notable examples include paypal, venmo, square cash, and mobile wallet apps.

  7. Mind-Mapping Apps

    Sometimes called as concept-mapping, these apps are used to create diagrammatic relations between concepts, new ideas, or other pieces of information. Such mind-mapping apps can also help improving learning efficiency.

    These apps are mainly used by people who want to improve on their concentration and productivity during work hours. These may include various apps, such as drawing apps, puzzle apps, quiz apps, and iMindMap.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Most business apps are available as off-the-shelf products or as customized business applications. More and more businesses, small and mid-sized both, are opting to develop enterprise mobile applications for their businesses. As a result, the notion of "mobile apps are only meant for big businesses" is a thing of the past! So, what is attracting these businesses to opt for their own business applications for smartphones?

Here are some of the reasons why your business needs a mobile app -

  1. Helps You Keep Your Customers Engaged - The best thing about the mobile channel is that it gives business owners the opportunity to keep their customers constantly engaged. Mobile apps enable businesses to obtain data such as specific location and profile information. They can use this information for real time customer targeting which in turn will help in increasing revenues
  2. Get Instantaneous Feedback From Your Customers - Having a dedicated app for your business helps in better interaction with your customers and provides great customer service and support. It is the best way to receive instantaneous feedback from customers and know how they feel about the service you provide
  3. Facilitates Promotion of Your Product - Productivity apps or business apps are some the best ways to promote your products and services. Offering incentives to your customers is one of the many popular ways to generate revenue for any company. It also makes it easier for your company to provide updates and new product information through push notifications as well
  4. Strengthens Your Brand Name - Having a mobile app for your business will greatly contribute to strengthening your brand name and brand awareness. It is important that the business app you develop should be neatly designed and at the same time be well-branded, thereby leaving a lasting impression on your customers
  5. Develops Customer Loyalty - Having a business application for smartphones can help you cultivate customer loyalty. In spite of having all the traditional marketing methods such as banners, billboards, flashing signs, newspaper ads, flyers, etc. in the market, businesses tends to lose the hold over their customers. Providing offers and incentives to customers makes them come back in future and helps gain their loyalty

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Developing mobile applications for businesses can be both complex and challenging. It is important that the mobile app developers understand the business inside-out so that they are able to address all the intricacies and requirements laid down by the client. For example, for an e-commerce company it is important to track the order, right from the start till the end when the delivery is made to the customer.

Developing mobile applications for productivity involves the integration of various systems and business processes. It is important that the mobile application development service provider you choose is updated with the latest technologies and can provide you with the best services in the industry.

Develop a Suitable Business Application for Your Company Today with Outsource2india!

For many years, businesses didn't focus on the mobile platform to develop business applications. It is only recently that people have realized the strength of mobile apps and how it increases the productivity and convenience it provides to the people.

Outsource2india has been in business mobile app development for about 25 years now. We have a highly qualified and experienced team of mobile app developers, who will provide the best customized business apps on different platforms such as Android and iOS.

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