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You can find varied web analytics tools available in the market, some free and some licensed. The most popular web analytics software configuration tools are ClickTracks, WebTrends, Coremetrics, Google Analytics, Hitbox, and SiteCatalyst amongst others.

You may have a selected a web analytics tool, but if your tool is not implemented and customized specifically for your business, you cannot get the results that you require. The implementation and configuration of a web analytics tool does not end at just setting it up.

Standard Reports from Your Tool Can't Give You Desired Results

There are web analytics tools that have pre-defined settings and there are tools that have no settings at all. You may find web analytics tools that have to be set up from scratch and tools that can provide you with standard reports without any settings.

Even if your custom web analytics tool is able to provide you with a set of standard reports, you can only get a brief idea on the activities of your website and you cannot expect actionable results.

Get Web Analytics Configuration Tool Specifically Configured for Your Website

The standard "use for any website" settings that your web analytics tool may offer, may not apply to your site. Your tool has to be specifically configured for your site, keeping in mind, your type of business, your website and your business objectives. You can now see why you would require a different web analytics software setup when compared the "use for any site" settings that your web analytics tool offers.

We can configure your web analytics tool based on your business objectives, type of business and website. As a part of the configuration, we will also define clear and correct filters, set the necessary templates and define the parameters relative to the website to be analyzed. We will also make advanced settings to understand the visitor behavior to your website. Once your tool has been implemented and configured specifically for your site, you can start getting actionable results.

Choose Outsource2india for Custom Software Configuration of Your Web Analytics Tool

  • We at Outsource2india have experience and expertise in implementing and configuring web analytics tools for several global customers
  • Once we implement and configure your web analytics tool according to your site's requirements, you can start getting the data that you require
  • We can make customizations like path analysis, scenario analysis, content groups and custom reports
  • You will be able to further leverage the usability of your web analytics tool, once we define advanced analysis parameters and custom dimensions
  • We have expertise in Google analytics setup

With the correct website analytics software setup, you can get the accurate data that you require. Instead of your online marketing team struggling to set up your web analytics tool for your site, why not outsource web analytics tool setup to an expert like Outsource2india.

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