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Nearshore Software Development Services

Outsource Nearshore Software Development Services

Get access to specialized nearshore software development services provided by seasoned software engineers at prices starting at $20/hour

Outsource2india has 25 years of experience in providing IT talent and cost-effective solutions to organizations from nearshore delivery centers. Our next-door presence has assisted our clients to come up with incremental and flexible solutions faster than the normal time taken by offshore companies. We deliver solutions at extremely cost-effective prices to match the price advantage offered by offshore companies.

As an experienced nearshore software development company, we draw the best talent from around the world to assist our clients to focus on core competencies. We work as an extended team of your company and support your in-house team at an equal pace and even scale to improve the quality of services. We have served a range of clients including biotech firms, fintech industries, e-commerce organizations, IT consulting companies, and the telecom industry, among others.

Our Nearshore Software Development Services

We bank on experienced programmers and software developers, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and our Nearshore delivery centers to develop customized software for our clients. Some of our specialized Nearshore development services include -

  1. Mobile App Development Services

    Mobile App Development Services

    We have the expertise to develop high-performance B2B and B2C apps from scratch. We take ideas from our clients and work on them to develop a fully-featured app with all the necessary aspects to make it intuitive and engaging. Our mobile app development services include iOS app development, Android app development, Windows app development, Native app development, Swift app development, Xamarin app development, etc.

  2. Custom Software Development

    Custom Software Development

    We specialize in providing all-around custom software development services. Over the years we have proved our competency by developing dynamic and game-changing enterprise applications to streamline critical business functions and processes. Some of the areas we specialize in include website design and development, website migration services, application re-engineering services, application modernization services, desktop application development, IOT as a service, etc.

  3. Software Maintenance

    Software Maintenance

    We offer end-to-end software maintenance services which include application support services and product support services to enable organizations to monitor and upgrade their operational assets and avoid downtime. Our range of software maintenance services includes ongoing support, perfective upgrades, technical improvements, software enhancements, real-time support, technical modifications, helpdesk assistance, regular upgrades, etc.

  4. Infrastructure Management Services

    Infrastructure Management Services

    Our infrastructure management services are designed to help you adapt to the fast-changing requirements of today's business environment. We help you have the right technology infrastructure by connecting the changing and dynamic technology paradigms to the organization's business goals. Some of the exclusive services include Alibaba Cloud Computing services, data center services, IT risk and security management, digital forensics services, network infrastructure management, network management service, server monitoring, Office 365 setup and migration, managed IT services, enterprise security solutions & implementation, etc.

  5. Web Analytics Services

    Web Analytics Services

    We offer top-notch web analytics services for guaranteed increased conversions up to 300%. Our clients bank on our services to track website visitors, categorize leads as per engagement levels, and provide all the necessary details to help you chase your visitors to become warm leads. We help you get a gist of all of these with the help of visually appealing dashboards to help you achieve your business goals. With our services you get an idea into content performance, social media performance, SEO analytics, Google Analytics, A/B testing reports, etc.

  6. Software Testing Services

    Software Testing Services

    Software testing is an integral part of our software development services. Our testing professionals specialize in several advanced testing technologies which include manual testing, automated testing, and defect tracking. We decide the best testing options based on your requirements. Some of our testing services include functional testing, regression testing, API testing, scalability testing, load testing, network testing, compliance testing, compatibility testing, managed crowd testing, etc.

Why Outsource Software Development to Nearshore Development Companies?

A nearshore services company offers a wide range of unbeatable benefits that is always valuable in the long run. These include -

  1. Planned Development Process

    Nearshore services are known to use a disciplined and mature approach to software development. They have a proper plan in place to ensure they deliver value in terms of quality and cost-of-engagement (TCE) to offset the pressure of low-cost offshore models.

  2. Best for long-Term Partnerships

    The big advantage with nearshore companies is that they work in the same time zone as you and so can offer greater efficiency than offshore companies. This makes it easier for companies to expect good productivity levels to enter into long-term engagements with nearshore companies.

  3. Easily Measure Results

    One big advantage of teaming up with nearshore companies is that you can measure output in terms of results. This is unlikely with offshore companies because output with them is mostly measured in terms of resources and time spent on a project. It has been seen that collaboration with nearshore service providers is stronger than offshore which is why it becomes easy to have a long-standing partnership with a nearshore software development service provider.

  4. Favors Agile Development Model

    Unlike offshore companies, it is easy to get agile development work done with nearshore companies. This is because of the time zone and communication advantage you enjoy with nearshore companies. The waterfall model is best suited for offshore because the project progresses steadily through sequential stages.

  5. Improved Communication

    The proximity between the service provider and client ensures better collaboration during the development process. This is particularly advantageous for companies that want to do away with face-to-face meetings with offshore partners because of the expense and exertions involved in undertaking international trips.

  6. Quality and Productivity

    Since a nearshore service provider works in the same time zone as your team, they are available when you are available. This makes it possible to get on a quick call, fix bugs faster, and, ensure the time-to-market gets shorter.

  7. IP Security

    IP is critical to outsourcing because your company has to be protected under law especially if the software is to be developed in another country. Unlike offshore companies which are not bound by US laws, onshore software companies are bound by the strong IP protection requirements of US laws. Therefore with onshore companies, you do not have to worry about the security of your idea.

Our Nearshore Software Development Process

We follow a well-defined software development process which consists of the following steps -


01. Software Proposal and Strategy

This is the initial stage where we sit with you to discuss and understand the nature of the software to be developed and the business objectives. After acquiring all the details, our business analysts will prepare a detailed Systems Requirements Specification document and share it with you


02. Prototyping and Wireframe Creation

Once the specification document is cleared, we draw the design layout with all the features in a particular workflow to ensure optimum productivity. Our prototype version is done to give a peek into the performance and functionality of the software. Following the validation of the prototype, we create the wireframe for the software


03. Software Development

After the approval of the design, we convert the wireframe into code. We dedicate a team for the project with a dedicated project manager to manage the iterations needed and accommodate the incremental designs. During the development stage, we provide our clients access to every stage of the development process with some of the best project management tools


04. Software Testing

The app is tested across different stages of the development process for issues. We bank on a combined method of manual and automated testing to ensure optimal results. We follow the best testing practices and standardized testing methods to ensure the software is 100% bug-free and meets all business requirement specifications


05. Software Delivery and Support

Once the software is developed and vetted by your experts, we assist you in adopting and integrating the software application into your business workflow. Since software implementation is a complex process and depends on several factors, we ensure success by following a pilot program before installation, followed by installation, onboarding and training, and post-launch support

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing Nearshore Software Development Services to Outsource2india

As a reputed nearshore software development service provider, we offer a range of benefits to our clients. Some of these benefits include -

  • Reduced Labor Costs

    We offer our services at a cost that is at par with most offshore outsourcing companies. We can take on a project much quicker than offshore teams and work in tandem with your team on day-to-day issues, thus eliminating bottlenecks faster. This translates into profits realized mostly through savings.

  • Nearshore Centers

    Our software service centers are distributed across the main cities of the US, Latin America, Canada, and Mexico. As a result, they are always available when you are at work. It's because of this reason that we can work hand-in-hand with your team and ensure higher productivity.

  • Global IT Talent

    We draw talent from all over the world. We have hiring agents in all major countries such as China, Korea, and India who provide us access to some of the top brains of the field. We back this with a multi-step hiring process to ensure we hire only the best software engineers and developers.

  • Minimal Technical Risks

    It's because of our strict hiring process that we can hire and dedicate the best talent for your needs. Their technical know-how is unmatched and we bank on their skills and the most advanced technology and programming language to complete projects on time.

  • Reduced Launch Times

    We bank on our distributed development teams to overcome workforce issues and deliver results on time. This helps you launch the product on time. In case of strict deadlines, we work overtime to reach the finishing line.

Client Success Stories

O2I Created a Modern and Effective App to Handle Facility Management Tasks for an Emirati Firm

O2I Created a Modern and Effective App to Handle Facility Management Tasks for an Emirati Firm

An Emirati client contacted us to create an app to handle facility management tasks like booking and managing appointments. We created a robust app at cost-effective prices.

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O2I Created a Robust API to Streamline the Transcription of Audio Files for a Hong Kong-based Startup

O2I Created a Robust API to Streamline the Transcription of Audio Files for a Hong Kong-based Startup

A Hong Kong-based provider of transcription services contacted us to develop a solution to streamline the transcription of audio files. Our team created a sophisticated API that did the job perfectly.

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We thank Outsource2india for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program.

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Outsource Nearshore Software Development Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india has 25 years of experience in agile nearshore software development and hence can provide a long list of benefits to surpass the common benefits offered by offshore companies. We are counted as a reliable nearshore services company because we combine quality talent with streamlined processes, advanced technology, and best practices to match the capabilities of your in-house team in expediting the delivery of cutting-edge solutions. Our repository of resources includes Java / J2EE / Oracle Developers, ASP.NET / SQL Developers, iOS / Android / Hybrid Developers, Test/QA Team, Technical Support teams, and many more.

If you are looking to extend and unify your in-house team with nearshore software development services in India, get in touch with our experts now.

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