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Image Recognition Software Development Services

Tap into the limitless potential of visual search with our photo recognition software services. Gain more traction at lesser costs!

Visual search is gaining traction owing to giant leaps in image classification technology. We enable our clients to ride the tide by developing the best-in-class image recognition software. Not only that, but from custom visual search engines to top-notch facial recognition apps, we have you covered. Also, our services find extensive use in object detection, OCR, fraud detection, and image captioning.

Our image recognition systems help business owners gather critical customer insights to deliver highly focused, target content to their users and pave the way for more personalized experiences. Leverage our services to achieve fast and accurate results, implement timely business decisions, slash labor costs, and get more done with much less.

Our Image Recognition Software Solutions

Leverage our image recognition software solutions to detect, recognize and identify objects from raw images. The full suite of our offerings include -

  1. Custom Image Recognition Software Development

    Custom Image Recognition Software Development

    Are you looking for ways to amplify object classification, disease diagnosis, sentiment analysis, and more? Leverage our top-notch graphic recognition software to enhance process automation and reduce operational costs.

  2. Image Classification Software

    Image Classification Software

    We help develop software that assists businesses with efficient image classification and restoration, scene reconstruction, and object recognition. We enable you to eliminate errors with manual sorting while reducing costs and inducing productivity.

  3. Image Annotation Software

    Image Annotation Software

    We are a leading image annotation company with a sterling global reputation. Our services help businesses benefit from high-quality computer vision training data. We enable our clients to annotate all types of images with precise capturing tools.

  4. License Plate Recognition Software

    License Plate Recognition Software

    We enable our users to automate license plate recognition. Our solutions are imbued with invaluable vehicle intelligence that analyzes images and accumulates valuable data for countless business use cases.

  5. Optical Character Recognition Software

    Optical Character Recognition Software

    We develop accurate optical character recognition software to help you digitize your existing documents into machine-encoded texts. We ensure a high accuracy rate in our services.

  6. Pattern and Gradient Matching Software

    Pattern and Gradient Matching Software

    Our pattern and gradient matching software match images of the final product with the assembled one. With our services, you can save the time required for manual checking. Avail of our services to automate your assembling process by leveraging image recognition technology.

  7. Object Recognition Software Development

    Object Recognition Software Development

    Our object recognition software breaks down photos into pixels to recognize patterns that help identify the object. The secret to our services lies in the quality and quantity of data we feed into the machine learning models.

  8. Facial Recognition Software

    Facial Recognition Software

    Facial recognition on phones and tablets does more than improve public security. The technology used makes it easier to verify identity quickly and in non-invasive ways. Leverage our services to get easy access to your device while ensuring greater cybersecurity.

  9. Emotion Analysis Software

    Emotion Analysis Software

    Our team helps build emotion analysis software that can recognize emotions on people's faces. We make it easy to analyze these emotions and make better business decisions.

  10. More Services

    • Defect Recognition Software
    • Satellite Image Analysis
    • Car Damage recognition software
    • Medical imaging recognition
    • Barcode/QR Code Recognition Software
    • Defect recognition software

Our Image Recognition Software Development Process

We provide our clients with the best quality services with streamlined and systematic software development processes. Our image recognition software development includes the following steps -


01. Need Analysis

We analyze your existing system and devise a plan to suit your specific requirements for the image recognition software


02. Technology Selection

After carefully analyzing your requirements, we leverage ML models to develop software that recognizes and analyzes images with a deep-learning algorithm


03. Deep Learning Algorithm Development

In the next step, we develop the deep learning algorithm for image recognition and customize it based on the client's requirement


04. Image Recognition Software Development

Our team of software developers with the help of our data science team will develop the image recognition software which leverages deep learning for enhanced accuracy


05. Leverage Existing Image Pools

We use several image pools and image processing software to test our solution thoroughly and enhance its performance


06. Develop the Complete Solution

Our team develops the complete solution, in which all feedback gets incorporated

Why Hire Us as Your Image Recognition Software Development Company?

We focus on delivering solutions with surgical precision so that you can maximize your ROI. Outsource image recognition software development services to leverage the following benefits -

  • Certified Service Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that provides A-grade AI and ML solutions to businesses. We deliver on promises and provide rigorous services to clients to ensure consistent performance.

  • Data Security

    We are ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified for meeting the standards of ISMS. Our experts are committed to ensuring absolute data privacy.

  • Quality Services

    We run multiple tests on our image pattern recognition software to test its features and functionalities. Once the test parameters are met, we sign off the project for deployment at the client's end.

  • Short Turnaround Time

    We adopt an agile development and implementation method to ensure the quickest TAT. By outsourcing to us, our clients benefit from the time zone advantage.

  • Single Point of Contact

    With a dedicated person assigned to you from the outset, you will never have to frown upon a tentative wait to reach project handlers to get updates.

  • Experienced Team Project Managers

    With over 200 data science professionals across a spectrum of skill levels, we readily handle multiple projects of various complexities. We deliver within the stipulated time without getting tied up with challenges.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    We work 24/7 days to keep your business and critical functions in an operational state. It enables us to respond faster and help you overcome difficulties on the go without concerns.

Additional AI Services to Facilitate Business Automation

Robotic Process Automation Services

Leverage our RPA services to boost productivity across the board. We enable you to hit accuracy goals with reliable consistency.

Natural Language Processing Services

Analyze data from structured and unstructured sources and identify the root cause of your business problems with our NLP services.

Cognitive Process Automation

We integrate AI, ML, and Computer Vision techniques to automate decision-making and ensure greater operational scalability.

Artificial Intelligence Services

Our AI services help you with solutions that enable smarter and faster processes. We promote growth at scale.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Helped Streamline Inventory Management for an Electronics Firm

We Helped Streamline Inventory Management for an Electronics Firm

A well-known electronics provider was looking for an RPA solutions provider to help them streamline their inventory management process. We enabled the client to deploy 50+ robots to achieve their business goal.

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O2I Created Data Storage and Processing Infrastructure for a Banking Group

We Created Data Storage and Processing Infrastructure for a Banking Group

Our experts provided outstanding and on-time services. Additionally, our clients could reduce their renovation and construction costs by 20 to 30 percent due to our cost-effective support.

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Outsource Image Recognition Software Development Services to Us

Deep learning and neural networks are the future of computer vision technologies; we always keep pace with the newest developments in these domains. We have the technology and the resources to process millions of images with 100% accuracy. By outsourcing to us, you can be sure that you get the best image recognition services within your budget. Partner with us to gain access to the following benefits -

  • Easy access to experts in the field of data sciences and deep learning.
  • Cost-effective solutions that will take care of all your image and video analysis challenges.
  • Advanced image recognition algorithms that can categorize your images to the deepest level.
  • Image processing as a preliminary step to ensure better results.
  • Resources to undertake any size of the project.
  • An intelligent image recognition solution that becomes better with time.
  • A complete analysis of images as per your business needs.
  • Our executives and project managers are always available through email or phone.

Get in touch with us today for top-notch image recognition software development.

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