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Robotic Process Automation Services

Outsource Robotic Process Automation Services

Achieve extraordinary speed and accuracy with intelligent robotic process automation solutions provided by experienced data scientists

The fast-growing digital world of today demands speedier responses from companies. Robotic Process Automation allows software bots to emulate activities and perform repetitive tasks, freeing humans to focus on more thinking-based job roles. Today, RPA has become a crucial need for almost all sectors, be it healthcare, manufacturing, banking, data-driven companies, etc.

Outsource2india is a leading robotic process automation service provider that helps in programming bot assistants with high cognitive intelligence to carry out rules-based iterative tasks and other functionalities with increased efficiency and speed. Join the automated process revolution and partner with us to avail outstanding robotic process automation services at affordable rates.

O2I's Robotic Process Automation Services

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing technologies are at the core of robotic process automation. They can automate various business processes and increase speed, efficiency, and accuracy while drastically reducing operational costs. Under our robotic process automation as a service we offer the following solutions to our clients -

  • Business Process Automation Services

    Business Process Automation Services

    Most businesses have numerous tasks that require no or low cognitive abilities but are necessary to be carried out repeatedly. Leveraging the time of humans is not only expensive, but prone to human errors too, and so it is a wise idea to automate such mundane business tasks.

    O2I's team enables intelligent systems for automating such repetitive business processes that may involve functions like transaction processing, collating data, response management, etc. Automation can be applied to the front or back-office, with an assurance of high-speed and accuracy of the task performance.

  • Chatbot Automation Solutions

    Chatbot Automation Solutions

    The growth in the number of internet consumers has led to increased customer inquiries and interaction touchpoints. Automating interaction with customers can not only help in quick responses but also minimize the cost of response handling for the companies.

    We develop AI-led chatbots that ask questions, collect customer information, and interact with customers to resolve their requests through website chat windows, text, or email; substantially reducing the need for human intervention.

  • SAP Automation

    SAP Automation

    All the industries have become supremely data-driven requiring accurate and meaningful data at faster turnarounds. SAP software automation has become critical for companies of all sizes to maintain that competitive edge.

    This is exactly what our diligent team aims to provide. With O2I's SAP automation, our clients observe greater visibility and control over business processes along with the benefit of enhanced efficiency and reduced costs.

  • Excel Automation

    Excel Automation

    Hefty MS Excel and Google Spreadsheets can also be automated by us to validate data integrity and streamline data processing times. The companies can reduce a lot of costs pertaining to data entry and processing by integrating automation systems with Excel.

  • Web User Interface Automation Solutions

    Web User Interface Automation Solutions

    Developing web UI is a complex process that requires iterative testing. RPA can prove beneficial in web back-end testing and functional testing, offering seamless and faster processes with effective elimination of bugs and errors. Additionally, automation can be used for identifying KPIs, cloud management, and other web UI functions too.

  • RPA in HR Operations

    RPA in HR Operations

    Help your HR department reclaim 40% of their time through smart automation. We develop intelligent HR systems with high-end competencies that include augmented employee experience, improved HR agility, automated shortlisting of prospective employees, and enhanced compliance management through efficient cloud solutions like employee file management, eVault capabilities, knowledge portal development, etc.

  • Front Office Automation

    Front Office Automation

    Applying automation systems to the front office can bring about revolutionary changes in customer interaction and engagement with your businesses. We enable robust RPA with capabilities like quotation generation, loan de-duplication, etc., cutting the response times from hours to just a few minutes, enabling better customer experiences.

  • Middle and Back Office Automation

    Middle and Back Office Automation

    In the middle level, risk management, compliance regulation, and other such services can be automated, while in the back office, automation can bring standardization in processes across verticals and departments, improving the overall business service capabilities.

RPA Robotic Process Automation Tools We Use

The key capabilities of a high-performing RPA include smart decision-making, bot-programming interface, API integration, and communication/integration with other systems. Here are some of the many popular robotic process automation tools that we work with to develop, customize, and integrate creative RPA solutions for our clients -

Blue Prism UiPath Inflectra Rapise Pega Kryon Kofax Contextor VisualCron Automation Anywhere

Our RPA Process

An efficient team and an effective workflow enable accurate outcomes and faster turnarounds for our clients, making us the most trusted robotic process automation company. Our process includes -


01. Information gathering

Our team gains in-depth knowledge of our client's requirements to build a broad framework defining the needs, expectations, performance standards, etc., to follow


02. Allocation of tasks

The project is divided into tasks and assigned to the relevant teams. A Project Manager is appointed as a single point of contact for the client


03. Acquisition of files and data

All the necessary data to carry out the RPA services are received by the clients through safe networks


04. First draft

A roadmap i.e., the initial draft of our work proceedings, is shared with the client for validation


05. Execution

Automated systems and software are developed


06. Integration and implementation

After a final round of client review, the developed systems are integrated with the client's cloud and other systems


07. Project handover

An induction of successful and seamless use of the ROA systems by the client's team is undertaken by our experts and the project is submitted. Upgrade and maintenance are done periodically

Other Services you Can Benefit From

Why choose O2I as your Robotic Process Automation Service Provider?

Outsourcing robotic process automation services to us comes with a lot of advantages, some of which are mentioned below for your reference -

  • Dynamic team support

    Thinkers and doers, our team comprises of passionate people who love what they do and are committed to excelling in their fields, ensuring that the client only gets the best results.

  • AI-driven

    Being the early adopters of AI, ML, NLP, and cloud technologies, our experienced team is at the helm of innovations and creative solutions in RPA with a strong base of intelligent and futuristic solutions for businesses of all sizes.

  • Powerful and secured cloud RPA

    O2I's globally available secured cloud system allows easy yet safe access and quick adoption of RPA for the clients.

  • Cost-effective services

    O2I is a leading robotic process automation service providing company with highly affordable pricing models, successfully catering to large businesses as well as SMBs.

  • Faster project deliveries

    O2I promises the fastest automation of processes across the organization, significantly reducing the turnaround time and ensuring the lowest cost of ownership.

  • Scalable bot solutions

    As per your workload, we enable a worker-queue-based architecture to help you run and coordinate as many robots as required conditioned for enterprise action.

Outsource Robotic Process Automation Services in India

Stop managing the basics and focus on building an empire with O2I as your partner to develop leading-edge RPA systems that streamline your business processes and enable 10 to 1000 times faster processes. Our specialized team sets up workflows, automation, and gets the work done to reap more than just desirable results. Get started with RPA by contacting one of our experts today.

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