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Medical Accounts Receivable Services

Outsource Medical Accounts Receivable Services

Reduce bad debts, improve collection processes, and accelerate healthcare revenue to ensure faster payments with our streamlined medical accounts receivable services

Delay and denials in account receivables are significant challenges faced by the healthcare industry, that negatively impacts the overall financial health and well-being of the facility. Having a robust medical accounts receivable process at your disposal aids in ensuring consistent revenue, secured and faster payments, prompt follow-ups, denials at bay, and maximized count of reimbursements. However, with the recent enhancements in healthcare, it is a strenuous task for medical providers to establish robust and well-structured accounts receivable and billing strategies for their businesses. That's where our medical accounts receivable services come to the rescue.

Our team of qualified experts will help boost your healthcare's cash flow via our proven strategies and strict account protocols. Our extensive experience and the latest infrastructure in healthcare AR services equip us with relevant expertise to help our clients efficiently reduce bad debts, enhance collection processes, and boost their revenue.

Medical Accounts Receivable Solutions We Offer

As a leading medical accounts receivable solution provider, we take pride in offering best-in-class collection solutions to assist your clients in avoiding payment delays. Listed below are a few services that you can benefit from leveraging our medical accounts receivable solutions -

  • Accounts Receivable Follow-up

    Accounts Receivable Follow-up

    Leverage our accounts receivable follow-up and management services to take care of denied/ rejected claims and refile them to achieve maximum reimbursement.

  • Medical Billing Services

    Medical Billing Services

    Incorporate our state-of-the-art tools and technologies to deliver end-to-end medical AR services, from patient enrolment and eligibility verification to billing, coding, reconciliation, and AR collection.

  • Bad Debt Analysis

    Bad Debt Analysis

    Take our assistance for accounts receivable in healthcare to offer accurate bad debt analysis solutions to your clients and help them establish the most appropriate solutions to resolve and collect unpaid accounts efficiently.

  • Credit Balance Services

    Credit Balance Services

    Our team of experts will help our clients handle complex tasks professionally with our on-time credit balances and refunds while ensuring optimum adherence to guidelines.

  • Insurance Verification Services

    Insurance Verification Services

    Expand your staff's working capabilities with our services. We will help verify insurance types, outline surgical benefits, and ensure timely service reimbursement.

  • Accounts Receivable Conversion Services

    Accounts Receivable Conversion Services

    Our extensive experience in healthcare accounts receivable management backs us with the technical know-how and expertise to ensure seamless system migration and integration to secure timely collection.

  • Accounts Receivable Analysis Services

    Accounts Receivable Analysis Services

    Use our accounts receivable solutions for healthcare providers to assist your clients effectively in helping them deal with low cash influx by offering them the quick resolution of unpaid accounts.

  • AR Calling Services

    AR Calling Services

    Utilize our AR calling services to aid your clients in obtaining account status, ensure quick follow-up with customers/ patients, and initiate fool-proof action to receive payments.

Process We Follow for Our Healthcare Receivables Solutions


01. Claims Filing

As the first step, our accounts receivable specialists will file claims to the suitable insurance carrier


02. Tracking Status

Conduct timely follow-ups with the carrier to track claim status


03. Identifying Denial Causes

Our team will help analyze and effectively address the denied claims by identifying the reasons for denials


04. Following-up

Once we identify the reasons for denials, we will ensure effective follow-ups with the carrier and patients to get additional information


05. Refiling

Then, we will re-submit the corrected claims to the insurance carrier


06. Final Payment

We will effectively monitor the status of refiled claims until full and final settlement

Why Choose Us as Your Medical Accounts Receivable Service Provider?

Read on to learn a host of benefits you can derive by leveraging our medical accounts receivable services. These include -

  • High-Quality Services

    Being an ISO-certified company, our team implements all the latest best practices to provide highly relevant, and up-to-date healthcare accounts receivable solutions to our clients.

  • Latest Infrastructure

    Our team is equipped with the right resources and infrastructure to provide exceptional and best-in-class medical accounts receivable services.

  • Tools and Technologies

    As an experienced medical accounts receivable company, our team utilizes the latest state-of-the-art tools and software to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

  • Structured Process

    Using streamlined and time-tested healthcare AR process allows us to deliver solutions to our clients.

  • Experienced Team

    Our healthcare accounts receivable team has 25 years of experience and is capable of providing an array of services to our clients.

  • Data Security

    Our team strictly adheres to GDPR-compliant policies to deliver our clients with quality and optimally secured medical accounts receivable services.

  • Shorter Turnarounds

    As a top healthcare accounts receivable company, our experts aim to deliver services while ensuring quicker turnaround with efficient solutions.

  • Cost-Efficient Pricing Options

    Our healthcare accounts receivable solutions are highly cost effective and available at competitive prices.

Additional Services We Offer

Transcription Services

Leverage our medical transcription services to ensure manual voice report processing into accurate text formats to offer better care to patients.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Navigate the complex maze of administrative and clinical processes with us by enhancing and raising reimbursements, arresting revenue leakage, preventing denials, and improving patient care.

Business Services

Foster growth, functional efficiency, and adherence to patient medication codes to ensure minimizing the churn with our quality pharmacy business services.


Employ our EMR services to improve the data organization, keep physicians posted, reduce operational costs, and ensure easy and efficient patient care.

Adjudication Services

Help your clients boost productivity, increase revenue, and fight fraud with our easy and hassle-free claim adjudication services.


Boost the efficiency of your radiology practice by incorporating our comprehensive, round-the-clock teleradiology services.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Rehabilitation Transcription Services Provided to a Healthcare Provider

We Provided Rehabilitation Transcription Services Provided to a Healthcare Provider

We provided reliable and accurate rehabilitation transcription services to its client and helped also helped it sync its data to a new EMR system.

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O2I Helped a Medical Imaging Firm with Quick Teleradiology Services

Quick and Accurate Teleradiology Services Provided to a Medical Imaging Firm

A leading medical imaging service provider requires quick teleradiology services. We provided high-quality and accurate services, thereby reducing the turnaround time and helping the client save on costs.

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How Can Outsourcing Healthcare Accounts Receivable Services Benefit You?


I want to thank you both for the great job you are doing. I could not be happier with my decision to work with you. I am looking forward to our continued relationship and growth.

Owner, Medical Billing Services Company, California, USA More Testimonials »

Handling accounts receivable for healthcare includes managing critical reports and processes accurately and efficiently to avoid financial downfalls and loss of revenue. This includes write-offs, bad debts, collection analysis, ratio analysis, A/R follow-ups, and reviews. One of the easiest ways to ensure a hassle-free medical accounts receivable process for faster collection is to employ reliable healthcare AR management services with a company like ours. We have the technical know-how, tools, and experience to offer end-to-end services, including outstanding claims follow-ups, tracing denial causes, and tracking pending receivable balances while ensuring faster turnaround.

Being a leading medical accounts receivable service provider in the industry, we understand the importance of providing 100% accurate services to healthcare and, therefore, following HIPAA-compliant techniques to our clients. Hence, if you aim to get paid promptly and in full, our services can significantly help you. Here are a few benefits that you can derive from our services -

  • Timely follow-up with insurance companies.
  • Effective action plan.
  • Develop proper procedures for A/R follow-ups.
  • Workflow Automation.
  • Quick resolution of claims.

Learn more about our accounts receivable follow-up process and how we can help you reduce the overall costs of A/R follow-ups with our healthcare accounts receivable services.

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