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Clipping Path Service

Outsource Clipping Path Service

Ensure exceptional quality and quick turnaround time even with bulk editing requirements by leveraging our affordable clipping path service.

Handling bulk editing requirements, while keeping the quality consistent and the cost of development low, can be challenging. These challenges are further compounded by inefficient communication with outsourcing partners and the lack of domain experts who are proficient at clipping paths. However, you can alleviate your pain points by partnering with a clipping path service company that has considerable experience working with clients like you.

With our expertise in hand-drawn clipping path services, we can transform mediocre images to high-quality deliverables. We cater to a diverse range of clients who deal with intensive image-editing tasks, including studio managers, e-commerce companies, product photographers, amongst others. We ensure consistent quality even with large-scale editing projects – the images we deliver will be exceptional and our turnaround time will be short, no matter the volume of images that require editing.

Image Clipping Path Services We Offer

Our comprehensive range of clipping path solutions are designed to address the scalability and quality challenges our clients face. With expertise and attention to detail, we deliver exceptional results that meet the client’s requirements. Our professional services include -

  • Product Image Clipping

    Product Image Clipping Services

    From e-commerce catalogs to promotional materials, we can help you enhance the overall presentation and highlight the best features of your product with our services.

  • Hair Masking Services

    Hair Masking Services

    We leverage advanced technology to separate hair strands from simple and complex backgrounds, to ensure that the results are realistic and seamless.

  • Car/Automobile Image Clipping Services

    Car Automobile Image Clipping Services

    We help car dealerships and automobile auction houses present their vehicles in the best possible light by removing distracting backgrounds and objects.

  • Ghost Mannequin Removal Services

    Ghost Mannequin Removal Services

    Our experts can use their editing skills to remove mannequins from fashion product images and seamlessly integrate different parts of the attire.

  • Image Cropping Services for eCommerce

    Image Cropping Services for eCommerce

    We can ensure that your images are cropped precisely and that the image dimensions fit the requirements of the eCommerce platform you leverage.

  • Background Replacement Services

    Background Replacement Services

    We can replace the existing background in your images for a consistent background across your product catalog or a customized background that aligns with your brand identity.

  • Photo Cutout Services

    Photo Cutout Services

    From creating digital marketing campaigns to product collages or other creative projects - our photo cutout services can help you extract subjects or objects from images and provide you with versatile assets that can be seamlessly integrated into other designs.

  • Photo Resizing Services

    Photo Resizing Services

    Our photo resizing services can change the height, length, and width of the image, ensure image centering, or reduce image size while meeting the specific image dimensions of various platforms or mediums.

  • Natural Shadow Photo Editing Services

    Natural Shadow Photo Editing Service

    We can add depth and realism to your photographs with our expert natural shadow photo editing services. We can incorporate or enhance shadows to impart a three-dimensional effect to your images. We can also remove unsightly natural shadows that take away the focus from your product.

Our Process Flow for Photo Clipping Path Services

We follow a streamlined process that lets us provide high-quality deliverables while maintaining short turnaround times. Our steps include -


01. Request a Quote

Choose your desired service, turnaround time, and image complexity to receive a customized quote.


02. Upload Your Images

Transfer your images through a web browser or FTP. We accept a wide range of file types.


03. Adjustments and Approval

Make any final adjustments to timing, number of images, or file format. Add additional services that you may require.


04. Image Editing

Our team of experts will carefully edit the images by hand and double-check the results to maintain the quality.


05. Download the Edited Images

We will send the edited files to you through a channel of your choice. You can choose the format of the output file from .tiff, .jpeg, .png, and .psd.

Software We Use

Adobe Photoshop CC Adobe Lightroom CC

Who Can Leverage Our Services

Professional PhotographersProfessional Photographers
Automobile Auction HousesAutomobile Auction Houses
Ecommerce RetailersEcommerce Retailers
Photography Studio ManagersPhotography Studio Managers
Advertising AgenciesAdvertising Agencies
Freelance PhotographersFreelance Photographers
Ecommerce Website OwnersEcommerce Website Owners
Product Image CoordinatorsProduct Image Coordinators
Car DealershipsCar Dealerships

Why Choose Us as Your Clipping Path Service Provider?

As an experienced clipping path service company, we have delivered high-quality outputs to a global clientele across multiple industries. Partner with us to benefit from -

  • Expertise

    We have an experienced team of skilled photo editors who are adept at using Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Lightroom CC for clipping path, background removal, and image masking.

  • Fast Scalability

    With the capability for fast scalability, we can accommodate our clients when they want to scale-up or scale-down their requirements.

  • High-quality Services

    Our professionals can help you with image clipping, even with transparent and delicate photos that have thin or uneven borders. We don’t have any restrictions on specific background textures, image formats, or image resolutions.

  • 100% Data Privacy & Security

    As an ISO/IEC 27001:2022-certified company, we are committed to protecting your confidential data. We have the latest fail-safe data protection systems and strategies in place to ensure safety of your critical information.

  • Fast Turnaround Times

    If you choose us as your service partner, you can leverage the double advantage of perfectly clipped images delivered within a quick turnaround time. We have TATs as short as 24 hours.

  • Affordable Pricing Options

    The pricing of our affordable clipping path services can be customized to suit your requirements and budget. We offer flexible pricing structures so that our clients only pay for the services they need.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Portrait Services

Deliver captivating portrait images to your clients by leveraging our comprehensive services. We can retouch imperfections, adjust skin tones, or enhance facial features.

Wedding Photo Editing Services

Handle high demand and increased requirement for photo editing efficiently with services designed to support studios in the wedding industry.

Jewelry Image Editing Services

We offer comprehensive jewelry image editing services for eCommerce platforms, jewelry retailers, and studios, that include photo retouching, color enhancement, and more.

Real Estate Image Editing Services

Our experts can deliver captivating property images with enhanced visual appeal through services such as color correction, perspective correction, and virtual staging.

Customer Success Stories

Case Study on Image Clipping for Deutsche Client

We Provided Image Clipping Services to a Denmark-based Client

We performed high-quality image clipping on 700 images and sent across the finished files within 24 hours.

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Case Study on Image Clipping for New Zealand Bike Designers

Helped New Zealand Bike Designers with Image Clipping Service

Image clipping service requirement was outsourced to us by a New Zealand client. With a turnaround of 5 images a day, we successfully handled the project while ensuring the quality.

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Outsource Photo Clipping Path Services to Us


Thank you for the excellent work you have done for me. The quality was very high, the price excellent and the turnaround time was very fast. 10/10.

Professional Photographer,
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As a clipping path service provider with over two decades of experience, we understand the necessity of high-quality images even under time constraints and seek to deliver exceptional outputs within your stipulated deadlines. With our streamlined processes and attention to detail, we ensure that every deliverable is visually appealing and meets your exact requirements. Other benefits of outsourcing photo clipping path services need to us include -

  • Low cost of development
  • Short TATs, even for bulk orders
  • Seamless communication through multiple channels
  • Access to domain specialists

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of choosing a professional Clipping Path Services company?

Choosing a professional Clipping Path Services company offers several benefits, including high-quality outputs, access to specialists, quick turnaround times, and lower costs.

How to choose the right Clipping Path Services company?

To choose the right Clipping Path Services company, consider multiple factors such as previous experience with similar projects, client testimonials, expertise, short turnaround times, reliable communication channels, reasonable pricing structure, and high-quality portfolio and sample work.

How much do Clipping Path Services cost?

The cost of Clipping Path Services can only be determined after assessing project requirements, that include the number of images to be edited, the complexity of the editing required, and the level of expertise needed.

How experienced is your team at providing Clipping Path Services?

Our team consists of domain specialists who possess expertise in various photo editing techniques. They are highly experienced at providing Clipping Path Services.

Do you provide post-project support and maintenance?

Yes, we provide post-project support and maintenance to ensure client satisfaction. We can make further adjustments or modifications to the edited images and address any concerns that may arise.