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Outsource Turnaround Time for Photo Editing Services

O2I is committed to the highest possible levels of service in every project we take on. We are also dedicated to ensuring that project calendars remain fixed and scheduled deliverables arrive on time, every time.

Delays are the mark of disorganization, poor policies, lack of control procedures, or a mismatched workforce. Prior to signing a contract with your organization, we perform a careful internal evaluation procedure that thoroughly analyzes our current capabilities, both in terms of available resources and non-committed workforce. Only after ascertaining that we have the people and technical resources available to handle and complete your project within your specified time frame, will we commit to taking on your project.

We deliver within a turnaround time of 12-24 hours*.

While this might mean that we will be unable to take on all the new projects that we are presented with, it also means that our clients can rest assured that if O2I signs a service agreement, that agreement will be fulfilled to the letter and on time.

We can proudly state that our quality assurance processes are some of the best in the business, and the no-nonsense, objective metrics we use to determine our working capacity ensure that all the goals of any new project we take on will be satisfied. In addition, we maintain a large resource pool that allows us to ramp up our internal infrastructure literally overnight, effectively eliminating any risk of project delay.

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Most important of all, we continually and meticulously review all the feedback provided to us from our clients. There is no substitute for experience, and each new project we take on provides us with a chance to improve our processes, to strengthen our quality assurance standards, and to develop new policies that will allow us to better serve our clients by providing deliverables in a more timely fashion.

From start to finish, O2I will spare no effort in ensuring that your project goals are met, on time, every time.

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