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Outsource Quality Policy for Photo Editing Services

Make no mistake – we have collectively made a commitment to ensure that your business process outsourcing provides you with clear and consistent savings over the expenditures normally associated with beefing up an internal staff. However, this does not mean that we sacrifice one ounce of quality in your final project deliverables - in fact, quite the opposite.

Our dedication to providing the superior quality on any deliverable is the central metric we use in determining whether or not we take on a new project. Our commitment to absolute perfection in the outsourced processes we take on determines the scope of our services, and not vice versa. In short, we only bring on new projects when we can know with 100% certainty that the final deliverables provided will be of superior quality, and can be completed in accordance with the schedule provided by the client.

We use a host of high-end technology and carefully crafted policies in the pursuit of perfection, and we can proudly proclaim that our accuracy and satisfaction levels on all the projects we've completed to date have exceeded 98%. In our continuing commitment to providing you with unparalleled service on your outsourced projects, we use a comprehensive and inclusive list of quality assurance standards across all of our service departments, including regular and periodic consistency checks on all of the following -

  • Mean Productivity
  • Critical Performance Metrics
  • Overall Process Strength and Reliability
  • Hiring, Training, and Continuing Employee Education
  • Celerity of Project Completion
  • Accuracy and Precision of Deliverables
  • Random Sand Sample Checks (where applicable)
  • Comprehensive Individual Performance Reports
  • Team Leader Reports on Project confidence

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Most importantly, we learn from our mistakes. In the rare event that a project deliverable is less than perfect, we determine the cause of the error, analyze all applicable effects, and build new safeguards that ensure such mistakes will never happen again in the future. We also build on the feedback generated from after service reports from our clients, and constantly seek to improve both delivery methodology and quality of service, ensuring that your outsourced business processes are completed accurately, efficiently, and on schedule.

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