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Outsource Photo Restoration Services

Antique Photo Restoration Services

Before the advent of digital cameras, people would usually click photos on film and get them printed so that the memory could last forever. But these photos tend to wear out with time and lose their charm. The older the photo gets the more damage it under goes. Old photo restoration therefore serves an important role in not only ensuring such old photos are digitized for prolonged use, but also that they are returned back to their former glory.

Outsource2india provides high-quality old photo restoration services and antique photo enhancement services to global clients. We offer low cost and quick restoration of any kind of old photos. We have experience in working with extremely damaged photos and restoring them to their previous self, while ensuring a swift turnaround time.

Outsource2india's Antique Photo Restoration Services

With increasing age the old photos tend to start breaking down. Our expert team of photo editors at Outsource2india helps to restore such old and damaged photos and relive the old memories once again. Our cost effective services save our client's time and money that would be invested in hiring an in-house team of photo editors. Some of the key antique photo restoration services we offer include -

  • Damaged Photo Recovery
  • Restoring Custom Borders
  • Old Photo Enhancement
  • Repairing Album Glue Damage
  • Photo Stain Removal
  • Restoring Faded Photos
  • Removing Discolorations
  • Recreating Missing Parts
  • Repairing Cracks, Rips, Creases
  • Remove Spotting or Moulds
  • Blemish Removing
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Black and White to Color Conversion

Our Digital Photo Restoration Process

There are many different ways in which a photo can degrade, and more often than not is usually because of a combination of yellow color casts, fading, physical damage (scratches or stains), etc. Our photo restoration process has been fine-tuned over the years so as to ensure all old photographs are returned back as good as new. This process includes

  1. Scanning

    Scanning is the primary, important step in the photo restoration process, and is critical to ensuring the photo's eventual restoration. We use popular software such as Silverfast and Vuescan which are exceptionally useful for both film negatives, and printed photos respectively.

    We also ensure that we scan the images at the highest bit-depth (16 and 48-bits per channel) for better final image quality, and export the images in RAW or TIFF format so as to ensure the forthcoming editing process does not posterize the image too much.

  2. Fading Restore

    One of the most common causes of image degradation is fading, in which the blacks tend to become less darker, while the whites become lighter, eventually leading the photo to lose contrast. We use level tools present in our high-end software to ensure we restore the original contrast to the photo

  3. Color Cast Removal

    Although fading is easy to restore, color casts are generally tougher to deal with. Color casts, or the yellowing of photographs, is a problem most old photos suffer from. At O2I, our professionals use a white balance dropper tool so as to neutralize color casts, while carefully ensuring the photo looks cooler or warmer based on the image setting, or the client's requirement.

  4. Localized Damage Removal

    Old photos incur a lot of damage over the years owing to tears, rips, dust marks, stains, crinkles, etc. These imperfections distract the viewer from the image, and in some cases, are so prevalent so as to render the image useless. We make judicious use of clone stamping and healing brush tools so as to ensure that all such imperfections are gradually removed, while ensuring that the image does not look artificial.

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Why Choose O2I for Old Photo Restoration Services?

Outsource2india has been providing old photo restoration services to clients around the globe for over 25 years now. Our highly-skilled photo editors are trained from premier design institutes of the world and can work with the latest tools and photo editing software. Some of the key reasons you need to choose us for antique photo restoration services include -

  • Our team follows ISO standard procedures and conducts regular audits to maintain the high-quality of our processes
  • Our team has an exclusive access to our state-of-the-art infrastructure and some of the cutting-edge photo editing tools
  • Our team is skilled to work on the latest tools and technologies and provide the best in the industry photo restoration services
  • All our photo restoration services come at extremely cost-effective rates
  • All our photo restoration projects are completed within a quick turnaround time so that the clients can stay on their schedules
  • We are able to work according to your time zones with the help our multiple delivery centers

Get Your Old Photos Restored by Outsource2india Today!

Outsource2india has been providing quality old photo restoration and antique photo enhancement services and a host of other photo editing services to clients around the world. Our vast experience of having worked with clients from different verticals and domains helps us understand their business models and provide the services customized as per their needs. Our cost-effective and quick services help our clients to save considerable amount of cost and time which would otherwise be invested in hiring an in-house photo editing team.

If you have any kind of old or antique photos which need to be restored, feel free to get in touch with us or talk to one of our representatives and we will guide you through the entire process.

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