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Need for Photo Editing and Photo Management

With rich media, images, and content dominating or rather becoming a standard way to showcase business products or services; photo editing, archiving and management is becoming a crucial functional activity. Apart from the business driven growth, it's the social media culture that is augmenting this trend. The shutter crazy netizens are loading the web and hard disks with all that is clickable. Businesses like real estate, media and publishing, e-commerce websites, fashion and lifestyle are specifically involved in imagery-based marketing, and are spending loads of time and resources in editing photographs and managing them.

Need for Photo Editing and Management

Businesses are ending up with zillions of photos that are difficult to be managed and found, when needed. With new people joining in every day, management of photographs and finding the useful ones becomes even more difficult. This is where technology, as an enabler, has come a long way in making photographs memorable and retrievable. Technology helps right from restoring old jaded photos to professionally enhancing or creatively modifying images to meet business requirements.

Photo Editing

Once a picture is clicked, the next best thing is to take it to the editing table and give it the professional touch. Primary areas for editing include image enhancements, color stabilization and enrichment, glare/flash correction, background changes, cropping, special effects, and so on. Learn more about O2I's photo editing services.

Businesses like studios, real estate companies, fashion industry, modeling companies and online sellers, etc. rely on photographs are the primary business driver. In such a scenario, one needs superior quality images in quick turnaround time, which sometimes becomes inconvenient if photo capture as well as photo editing is done in-house.

If you are in a business where the amount of photo editing and photo management work is huge, you can look for professional service providers who can do enhancements and editing job at a faster face with reliability and cost-efficiency. You can also outsource photo editing and photo management to low-cost service providers who promise fast image processing without compromising on the quality.

Photo Management

Photo management includes various levels of an image processing and manipulation that includes photo capture, photo processing, photo manipulation and archiving. While photo editing is a micro-level of modifications that you make to an image, photo management is the macro-level archiving of your photographs, so that best and most relevant photographs are available at the right time and right place. Some of the major benefits of photo management are:

  • Quick Retrieval: Photo management allows you to retrieve a particular image quickly without wading through thousands of images, as it can be tagged, grouped and sorted based on various attributes and time-stamps
  • Storage across Multiple Platforms: You can store the photographs on cloud or hard drives, which helps in easier storage and retrieval
  • Supports Multiple Formats: No matter in what format you click, most photo managers come with multiple format support, so that you can store, download, and edit them with ease
  • Sorting and Searching: One of the main roles of photo management is indexing and sorting images based on key fields, this makes storing and searching really easy and fast
  • Advanced Attributes-Based Segregation: You can segregate your photos based on their resolution, focus, flash, color temperature, orientation, and so on for easier access and editing

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