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Digital Photo Restoration Process Technique to Recreate Old Images

Digital Photo Restoration Process - Technique to Recreate Old Images

A lot can happen to a photograph over the years. As it's shuffled around in drawers and old shoe boxes, handled with love and admiration, stuck on a wall with tape or sticky tack, remnants of its own experience live on.

Rescuing images from the damage they've endured over the years helps preserve memories. Personal memories are how we tell our stories as people, families, and cultures. Keeping images of these memories helps us share our stories with new generations. Historically, images help to tell the story of our people and our world.

Whether you're creating a family scrapbook or compiling a historical document, clear photos with crisp edges are a must. Outsource2india's (O2I) digital photo restoration process can bring almost any image back to its original form - yes, even the one your daughter tore up to "make a collage".

What Kind of Photos Can be Fixed with Advanced Photo Restoration?

You can restore images of people, landscapes, and objects alike. Restore mistreated images from the last decade or those right back to the invention of cameras in the 1800s. It is incredible what digital photo restoration is capable of when it comes to torn, faded, or damaged images. The right software and the touch of the skilled artistic hand of our experienced image editors transform it back to its former glory.

Here are some of the damages that can be fixed by digital photo restoration -

  • Dogears on images
  • Something written on or drawn over images
  • Faded colors
  • Rips and tears
  • Water damage
  • Oil damage
  • Smudges
  • Blurriness
  • Blemishes
  • Wrinkles and creases

Photo Restoration Process at Outsource2india

Outsource2india follows a stringent photo restoration process to enhance the color and tone of the photos naturally.


01. Receive & Scan Images

Send your physical photos to us, and we will use special scanning techniques to get the clearest representation of the image as possible. If you prefer to send us digital images, we will send you instructions on how to scan and send those images.


02. Identify the Problems

Advanced photo restoration usually involves more than one type of problem. We identify all issues (from tears to blemishes and color problems). Some customers only want damages fixed, but like the grainy look of an old photo, so we always ask which issues you would like solved before completing the work.


03. Piece Together Torn Images

Using specialized software and careful editing, we bring torn edges together to form cohesive images. Then we fill in all gaps with precise colors to make it look as though the tear had never happened. We use the same process to fix dogears and tattered edges.


04. Fixing the Blemishes and Retouching

Whether they are grainy marks from old film, real skin blemishes, or damage caused to the photo over time. This also includes adjusting the image to remove stains, water damage, and fingerprints. We can also soften or crisp the details of an image at this stage.


05. Color Correction and Enhancement

Once we bring the image back to its utmost clarity, we can change or enhance its colors. Would you like to turn a sepia image into black and white? Maybe you'd prefer a picture with a touch of red tones on flowers, cheeks, and lips. We can do that for you, too.


06. Revive Old Memories the Easy Way

From individuals to photographers and studios can avail Outsource2india's photo restoration and image enhancement services. Allow our experts to do the difficult work for you. Send us as many (or as few) images as you like and let us work our magic to bring them back to life.

Outsource Photo Restoration Services to Outsource2india

Our image editors are experts at reviving and restoring old images and transforming them impeccably. Check all our image editing services.

We're happy to consult with you about your photo restoration project to ensure that you get the results you need. Contact us now to begin your photo restoration consultation!

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