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Must-try Mobile Photography Tips

Mind-blowing Mobile Photography Tips You Should Try Out Right Now

Love to click those Instagram-worthy photos that can make your friends and followers go “head over heels”? Well, who doesn’t? But, if you always found capturing those magnificent shots harder, especially when the only camera that you have is on your phone (and not a pricey DSLR), rest easy. You don’t have to be a professional photographer - with the best camera and gadgets - to take those incredible shots. Today, most smartphones come packed with some amazing quality cameras that can give even the expensive DSLRs a run for their money.

So, if you want to improve the quality of your photos, all you need to learn are some essential photography tips that can help you take your mobile photography to the next level. These better mobile photography tips will help you drastically improve the quality of your shot, something that you never thought was possible.

Secrets Nobody Tell on Improving Mobile Photography

Come, let’s dive in together and discover some of the well-kept secrets of professional photographers.

  1. Crystal Clear Photos Need Crystal Clear Lens

    As simple as it may sound, it is one of the most important photography tips for incredible photos. Our mobile phones spend a lot of time in our hands, pockets, purses as well as on the surfaces, which make them (and their camera) prone to fingerprints, dirt, dust, and grim. So, if you want to capture clear, sharp images that are free of blurs, smudges, and dust spots, clean the lens of your phone’s camera with a soft cloth every time you plan to capture a shot.

  2. Pay Attention to the Light

    Without light, there’s no photography. Light can dramatically enhance or decline the quality of your photos. So, to capture a perfect shot from your mobile phone, make sure there’s ample light in the room or surroundings. Also, adjust the exposure of your camera before taking a shot. It will help you achieve the perfect level of brightness.

    For this, tap on your camera’s screen to set focus. Then swipe up (to increase the brightness) or down (to decrease the brightness) to adjust the exposure. Depending on your need, adjust the overall brightness of your photo for better mobile phone photography.

  3. Set The Focus, in Life and, on Your Camera

    Want to keep the subject crisp and sharp? Always set the focus before taking the shot. Another important mobile photography tip: ditch your camera’s autofocus feature and set the focus point manually.

    By simply setting exposure and focus right, you’ll be able to capture beautifully sharp photos that will surely stun your viewers.

  4. Shoot in Portrait Mode

    Love those dreamy images with blurred backgrounds? Well, you can create them too, right from your mobile phone camera. Surprised? Don’t be! Thanks to the advancement in technology, today most smartphones cameras come with a Portrait Mode feature that uses depth-effect software to blur your background while keeping your subject sharp and clear. Use this feature while capturing moments and voilà! you’ll be fully equipped to take stunning photos with beautifully blurred backgrounds in no time.

  5. Use the Rule of Thirds

    There’s one common difference between a properly composed image and thousands of randomly captured shots - all professional photographers follow the rule of thirds. This means that they break their image into thirds (both horizontally and vertically), creating nine pieces and four gridlines. Now, by positioning all their key elements along these grid lines, you can end up creating better compositions.

    However, if you think imagining a virtual grid, every time you take out your camera to capture a shot, is not your cup of tea, your smartphone’s camera might come to your rescue. Most smartphone cameras today come with a grid overlay feature, which you can use to perfectly position your subject and take your photographic compositions to an all-new level - without any formal training or photographic experience.

  6. Find the Right Angle

    Observe professional photographers and you’ll find them always on the move, like literally, even while capturing the shots. And that’s the most important mobile photography tip to follow. If you want to capture a perfect shot with your phone’s camera, don’t stand static. Change your position to find the perfect angle. Capture the image from 5-10 different angles to see which works the best.

  7. Zoom-in with your feet, not your lens

    The zoom feature on your phone noticeably reduces the overall quality of your image. So, whenever possible (if you are not trying to capture a far-off scene), try to move closer to your subject, instead of zooming in with your phone. Not only will it allow you to establish a stronger connection with your subject, but it will also help you to unarguably improve the quality of your image.

  8. Search for the Leading Lines

    All professional photographs have elements of the landscape in them. So, keep your eyes out for nice walls, pathways, or other elements that can help to enhance the quality of your image. They help to bring in the winding perspective and help your viewers to follow along a line and into your image.

  9. Use HDR for Evenly Lit Photos

    Well, thanks to the high-end cameras, it’s now possible to shoot HDR on mobile too. HDR, or high dynamic range, allows you to perfectly capture high-contrast scenes that have both dark and bright areas in one frame. For example, a landscape with a clear, bright sky and dark, shady ground. Without HDR, the camera struggles to capture the details from both bright and dark areas perfectly, causing highlights to either get too exposed or shadows to appear too dark.

    So, next time, make sure to turn on your camera’s HDR from the settings while capturing a high contrast scene and add brilliance to your photographic skills.

  10. Play with Filters

    Smartphone cameras come with a multitude of filters. Use them to your advantage. Layer your image with different effects to choose the one that works best for it and add some punch to your photographs. Filters offer you the easiest way to transform your images in no time and make even a simple photograph transform into a beautiful piece of art.

    There you go! So these are some of the important tips and tricks every photography enthusiast should learn before picking up a camera. Use them to make the most of your hobby and impress your friends (and social media followers) with your photography skills. Who knows you might become the next social media sensation - all by using your petty smartphone’s camera!

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