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360-degree Virtual Tour Creation by Stitching Drone Footage

360 Degree Virtual Tour Creation

A client specializing in aerial filming and photography contacted Outsource2india for specialty services which required stitching together still photographs captured by remote-controlled drones. Because few people provide such services and even fewer can assure superior quality, Outsource2india was contacted to determine if we would be able to handle their requirements.

The Client and Their Project Requirement

The client specializes in a number of services related to aerial footage captured by drones including full video productions, still photography, post-production, and 360-degree virtual tours. They have a team of BNUC, CAA, and IAA certified pilots and aircrafts designated to capture drone footage. For one of their projects, they needed a partner who could stitch together photographs captured by remote controlled drones into a 360-degree tour. This involved:

  • Taking a number of existing still photographs and stitching them together to create a seamless 360-degree virtual tour
  • Addition of "hot spots" so that the viewers can be taken back to the ground level simply by clicking on that hot spot
  • A requirement for specific experience and expertise in working with still drone footage, something which O2I had

Project Challenges

Because of the unique nature of this request and the detail with which the client needed the images to be combined, there were some challenges, including:

  • The team had to be sure that all images were properly aligned while stitching them together. Due to the number of images involved, this proved to be very time-consuming
  • Because of the high resolution nature of the images provided by the client, it took 2.5 hours to process each output

The Solution

To ensure the quality of the project and that the finished results matched the needs outlined by the client, the following was completed:

  • A free trial was offered to the client before starting with the project
  • While satisfied with the trial, the client had some feedback that was integrated into the next stage by the team for approval
  • After trial approval, the team started in earnest with 3 exclusive resources assigned to the project
  • The team took the images provided by the client and stitched them together to create the 360-degree panoramas
  • During this process, color correction was performed to ensure optimal output of the final files
  • The finished files were uploaded to a video player that supported web browsing to finalize the virtual tour
  • To complete the above requirements, the team used PTGui and Autopano Giga software

The Results

The result of this project was a finished virtual tour with 90% accuracy, matching the client's benchmark for success. The client's backlog of images was able to be cleared with O2I's help and was ultimately highly satisfied with the work delivered by the team.

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