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Ghost Mannequin Services

Outsource Ghost Mannequin Service

Streamline your ghost mannequin process, minimize support staff, and maximize the efficiency of your digital studio with our ghost mannequin services.

Most businesses still perform ghost mannequin editing in-house, which requires specific expertise and takes much time. While having an internal team to do the editing gives you a sense of flexibility and quality, this often leads to operational expenses and proves inefficient. Why struggle when you can get better scalability, higher flexibility, and superior quality by outsourcing ghost mannequin services?

This is where our customized ghost mannequin solutions can help you save time, effort, and expenses. We are a ghost mannequin photo editing company with 23+ years of experience serving clients across the US and Europe. Our photo editors assist digital studios, photography agencies, online apparel stores, and diverse fashion brands. Working on small and large projects efficiently, we scale quickly based on your needs without compromising quality.

Professional Ghost Mannequin Services We Offer

Outsource ghost mannequin image editing services to consistently edit large volumes of product images to create exceptional outputs that impress your clients. Our services include -

  • Ghost Mannequin Image Editing

    Ghost Mannequin Image Editing

    Leverage our powerful post-production techniques to transform raw apparel images into well-edited web-ready photos.

  • Ghost Mannequin Shadow Effect

    Ghost Mannequin Shadow Effect

    Edit the exterior and interior of the garment images to remove traces of the mannequin or the model, leaving photos that perfectly represent how your products fit in 3D.

  • Ghost Mannequin Color Correction

    Ghost Mannequin Color Correction

    We create hollow, ghost-like structures of the apparel by combining the neck and sleeves from simple clothing images. This removes the model/mannequin leaving the product image intact.

  • 360° Pack Shot/3D Ghost Mannequin Effect Services

    360° Pack Shot/3D Ghost Mannequin Effect Services

    Add advanced features like video, audio, or other elements to images on your online store/e-commerce site or animated films on the pack shot photos with our 360-degree image feature. This produces still/moving effects on your shots.

  • Ghost Mannequin Neck Joint Services

    Ghost Mannequin Neck Joint Services

    We connect the front and back of the neck to rebuild the actual shape and create a natural ghost mannequin effect for shirts, t-shirts, lingerie, jackets, and more.

  • Ghost Mannequin Bottom Joint Services

    Ghost Mannequin Bottom Joint Services

    Our team uses Photoshop to add the lower part of apparel that should be visible while holding the product without a model/mannequin.

  • Ghost Mannequin Sleeves Joint Services

    Ghost Mannequin Sleeves Joint Services

    As a ghost mannequin photo editing services provider, we eliminate the mannequin from the hollow portion of the sleeve and create a ghost effect to produce a 3D upshot.

Client We Serve

We offer professional ghost mannequin image editing services to various professional photo editors and professional photographers who work for large businesses. Our team serves clients across various sectors, which include -

Online Apparels Shopping

Apparels Shopping

Online electronic stores

Online Electronic

Online automobile stores

Online Automobile

Online Sports stores

Online Sports

Real Estate Owners

Real Estate

Publishing Houses

Publishing Houses

Portrait Studios

Portrait Studios

Fashion Industry

Fashion Industry

e-Commerce Business

e-Commerce Business

Photo Editing Agency

Photo Editing Agency

Technologies We Use

Adobe-Photoshop-cc Adobe-Lightroom

Why Should You Choose Our Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Company?

We prioritize your preferences and analyze your requirements thoroughly. This enables us to deliver quick and efficient image editing support. Some top aspects that set us apart are -

  • GDPR Compliance

    We are a GDPR-certified company focusing on ensuring the complete security of our client data. Our team takes precautions to protect your records/photos. In addition, our workspaces, systems, and global delivery centers are entirely secure and protected against various security vulnerabilities.

  • High Quality

    When you choose us, you can leverage our expert team to receive only high-quality photos that will enhance your brand value and increase your ROI.

  • Data Security

    We strive to make our database safer by relying on encryption protocol and FTP to send and receive photos. Also, none of your photo/images will be published or imitated without your consent.

  • Experienced team

    We have experienced project managers and a proficient team of almost 200 passionate image editors who use advanced photo editing tools.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Our support team is available 24/7 to resolve your issues. You can contact our delivery centers, and we will address your concerns.

  • Option to Scale Up

    We have a team of expert resources and state-of-the-art infrastructure to ramp up our services anytime. This way, you can accelerate or reduce your business demands without worrying about recruiting new resources.

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    Don't worry if you have a tight budget or there are insufficient tools/resources to get results quickly. Based on processing time, photo volume, project difficulty, etc., we have built a flexible pricing model for all ghost mannequin image editing solutions.

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Client Success Stories

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O2I Successfully Completed 0.3 Km Long Photo Stitching Project

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Outsource Ghost Mannequin Image Editing Services


I am so amazed that you were able to do such quality work so quickly. The image came out perfect, and you got it to me well before my deadline! Thanks so much.

Business Owner,
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Outsourcing takes the hassle out of ghost mannequin editing, providing well-edited apparel images delivered remotely. This leaves you with more time to focus on evaluating your current projects and acquiring new ones. Moreover, as you will not be investing in specialized tools and software, you save a significant amount of cost, which can be used to improve or expand your business. We also edit images to deliver platform-specific photos that ensure maximum engagement. Whether you are an e-commerce firm, online retailer, or any digital photography agency, we apply the right post-processing technique to maximize the versatility of your apparel images.

Our team has a comprehensive knowledge of all the latest image editing tools and can mimic everyone's personal style, so you can be sure that the final photo will eventually satisfy you.

Don’t let your post-production workflow and unpredictable work volumes prevent you from delivering web-ready apparel images to your clients with our professional ghost mannequin services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to choose the right Ghost mannequin service company?

Although outsourcing offers numerous benefits, evaluating multiple external vendors is crucial to partner with the right one. An ideal way to do this is to assess the provider’s portfolio, check their reviews and testimonials, request samples, and compare their pricing structures. Besides this, flexibility, scalability, and data security are other essential elements to consider before outsourcing.

What are the benefits of outsourcing Ghost mannequin services?

In simple words, outsourcing is the new lifesaver. From cost benefits to exceptional quality and easy scalability, leveraging the expertise of an external vendor helps you ensure consistency across all the edited images. You also gain access to advanced tools and software without investing in it. A short turnaround is another significant benefit. So, outsourcing helps you manage time, minimize expenses, and deliver value.

How much does the ghost mannequin service cost?

The cost of ghost mannequin editing services varies based on numerous factors, such as the volume of images, the complexity of the project, and specific editing needs. Typically, outsourcing firms bill you per image edited or per project. some businesses offer discounted prices for long-term projects and bulk orders.

How experienced is your team in ghost mannequin service?

We have a large team of skilled and experienced photo editors specializing in ghost mannequin editing and manipulation. Our professionals undergo extensive training and have a working knowledge of advanced tools and editing techniques. They handle complex editing tasks and understand the nuances of garment structure. This helps us deliver visually appealing images that stand out.

Are you open to post-editing revisions?

We strive to understand and collect all the information about your requirements before we begin working on your project. This helps us deliver quality outputs. However, if you need revisions due to changes in project scope, we are willing to rework those projects to help you succeed. We have a clear rework policy, which allows both parties to minimize rework and maximize efficiency.