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0.31 KM Long Photo Stitching for a Norway based Photography Company

Imaging Services

The Customer

Our client is a well-known Norway based Photography and Design Company. The organization is renowned for its excellent team of photographers and designers which creates astounding images and designs for global agencies.

The Requirement

We were approached by the client as they were looking for an image stitching service provider who could stitch 0.31 KM long images professionally. The requirement involved stitching more than 300 images.

The Challenge

The challenges faced by our team during the course of the project were:

  • The sheer number of images that needed to be stitched together - 310 images to be processed in 45-60 days
  • What made the project look formidable initially was that each image was about ten meters long, and as there were 310 images, we were embarking on a project that required us to stitch 310 meters long images together
  • The size of each image was about 1.3 GB, so it was taking a lot of time for processing

The Solution

Keeping in mind the requirements of the client and the timeframe involved for the project, photo editing team at Outsource2india devised the following solution:

  • Since it was a crucial project that involved great image stitching skills, we mutually agreed with the client to start with a trial
  • After the trial results were approved by the client, a dedicated photo editing team was formed to execute this 0.31 KM long photo stitching project
  • Since the project involved complex processing of images, photo editing software like PTGui and Photoshop were used
  • Two dedicated photo editors were involved in creating the photo outputs
  • As the image size was enormous, we created FTP for the client to facilitate faster image access and upload
  • Since the project turnaround time was 45 to 60 days, and it took one and a half hour to process each image, it was agreed that we would deliver ten images per day

The Result

Our end-to-end image stitching services were highly appreciated by the client for its precision, flawlessness, and superior quality. With an experience of over a decade in photo stitching and editing services we were able to deliver the final processed 0.31 KM long image within promised time frame. The client was delighted with the trial as well as the end result.

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