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Outsource Image Vectoriztion Services - FAQs

How do I know that O2I is capable of providing vectorization services?

Fair question. Why not send us a sample and let us work on it before you decide to outsource vectorization services to us? We are confident that you will appreciate the quality of our vectorization services.

What is the cost of outsourcing vectorization services to O2I?

In addition to testing our capabilities, the other benefit of sending us a sample is that it provides us the opportunity to work on a trial project regarding vectorization services and sort out any issues involved. If you wish to get start outsourcing vectorization services immediately we can offer you an hourly rate.

How do I pay and what are the terms?

Our customers usually pay by bank wire transfer. Our terms are designed to reduce risk for both parties until the working relationship earns trust and credibility.

I am interested in hiring a person full time for 6 months to provide vectorization services. Can you arrange this?

Yes. We have many customers who would prefer to manage their work and have someone report to them directly. We have a flat monthly fees depending on the qualifications of the employee.

What are the vectorization services that you provide?

  • Logos - Using Adobe Illustrator, we manually draw each line of the logo.
  • Vector Clipping Paths - Elimination of background.
  • Maps - Redrawing maps of all sorts
  • Commercial and residential buildings - Blueprints can be redrawn and vectorized.
  • Technical drawings - Redrawing industrial and engineering drawings
  • Photos- Whole photos or portions can now easily be converted to vector images.

Read more about our Image Editing Services here.

Advantages of converting raster images into vector images

  • Vector images can be scaled up & down without any loss in quality
  • Vector images can be printed at any size or resolution
  • Vector images have no jaggedness
  • Vector images can be used for manuals/newspapers/brochures

What vectorization services software do you use and why?

We use Adobe Illustrator CS5.5 not only because is it the industry standard but also because Adobe is emerging as the dominant graphic software company. The new CS6 group of products is so good that it is taking business away from Quark, Coreldraw and Macromedia. Here are some features as described by Adobe, that help use us serve you better.

Live Trace - Quickly and accurately convert photos, scans, or other bitmap images to editable and scalable vector paths with the Live Trace feature.

Wacom tablet support- Take advantage of pressure-sensitive drawing and erasing with a Wacom tablet, as well as new Intuous3 features like tilt sensitivity.

Nearly universal graphic file format support - Work with almost any type of graphic file — including PDF, EPS, SVG, Photoshop (PSD), TIFF, GIF, JPEG, SWF, and more.

What issues should I expect when outsourcing vectorization services to India?

This used to be a big concern a few years ago. In fact, outsourcing vectorization services to India was then just an emerging trend. Now it is common to have customers who are familiar with the process and do not need an introduction.

When we set up this business in 2002, some major issues had to be considered. For example, it was not rare for a customer to experience misunderstandings because of the differences in culture and communication. Back then there were banking issues and infrastructure weaknesses.

Now India has progressed in many areas and working with an Indian vendor can be similar to working with a local company. In fact, since Indian companies now have experience working with customers from around the globe, they are able to service customers better than many western counterparts.

The key to success is to find the right vendor with a good track record. Beware; there are many Indian companies just starting that are not much more than words.

What are the next steps involved in outsourcing vectorization services?

Step 1: Complete the form on this site and we will contact you via email or phone

Step 2: Send us a sample so that we can estimate the cost and you can see the results of this proof of concept.

Step 3: We make an agreement, advance payment is made and we get started.

Step 4: We quickly deliver one phase so that we can together improve the outcome.

Why should I trust O2I for outsourcing my vectorization services?

Digital words often lack meaning. Outsourcing agreements made without even knowing whom you are dealing with can be risky. We have discovered this the hard way.

Over the past several years, Outsource2india has pioneered ways to work at a distance that build trust. We structure payment and deliverables in a way that reduces the risk for both parties especially before a solid commercial relationship is established.

This long distance model means that trust is earned slowly and if the relationship is not working it can be terminated quickly.

What makes you different from other companies?

Perhaps the secret to our success is that we try to understand and communicate with our customers. In addition, we are innovative in our networked business model.

What is O2I’s networked business model?

We do about 50% of our work in-house and the other 50% is completed together with our exclusive partners who specialize in areas of outsourcing. O2I has domain experts with experience in each of these specializations. These domain experts communicate with our customers; get the project going; and manage their project teams to make sure the work is being completed properly.

For example if you have a large vectorization project we may do it 100% in-house but if it also requires AuotCAD experience then our domain expert may work in collaboration with another vendor to complete your project. In this manner, we often provide turnkey solutions for our customers by combining our capabilities with other subject matter experts.

In addition to our network of partners, our company is divided into divisions that focus on specific areas. For example, we have a department that specializes in content development and desktop publishing. Therefore, if you have project that requires vectorizing a logo we can have it done through our DTP division.

What is the track record of Outsource2india?

This is the key question that we ask ourselves when we hire someone and it is a key question when looking for an Indian vendor.

O2I has a resume that we can send you but briefly - O2I was born at the start of the outsourcing phenomenon in 2002 and we were the pioneers of outsourcing in India.

We have many long-term customers mostly from the US and the UK. These include legal firms, transportation companies, Ivy League colleges and private Universities and over 70 customers from London, Amsterdam, Paris, New York, Palo Alto and other international locations.

What other similar services can you perform?

Since Outsource2india has a variety of dedicated business units, we can handle many things in-house. For example, we have whole division of software developers who can create web applications and an architecture specialist who can work with you on drafting services and our DTP department can provide image editing services. To test us, just complete the form on this site and we will get in touch with you in the next 24 hours.

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