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Image Clipping Services for UK's Largest Auto Trader

Photo Editing Services

Read this case study to find out how UK's largest auto seller was able to get 5000 automobile images clipped / edited in a month, without sacrificing on the image quality by outsourcing his image editing requirements to us.

The Client

Our client is one of the most prominent and famous automobile sellers in UK. He has been in the business for more than 30 years, and has sold millions of automobiles, both new and used. The client has made his name as a trusted brand In the UK, enabling customers to sell their cars quickly and profitably, so much so that his business model has now been replicated successfully in multiple countries, including USA, Australia and Canada.

The Requirement

Due to busy schedule, the client's in-house team was unable to edit and work on thousands of automobile images, which were to be displayed on the client's car sales website for potential buyers. Owing to his popularity, the client's website on an average received 3 times the web traffic of its nearest competitors, which led to the following requirements -

  • The client required on an average, at least 5000 high-quality automobile images to be edited per month
  • Each image had to be edited to perfection, including cropping, shadow removal, and including any additional effects as required by his standard image specifications
  • The client required the edited images as soon as possible, and wanted to leverage time zone difference to his advantage by offshoring his requirements

The Challenges

At O2I, we have always believed in distinguishing our services by exceeding customer's expectations. For the project in question, we were faced with the following initial challenges -

  • Urgent automobile photo editing requirement for a huge volume of images due to the dynamic nature of his business, forced us to work at extremely short turnaround times
  • Our operational staff strength at that point of time was insufficient to handle the client's requirements efficiently
  • The client expected our professional photo editors to work 24/7 like other outsourcing companies; while our staff worked 24/6

The Solution

Our automobile image clipping solution to address the customer's concerns, and ensure that we delivered on our promise of affordable, on-time project delivery, included the following -

  • After conducting initial discussions with the client, we decided on a phased approach to undertake the project; wherein our team of expert photo editors worked on a delivery schedule by steadily increasing turnaround volume
  • We started by editing close to 500 images a fortnight, which was gradually increased to 3500 images per month. This allowed us to meet customer expectations of 5000 images within the requested deadline
  • Our daily turnaround was calculated to be 9 hours, 6 hours and 2 hours, based on the complexity of the image
  • Although our staff was used to working 24/6, all of them worked overtime to ensure the project deadline was met. We also hired and trained 8 new professional image editors, who were able to work on the project 24/7
  • We leveraged the power of Adobe Photoshop to edit and clip the images, with original copies installed on state-of-art workstations for our image editing professionals

The Result

With the help of our comprehensive phased approach towards the project, and our team of expert photo editors, the client was not only able to make significant savings, but was also able to update his website with the latest images at frequent intervals. Some of the highlights from our successful collaboration were -

  • We delivered on our promise of 100% accurate, professional quality images for enhanced client satisfaction
  • Despite the voluminous nature of the work, the client was satisfied with our strict turnaround times which we always adhered to
  • Owing to the great success of the project, the client signed further ongoing contracts with us, and is currently outsourcing most of his photo editing work to us

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