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Outsource2india's Photo Editing Services for Varied Industries

Outsource2india (O2I) is India’s leading provider of cutting-edge photo editing services at a competitive price. With an experienced team of image editing professionals and with a cumulative experience of over 25 years, Outsource2india has been able to successfully meet the photo editing requirements of different industries.

The main factor that sets Outsource2india apart from other service providers is its customized services for each type of industry and its commitment to providing quality image editing solutions. From sports accessories to books and portraits to real estate virtual tours, we can successfully meet the requirements of a wide range of industries.

Industries we Serve

  1. Online Stores


    There are several online stores selling apparels that are mushrooming every day. One way of differentiating your online apparel store from competitors is to showcase your items through photographs that are that can bring out the beauty of your apparels. With the background clipped and replaced with a clear white background, your apparels will stand out from the crowd.

    Unnecessary parts of the image can also be cropped and the background can be enhanced to make the image look aesthetically appealing. Outsource2india understands how online apparel stores work and provides specialized photo editing services. Captivate your customers with enhanced images of your apparels and see a sharp increase in your sales.

    Automobile sparesAutomobile spares

    Do you have hundreds of visitors who visit your online store that sells automobile spare parts, but with no increase in sales? The reason your visitors are not turning into customers could be the images of your automobile parts. A distracting background or a dull image might be turning your customers away.

    Outsource2india can help you see a marked improvement in your sales with its photo editing services. With the images of your spare parts neatly clipped, enhanced, resized and made free of its distracting background, your customers can clearly see the automobile parts that they desire to buy. Start increasing the sale of your automobile parts with O2I’s image editing services.

    Electronic goodsElectronic goods

    Are you one of the thousands of online stores that deal with the selling of electronic goods such as computers, laptops, mobile electronics and portable electronics? One way to differentiate yourself from other vendors is to showcase your electronic products in an appealing manner. Photo editing can help you achieve this.

    Removing distracting backgrounds, resizing large images, cropping undesired parts and enhancing the images of your electronic goods can convince your customers to choose to buy your products over other competitors.

    Sports accessoriesSports accessories

    If your target audiences are sports professionals, then the images of your sports items too should look classy if you are to see an increase in sales. Whether it is shoes or sportswear, the images of your items should not have distracting backgrounds, grainy images or images that are unclear. The solution to this is photo editing.

    By just making a few modifications to your images, such as resizing the image, clipping it, cropping it or enhancing the image can go a long way in convincing your customers to buy your sports accessories. Choose Outsource2india’s photo editing services to convert the visitors to your site into customers.

    Services offered to online stores

    • Image clipping
    • Background removal
    • Photo enhancement
    • Image cropping
    • Image resizing
  2. Publishing houses

    Publishing housesIf you own a publishing house, you might be dealing with the publication of newspapers, magazines, books, encyclopedias, academic material and periodicals. You might also be handling web publishing. Making the images in your books, newspapers and magazines look great with a little bit of clipping and enhancing can increase the sales of your publications.

    Photo enhancement and image clipping can bring out the life in your images and since a picture can speak more than thousand words, it is important that the content in your publications are accompanied by aesthetically appealing images. Choose Outsource2india’s customized services for the publishing industry.

    Services offered to publishing houses

    • Photo enhancement
    • Photo clipping
  3. Portrait studios

    Portrait studiosAs a busy portrait studio, you might be taking thousands of portraits of babies, toddlers, couples and families, leaving you with no time for portrait enhancement. Since portrait enhancement is critical to a portrait, why not send your enhancement work to professionals who can invest time into increasing the aesthetic appeal of your portraits.

    The portrait enhancement services that Outsource2india offers can remove blemishes, change the background, remove color casts, correct the density, correct the color and crop unwanted items. Impress your customers with captivating portraits and make them come back for more.

    Services offered to portrait studios

    • Image cropping and composition
    • Color correction
    • Density correction
    • Color cast removal
    • Removing blemishes
  4. Real estate

    Real estateMaking a mark in the real estate business can be tough with the number of realtors and real estate brokers in the market. Impressive real estate photographs and captivating 360 degree virtual tours can help you gain more customers. If you are a real estate photographer or advertiser, you might be having no time to spend on post processing your real estate images. So whether you are a realtor or a photographer, you can gain by outsourcing real estate photo enhancement.

    Outsource2india can help you blend and stitch images into the perfect panorama. We can also remove color casts, change the sky and correct the perspective of the image to make the real estate image look stunning. Photo enhancement and still image enhancement can make your images look aesthetically appealing. Make a success out of your real estate business with real estate post processing services.

Services offered to the real estate industry

  • Real estate photo enhancement
  • Real estate panoramas
  • Real estate 360 degree virtual tours
  • Still image enhancement
  • Color cast removal
  • Sky change services
  • Perspective correction
  • HDR blending
  • Image blending
  • Image stitching

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