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Top Real Estate Company Gets Panorama Stitching Services from Outsource2india

Case Study on Panorama Stitching Services for Real Estate Company

The Client

Based in the UK, the client creates virtual tours of real estate properties. They create virtual tours that offer viewers a complete interactive experience, immersing them into the property image virtually. Their high-definition fully spherical virtual tours are utilized by global audiences to showcase and market any product, property or space.

The Requirement

The client had a high-volume commercial property images and wanted to offshore panoramic stitching services. The client required the outsourcing partner to stitch together the real estate images and create virtual panoramas to showcase commercial spaces.

The Challenges

Frequent changes in Scope of work (SOW).

The Solution

The client gave O2I resources pointers on how to process the images. The guidelines included stitching, color correction, mismatch, nadir point etc. Next, the client transferred images in a raw format via Dropbox.

The process included stitching, mismatch correction, correcting nadin, dimensions, brightness,sharpness, and rendering the final output in JPEG formats.

Each output required various time frames -

  • 72 images - 140 mins
  • 12 images - 40 mins
  • 6 images - 18 mins
  • 4 images - 20 mins

One resource was assigned to the project and completed the same in three hours. On the completion of this project, the client outsourced other requirements to O2I.

Client Benefits

The client was satisfied with our precision cropping and a high-cost savings (60 percent). They applauded our prompt delivery times.

Choose O2I for Panorama Stitching Services

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