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10 Most Popular Wedding Photography Trends in 2018

Wedding Photography Trends 2018

Right from using photographic reels to the modern-day practice of clicking digital photos, photography has come a long way over the years. With new wedding photographic trends buzzing around, this billion-dollar industry is no exception and has witnessed tremendous change. The major factor which has been driving this change is the rapid technological advancements. Right from using the old-school Polaroid cameras to using DSLRs and phone cameras, photography in general has undergone a massive metamorphosis.

Although it is important to be unique and creative in wedding photography compositions, it is equally important to embrace the latest trends in the industry. Weddings are one of the most important occasions in an individual’s life and hence need to be well-covered and preserved for life to be cherished. Staying updated with the latest trends in wedding photography is important to create poignant, everlasting memories.

Marriage Photography Trends Expected to Reign 2018 and Beyond

If you are planning to shoot a wedding soon, then it is good to know some of the latest trends in this field. As a wedding photographer, you are responsible to capture the entire event in a professional manner and create wonderful memories. To make things easy for you, we have listed some of the latest wedding photography trends for 2018 and beyond -

  1. Authentic Candid Shots

    Gone are the days when we would shoot pictures using a film with the pressure of getting it perfect in the very first shot, followed by most of the photographers printing the photos where everyone are posing. But now with the flexibility of the digital medium, there is no limit to the number of shots that can be captured. Today, more and more number of people are now shooting candid photographs that capture every expression and emotion being expressed by the bride and the groom throughout their special day.

  2. Black and White Photography To Trend

    Black and white was being used only for artistic shots in the past, but this trend has been slowly changing with time. Last year we saw the comeback of black and white photography and this year we will see more people using this technique in marriage photography. Black and white images remove the focus from the variation in the composition and prompt the viewer to concentrate on the moment captured.

  3. Drone Footages to Gain Popularity

    Drone photography used to be an expensive affair in the past but it is not any more. Today, drones with cameras are available at reasonable prices, which capture high quality photos and videos. Drone cameras give a whole new perspective of clicking images from a height. Proper planning and execution of drone marriage photography can produce some of the best photography results.

  4. Unconventional Location Shoots to Rise

    Although we have seen this trend last year, it is expected to be in vogue this year. More and more people are traveling to exotic locations for their pre- and post-wedding shoots. A new and creative location helps to build the composition and also capture interesting shots. The environment of the new location plays a key role in setting the mood and taking amazing pictures.

  5. Increasing Use of Smoke Bombs

    This is one trend which is catching up very fast with the modern-day wedding photo shoots. Using smoke bombs is a great way to make wedding photos look more interesting and happening. Mostly such photos are used as the exit photos of the entire event. However, when captured with appropriate backlighting, the colors will shine through and create some of the most amazing shots.

  6. Creating Wedding Hashtags

    Although this trend was widely used last year during weddings and events, it is expected to gain grounds in the coming year. This is one of the latest trends used to capture the world’s attention towards the wedding. Besides, having the guests upload the photos on social media platforms with the relevant hashtag will also help easy retrieval of the photos and help the couple experience their wedding from the perspective of their guests and acquaintances.

  7. Social Media-integrated Photo Booths

    Photo booths at weddings have been operating since a long time now. Earlier, people would have to wait for a long time to retrieve wedding photos from these booths. But nowadays, photo booths feature social media integration, which allows guests to directly upload the photos on their social media accounts, almost instantly. This trend was prevalent in the past year, but is expected to gain tremendous popularity in 2018 and beyond.

  8. Underwater Shots Will be Popular

    With the advent of waterproof cameras and GoPro cameras in the market, underwater shoots are gaining popularity worldwide. Mainly popular among athletes or sportspersons, underwater marriage photo shoots will be in vogue in 2018 and beyond.

  9. Selfie Shots to be in Vogue

    Many tech savvy couples are now having selfie stations at their wedding venues for their friends and families. These stations basically consist of a nice background for people to click photos at the wedding. The photographer can capture these fun moments of guests taking selfies using a phone camera or a selfie stick. These images are gaining tremendous popularity and this trend will continue to prevail in the coming year.

  10. Increase in Stop Motion Wedding Photo Films

    This is the form of photography which takes still photos and animates them amidst a video of choice combined with the pleasing sound effects. These short photo films can be easily shared on social media accounts or embedded in the wedding invitation mails sent to friends and family. This serves as a trailer of the forthcoming wedding and set the mood for it.

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