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Just like most other industries, the wedding industry also has to adjust and adapt to new trends and recurring fashions. Even as the industry in itself generates more than $40 billion a year in the USA alone, it also directly bears the brunt of slow economic times which sees couples spending less on their weddings.

At the same time, very few people today actually prefer an unplugged wedding (less than 30%) as most others like to have their wedding moments captured candidly by wedding photographers, videographers, and bloggers. When it comes to wedding photographers and videographers, the general consensus is that the most amount of time spent by them after the wedding shoot is on wedding video editing, a task which can quickly become overwhelming especially when multiple clients look for deliverables on the same day. It is in such cases our video editing services for weddings can be of the greatest help.

Our Wedding Video Editing Services

Aimed to provide quick and efficient services, we complete the editing of wedding videos within 3 to 5 working days. However, this timeline varies with the length and quality of the raw footage submitted. At Outsource2india, we provide our exceptional marriage video editing services to discerning clients including world famous wedding photographers, videographers, and even to-be-married couples. Our services help you focus on the important parts of the post-production process, while ensuring the resultant outcome is as per your exact requirements.

We focus on high-quality video and sound mixing, ensuring each and every detail feels right for enhanced client satisfaction. We believe that just like every story, a wedding video needs to have a beginning, a middle, and an end - all of which combine together to create the happiest moments of a couples' life. Whether you want your footage to be edited together to create the perfect wedding backdrop film or you want to create short snippets and a show reel out of the most interesting moments of the wedding, our professional wedding video editors can help.

Our services include -

  • Wedding video editing
  • Wedding photo reel editing
  • Wedding video post-production
  • Wedding video cropping
  • GoPro wedding video editing
  • Drone wedding video editing
  • Marriage video mixing
  • Wedding guest interview editing
  • Wedding highlight reel editing

Marriage Video Editing Process We Follow

  1. Fill Out the Project Requirement Form

    We provide you with an extensive form to fill so that you can specify the exact nature of editing required, including the mood of the video, the editing style, specific color grading, etc.

  2. Send us the Media Files

    You can upload the media files via our high-speed and extremely secure FTP servers. If required, you can also mail in your files on a USB, CD/DVD or memory card

  3. Video Editing Begins

    Based upon your specifications, we begin the video editing process while ensuring all your requirements are met

  4. Wedding Video Review

    We finish the video editing process within the desired turnaround time, whereupon the completed files are sent to you for review. Any changes required by you are noted and made to the existing video

  5. Final Delivery

    After all the mentioned changes have been incorporated fully, we send the completed files along with all original videos and images back to you in a format of your choice


Our Software Proficiency - Marriage Video Editing

A polished, well-rounded wedding video is only as good as the tools used to create it. At O2I, we believe in using only the best wedding video editing software, including the following -

What Sets Apart Our Wedding Video Editing Services?

During the process of video editing for weddings, most videographers work on two projects at once. A highlight reel which showcases the best moments from the wedding in a catchy, awe-inspiring manner, and the full-length film for the couple to enjoy at their own convenience later on. It is the highlight reel which has captured the attention of many, thanks to video sharing websites such as YouTube, and has revolutionized the wedding industry over the past 10 years. At O2I, our wedding video editors are experts at making your highlight reel stand out from the rest.

Some of the reasons why our clients consider us to be the best in the business are -

  1. Effective Transitions: Transitions help to bind your wedding videos together, and we use cross dissolve techniques as well as light leaks during appropriate moments to ensure no jarring cuts are visible during the final video edit
  2. Beautiful Cross Cuts: We make even hard cuts look great, as they look perfect when you want the video to jump from one scene to another. We make judicious use of J-cuts and L-cuts as and when required to achieve an overall cohesive feel for the whole video
  3. Cohesively Ordered Clips: We bind together your clips in such a manner that they are able to tell a story on their own, while ensuring all the highlight moments are placed together to wow the viewers frequently
  4. Eye-catching Color Grading: Since weddings are fast paced, more often than not, videographers are not able to maintain the correct white balance, especially when the footage comes from two different cameras. Our color balancing and color grading techniques ensure you achieve the look you want for the video without having to sacrifice beautiful, but incorrectly graded footage
  5. Melodious Licensed Music: An amazing wedding video is a sum of its parts, and music plays an important role in ensuring the video tugs at the right heartstrings. Our repository of licensed music ensures we have a tune for different wedding moments, from the sad to the joyful
  6. On-time Delivery: We pride ourselves on our timely delivery schedule, as we understand the customer commitments that most videographers have. We ensure the final approved footage reaches you prior to your delivery date, so that any last minute changes can be accommodated easily
  7. One-stop-shop for all Your Needs: Not only are we experts at wedding video editing, but also wedding photo post processing, photo retouching, audio editing, video compositing, etc. This ensures we can take care of all your requirements in-house, saving you a lot of time, energy, and money

Our Wedding Video Editing Success Stories

We have helped several global wedding production companies, freelance video editors and their clients over the years with affable wedding video editing services.

Wedding Video Editing for Chicago-based Client

Wedding Video Editing for Chicago-based Client

We were approached by a famous Wedding Photojournalism company based out of Chicago who had an immediate requirement for editing, post-processing, and arranging 90 videos in a short span of 2 months. With our help, the client was not only able to keep its customers satisfied, but saw a 50% increase in business as well.

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Choose Outsource2india for High-quality Wedding Video Editing Services

At O2I, we are passionate about wedding video editing, which is offered as a part of our roster of high-quality creative design. Our team of wedding video editors is not only extremely proficient in all current video editing techniques, but also know how to leverage professional, studio-grade software to edit wedding footages as per your requirements. Our services are cost-effective, and there are many benefits of outsourcing creative services to us.

Contact us right away and learn how we can add the magic to your wedding videos, and make them worth cherishing!

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