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5 Useful Tips for Magazine Design and Layout

Designing a magazine can be one of the most rewarding experiences for a designer. A great deal of creativity, imagination and thought goes into magazine creation and coming out with an affable magazine design. In creative areas like magazine design and magazine layout creation, it is hard to define water tight processes as experimentation is encouraged, resulting in enough room for trials and errors.

We definitely want you to try, but not commit errors. So, if you have been wondering how to design magazine and layout, we have outlined some of the most important, tried and tested tips on designing a magazine. Here we bring you 5 important magazine design tips that can help you in designing those perfect and creative magazine layouts.

How to Design Magazine Layout - Useful Tips

Let's have a look at magazine layout design tips -

  1. Know Your Audience

    It is very important for a magazine layout designer to know his audience and understand his/her taste. All that you do - the colors that you choose, the photographs that you place, the typography you play around with - should reflect your readers' taste. It's advisable to do an analysis of a reader's behavior, preferences, audience profile etc. before starting to work on the design layout grid, to ensure final outcome as desirable to your clients.

  2. Get a Great Cover Design

    You cannot judge a book by its cover; agreed, but the same doesn't hold true for a magazine. It is highly important that the design and layout of your magazine stands out, and invites customers to pick it off the shelves and buy it. Half the effort to ensure high sales of your magazine is achieved by creating an appealing and exciting cover.
    Magazine cover is an area that needs great planning and detailing, and you need to spend enough time to come up with that perfect cover that gets all the accolades.

  3. Strike a Balance

    As a designer, you have three main things to manage and strike that perfect balance - typography, visual appeal and aesthetics. It is easy for a designer to get carried away by just the looks of a magazine. But a good looking magazine with bad readability is of no good use.
    Similarly, a magazine with great content will risk all its worth if it messes up its layout and aesthetics. As a designer, you should take keen interest in creating an appealing magazine that gives great reading and visual experience to its readers.

  4. Have an Eye for Detail

    While designing a professional magazine, it is important that the designer gives attention to each and every detail. The edges, the bleeds, the crossovers, pagination - all require meticulous attention to detail from a designer.

  5. Know All About Your Printer

    The printing aspect carries significant importance in the process of a magazine design layout. Any magazine designing tips will be incomplete without this. The designer has to know his printer in and out; the paper quality that can be used, the differences in color intensities, and discrepancies if any that will be there in a designed and final (print) copy.

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