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Outsource Magazine Layout Services

Magazine Layout Services

Print magazines have lately felt the onslaught of the digital and internet revolution. Few surviving publications are therefore streamlining resources by outsourcing magazine layout services to reliable partners.

Outsource2india offers a comprehensive suite of magazine layout services, artwork services, and other allied services to companies in USA, Canada, and other European countries. Our design team has contemporary thinking and specializes in providing quality magazine layout services with the right pricing and helps give publications a marketing head start. Overall, O2I's artists understand the magazine layouts and its role in alluring good readership whether they are displayed on newsstands, bookstores or websites.

Magazine Layout Services We Offer

Outsource2india offers magazine layout services to various publishing and marketing communications' companies, and help them in creating magazine layouts based on templates provided by them. O2I's designers use these templates effectively and convert them into attractive and appealing magazine layouts. They also value-add to the layout by ensuring the various visual content that is used is appropriately worked in order to make it print ready. Over the years, we have also provided customized magazine layout design services to contract publishers as well.

Outsource2india designers have extensive experience in print, graphic design and other allied fields. They use latest styles to create marketable magazine layouts. Some of our services include -

  • Typesetting and Formatting Services

    From the selection of the right typography to placement and sizing on the page, our team helps present the message interestingly. Following the latest international trends in art direction, we work a careful balance of white space and content to ensure readability and marketability of the magazine.

    Further, O2I has the talent and skill to support content services and can help edit original content produced, or even produce fillers with captions to fill out your magazine.

  • Layout Designing Services

    As part of our layout designing services, we have Creative Directors and Art Directors who work closely with layout designing artists, illustrators, cartoonists, photographers and photo editors. The team is able to create stunning layout designs and use a perfect balance of photographs, illustrations and cartoons engaging in various styles and use it effectively on the layout according to the requirement. In fact, the team can even recreate, edit, and illustrate cartoons, illustrations, and photographs according to the choice of the magazine's style guide.

  • Book Layout Designing Services

    The design and layout of a book significantly impact its readability, look, and feel, imagery, sequencing of the information, and defines how engaging it is for the readers. For instance, a neatly and innovatively prepared book cover design can prompt a reader to look what's inside.

    Outsource2india offers professional book layout designing services. Through this service, we are looking to give professional touches to book layout designs. If there are multiple releases, we help maintain timelines to meet these deadlines and look to outsource, then O2I's professional book layout service is the perfect solution for you.

  • Prepress Layout Designing

    Before publishing, designs look good on screen but it does not mean WYSIWYG. Outsource2india's pre-press layout team handles all forms of prepress layout designing. At the pre-flight stage, O2I's team regulates artworks by analyzing print file elements to ensure formats, resolutions, and fonts are print-ready for commercial printing. As part of the prepress design services, we can also handle proofing to check if colors, fonts, and other elements are in the right place.

Types of Publications Handled and Software Used

Outsource2india's magazine layout services can be utilized for creating and enhancing -

Annual ReportsAnnual Reports
Business ReportsBusiness Reports
Technical ManualsTechnical Manuals

Our team can work on various file formats such as MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, etc. and deliver the files in the format desired by the client.

To ensure O2I provides the best possible services, we have top of the line infrastructure for every member of the team. This means high-end computers with high-resolution flat-screen monitors, access to software including -

Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop CorelDraw QUARKXPRESS

Additionally, the team is regularly trained in the use of new software and updates to the above platforms to ensure the best knowledge in the industry, either on a Mac or Windows PC machine.

Magazine Layout Process We Follow

Magazine Layout Process

Customer Uploads File

Customer uploads the file to a secure FTP

Downloading & Checking Input

File downloaded and all required inputs checked

Task Assigned to Designer

Job allocated to the designer and work initiated

QC of Design

Supervisor conducts quality check after design creation

Customer Approval

Low-resolution PDF file of the design is sent to customer for approval

Corrections and Refinements

Corrections and refinements are carried out, if any

Final Files Uploaded

Final approved files uploaded to a secure FTP for the customer to download

Benefits by Outsourcing Magazine Layout Designing to O2I

  • 99% SLA Adherence - We strive for exceptional quality levels with 99% adherence and quality match to service level agreements
  • Experienced Team of Artwork Professionals - With over 25 years of experience, team O2I has mustered experience and is comfortable working on multiple platforms, designs, components, and projects.
  • 12-24 Hour Turnaround Time - The time difference allows our team to work between client work hours to deliver faster turnaround on many projects
  • Reduce Costs by up to 50% via Infrastructure - Reduce your costs by avoiding investment in costly infrastructure when you work with our team
  • Industry-Specific Software with 100% License Compliance - We utilize the newest industry-specific layout and design software, all with licensing to fit requirements, like Adobe InDesign, Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Additional Adobe plug-ins, CorelDraw and MS Word
  • Available 4 Page Layout Free Trial - If you are interested in getting started, we offer a 4-page layout free trial for new customers
  • Handling incompatibility issues between multiple platforms - Outsource2india can work with font-related incompatibility issues between Mac and PC platforms. In case the need is for producing designs in multiple platforms, we match fonts across system settings.
  • Regular Design and Data Backup - All data and design components are backed up regularly to avoid lost data or problems
  • FTP Upload and Download - We use secure file transfer protocol (FTP) for all uploads and downloads to keep your documents safe

Choose Outsource2india for Contemporary Magazine Layout Designing

At Outsource2india we have a set process in place which we adhere to and before initiating a project, we schedule a discussion with the client to gather project specifications and guidelines. For every magazine layout project, the team discusses requirements and understands the need. Our team members can match all service needs and as an organization, we adhere to strict ISO quality standards for all projects, ensuring the very best comes of the O2I fold.

Read our article on 5 Useful Tips for Magazine Design and Layout to get more information on how to design an appealing magazine layout.

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