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Outsource Magazine Layout Services

Magazine Layout Services

In the publishing industry, layout and editing are integral to producing a professional finished product. Visually appealing layout and design ensures the magazine attracts attention on the newsstand, website, or bookstore wherever it is displayed. As magazines move to outsourcing layout and new digital magazines crop up with increased frequency, magazine layout services are in high demand. For those companies that choose to outsource magazine layout, Outsource2india offers a comprehensive suite of services backed by more than 18 years of experience in the industry. Our team fully understands the needs of each client we work with, and provides customized services to match at a high level of quality and reasonable prices.

Outsource2india (O2I) has been providing magazine layout services and other artwork related services to several companies located in USA, Canada, and other European countries. We design high-quality magazine layouts within a short project span of 24 hours. However, this might vary depending on the design complexity and other specifications provided by the client. Some of our services include -

  • Prepress Layout Designing
  • Typesetting and Formatting
  • Layout Designing
  • Book Layout Designing Services

Magazine Layout Services by Outsource2india

By outsourcing your magazine layout requirements to us, you can cut costs substantially and gain access to professional designs in a short time. Our unique magazine designs help you create a better brand image in the market. A good magazine design should have a blend of the following elements. Outsource2india's designers can efficiently combine these elements to create an ideal magazine layout.

  • Typography - From selection of the right typography to the placement and sizing on the page, our team will help get your message across precisely
  • Illustration - Our team of illustrators can accurately depict your subjects, create original illustrations, or convert hand drawings into high quality images for your magazine
  • Photography - If you need original photographs or edits to existing shots to fit the look and feel of your magazine, our team can help
  • Content - Whether you need complete, original content produced for your features, or captions and short segments produced to fill out your magazine, we have the expertise to help
  • White Space - Careful balance of white space is the key to successful magazine layout. Our team will help you ensure yours works as intended

Before starting a project, our team schedules a discussion with our client regarding project specifications and guidelines. We design magazine layouts as per the templates provided by the client. However, if we do not receive a template, our team designs new template layouts in order to meet the client's requirements. Our services can be utilized for creating and enhancing:

  • Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Newspapers
  • Textbooks
  • Annual reports
  • Technical manuals
  • Books
  • e-books
  • Business reports

Our Approach Towards Magazine Layout Services

We offer magazine layout services to various publishing / MarCom (Marketing Communications) companies, where our clients expect us to create magazine layouts from templates provided by them. Our designers can take your templates and convert them into attractive and appealing magazine layouts. We also provide customized magazine layout design services to contract publishers as well. Our team can work on various file formats such as MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, etc. and deliver the files in the format desired by the client.

To start each project, our team will discuss the requirements with the client to ensure we fully understand your needs and match services to fit them. With extensive experience in print and graphic design and related fields, our team members can match all of your service needs. We adhere to strict ISO quality standards for all projects as well, ensuring you get the very best when you work with Outsource2india.

To ensure our team provides you with the best possible services, we have top of the line infrastructure for every member of the team. This means high-end computers with high-resolution flat screen monitors, access to software including Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, and QuarkXPress. Additionally, the team is regularly trained in the use of new software and updates to the above platforms to ensure the best knowledge in the industry, either on a Mac or Windows PC machine.

Magazine Layout Workflow

Customer Uploads File to FTP

Customer uploads the file to a secure FTP

Downloading File & checking required Input

Our supervisor downloads the file and checks if all the required inputs are present

Task is assigned to Designer

Then, the job is allocated to a designer

Quality check after the Design

The supervisor does a quality check after the design is created

PDF file sent to Customer for Approval

A low resolution PDF file of the design is sent to customer for approval

Corrections and Refinements are Carried Out

Corrections and refinements are carried out, if any

Final Files are Uploaded to FTP for Customer to Download

The final approved files are uploaded to a secure FTP for the customer to download

Benefit by Outsourcing Magazine Layout Designing to Us

  • 99% SLA Adherence - We strive for exceptional quality levels with 99% adherence and quality match to service level agreements
  • Highly Trained and Experienced Artwork Professionals - Our team has years of experience across the platforms, design, components, and projects we work on
  • 12-24 Hour Turnaround Time - The time difference allows our team to work between client work hours to deliver faster turnaround on many projects
  • Reduce Costs by up to 50% via Infrastructure - Reduce your costs by avoiding investment in costly infrastructure when you work with our team
  • Industry-Specific Software with 100% License Compliance - We utilize the newest industry-specific layout and design software, all with licensing to fit requirements, like Adobe InDesign, Quark Xpress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Additional Adobe plug-ins, CorelDraw and MS Word
  • Available 4 Page Layout Free Trial - If you are interested in getting started, we offer a 4-page layout free trial for new customers
  • Work with Font Incompatibility between Mac and PC - If producing for multiple platforms, we can match fonts across system settings
  • Regular Design and Data Backup - All data and design components are backed up regularly to avoid lost data or problems
  • FTP Upload and Download - We use secure file transfer protocol (FTP) for all uploads and downloads to keep your documents safe

Read our article on 5 Useful Tips for Magazine Design and Layout to get more information on how to design an appealing magazine layout.

Contact us to outsource magazine layout / artwork services. We will get in touch with you to understand your requirements within the next 24 hours.

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