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Scientific Writing Services

Outsource Scientific Writing Services

Get high-quality scientific content with complete excerpts developed with founding ideas and established research data by subject matter experts at rates starting at $10 per hour

Outsource2india has over 25 years of experience in scientific writing services. Our scientific writing services is committed to the objective of disseminating scientific research information to various audiences. We specialize in both descriptive and analytic scientific writing. As a leading scientific writing services providing company we work on previous research survey, describing current methodologies in details; and analyzing the relevance and implications of research findings along with trends.

Our scientific writing services is driven by experts with enormous experience in writing scientific thesis and research papers. Our authors' present facts only if it is backed by evidence and use their knowledge and judgment to establish careful reasoning. Besides, they have sharp command over writing skills which helps them present things in a persuasive and engaging way. We have developed a writing process that follows a format to present information in the right context and flow.

Scientific Writing Services We Offer

Our wide range of scientific writing services entails the following -

  1. Review Scientific Articles

    With this kind of writing we summarize and synthesize research that has been carried out on a particular scientific topic. While reviewing articles we focus on important findings in the topics. At the same time we do a critical analysis of the research to identify gaps in the research. While evaluating the research we focus on what the studies reveal and the primary methodologies and experimentation used to arrive at a conclusion.

  2. Research Proposal

    This scientific writing service is aimed at convincing the target scientific audience that a particular problem requires further investigation and if explored may lead to effective results. We have expertise in writing several research proposal each of which throws light on the significance of the problem, the benefits of the proposed research methods, how the results will contribute towards solving the problem, and how far research will help in discovering more about the problem.

  3. Research Paper/Lab Report

    With this writing service we establish the results of primary research in a particular field which has been arrived at through theoretical study or experimentation. We ensure both research and lab reports, are presented in analytical, factual, descriptive and convincing manner. Besides highlighting the details of the research the writing attempts to persuade readers of the criticality of the research and its contribution in furthering knowledge in the field.

  4. Original Scientific Writing

    With this service we assist scientists in penning down their research study. We come into the picture only after scientists conduct a research on a particular topic through experiments, observations, and surveys and sit down to jot down their findings. Our vast experience in original research writing or the lab work spares the scientist the trouble of jotting the findings in the right scientific format, and in a language comprehensible by one and all. With our services, scientific organizations take care of all the nuances of writing and presentation.

  5. Editing Scientific Writings

    Our editing services aims to make scientific write ups more presentable and accurate. Our scientific writers have the observation, comprehension, editing and proof reading skills to make scientific writing accurate and engaging. In addition, they specialize in all the required writing patterns to submit a plagiarism free content in the format desired by the clients. Our editing services are delivered by scientific writers with minimum 5 years of experience in scientific writing.

  6. Case Report Writing

    This is a kind of health science writing for physicians. A healthcare practitioner has to deal with several complicated cases during his period of service. Finding the right treatment for some of these cases were a big challenge. Our case writing services is dedicated to reporting the facts learnt from such cases. While on the one hand it establishes your command on the other it helps in enriching medical Science. Several practitioners have leveraged the expertise and skills of our scientific writers to write medical science case reports.

  7. Meta-analysis

    Meta-analysis is the statistical analysis of data on a particular topic procured from various studies and writing the gist to an overview of the result. We have a team of Meta analysts, who understand how to sift through statistics to understand facts and present the findings in writings in accurate and interesting ways. Our expert meta-analysis writers have been hired by several pharmaceutical agencies to write crisp, polished and original meta-analysis.

  8. Systematic Review

    A systematic review is the analysis of a clearly formulated question with the help of systematic and reproducible methods to critically analyze a relevant research. This type of writing is time-consuming and involves extensive research of all the available material on which the research question will be based. Our systemic review writers gain a complete understanding of the information to be used to create scientific review. Our specialized process entails to narrowing down the research question and making it manageable for micro research and thereafter a systematic review.

  9. Short Communication Writing

    Short communications is a precise way of communication carried out to highlight all the latest and significant improvements in present-day research. Our short communication report is generated and reported fast in order to disseminate information as fast as possible. Irrespective of the turnaround time, we make sure we deliver notes of the highest quality. Our scientific writers are very meticulous in writing effective short communication notes to fulfill a scientific purpose.

  10. Scientific Newsletter Writing

    We have wide experience in helping scientific organizations write newsletters for both internal and external clients. Our clients have leveraged our newsletter writing service to announce upcoming events and updates about an organization. Our writers take care to make the information informative and value-added. Our team of writers make sure that the writing for newsletter is short, simple, regular and establishes trust with your audience. Our services have helped our clients increase their newsletter circulation steadily.

Scientific Writing Process We Follow

We are a reputed scientific writing service provider and follow few well-defined steps towards to develop and deliver scientific writings. Our scientific writing service consists of the following steps -


01. Requirement Gathering to Identify the Point

We sit with researchers to collect the background information and identify the point they are driving at. In this stage, we focus on three elements the problem, the existing gap in comprehending the problem, and the best ways to fill in that gap. A proper understanding of this helps our writers to know how to convince readers of the problem and effectiveness of the solution.


02. Organize Thoughts in a Logical Manner

After acquiring the required background knowledge we determine the pathway to explain a hypothesis. Our team of writers sit together to understand the context and develop the correct background to increase reading appeal. We brainstorm to provide sufficient context to communicate the inquiry and experimental findings. We also identify the extraneous information that can be eliminated.


03. Dedicate a Writing Team

Once all the cobwebs are cleared and a writing pathway is finalized, we create a team of writers for the project and explain the requirements. We train the team to get a proper understanding of the subject matter, then do a thorough review of the available material provide them with the research manuscript developed in the preceding stage so that they get a direction. The research manuscripts ensures they are always on track.


04. Quality Check

After the completion of each chapter a quality check is carried out to ensure all the quality parameters are met. Experts look for the context as per the manuscript, and the build and flow of the logic. Besides we also look into the rationale behind each paragraphs, the transitions between sections and paragraphs. At every step we make sure that the write up connects with the audience the way it does with the experts.


05. Proof Read and Delivery

Once the write up and edit is completed, a final read is undertaken to identify slip ups. Our experts carry out a proof read check to provide objectivity, check spelling and word usage, check punctuation and add value to your business. We look into chapter, page, and section numbers, ensure consistent and accurate styles of punctuation, hyphenation and capitalization, check footnotes or endnotes, check or insert page cross-references in the text, etc.

Why Outsource Scientific Writing Services to Outsource2india?

By outsourcing scientific writing services, your business stands derives the following benefits -

  • Cost-effective Solutions

    When you outsource scientific writing services to us, we make sure to offer you a custom quote so you can pick the service facets that are relevant and avoid paying or the complete suite which you may not need.

  • Expert Team

    We are driven by a team of highly trained writers with minimum 5 years of experience in scientific writing. Our authors have expertise in writing documents as per defined templates, ensure consistency of quality level, and actively participates during the planning, and coordination stage.

  • Professional Writing

    Our writers have the skills to write and present as people would want it to read. They write concisely, avoid filler words, provide clear descriptions, and use parallel construction to facilitate understanding. We help you meet the objective of publishing an interesting manuscript that encourages discussion that lead to questions and hypotheses.

  • Quality Output

    We have a tight and multi-level quality control processes in place which ensures that the final document meets all your internal requirements. We guarantee reader satisfaction besides ensuring it creates the necessary thought provoking impact.

  • Latest Technology

    We provide you with trained writers at a very low cost. We bank on the state-of-the-art writing and publishing software for rendering our services thereby eliminating the need to invest on software. Our large talent pool ensures you can scale up your needs as and when you need.

  • Quick Turnaround

    We work from different delivery centers around the world. Therefore we leverage the time zone advantage to guarantee quick turnaround times to our clients. While this helps us in recruiting and retaining the best talent, it at the same time guarantee you with the best output.

  • Data Security

    We employ the use of database monitoring gateways and application layer fire walls to prevent privilege abuse and vulnerability exploitation. At the onset of a project we sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure data privacy and security. The policy binds us to clear standards and guidelines.

  • One-Stop-solution

    We provide one-stop solution for all scientific writing needs. Be it writing, editing or proof reading, we specialize in all aspects. We support our clients with a project manager for their project. The project managers serve as a one stop contact for all project requirement. This ensures that the project delivery does not get delayed and all the changing or updated suggestions are incorporated. We work hand-in-hand with client to guarantee complete satisfaction.

  • Hands-on Experience with Scientific Writing Projects

    We have catered solutions to meet a wide variety of requirements for a range of clients across the industry spectrum. From scientific academic publishing to scientific articles for journals, from scientific literature to scientific method analysis, from science journalism to academic publishing we have all the necessary exposure to meet your exact needs.

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Outsource Scientific Writing Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india has over 25 years of experience in scientific writing services. Over the years we have catered to all types of scientific writing requirements and hence understand the scientific writing style guides and writing styles to meet every requirement. Our writers possess the skills for processing and analysis of scientific data of a wide profile, the presentation of research results in the simple and understandable format, and the development of the principles of commercialization of scientific research. While we write as per publishing body and client requirements, we comply with every guidelines in terms of content, format and structure.

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