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7 Video Editing Tips and Tricks to Make Your Videos Enjoyable

Video Editing Tips & Tricks

Video marketing has revolutionized the way things are marketed these days. An increasing number of companies are using video marketing to its maximum potential in their marketing strategies. Research data suggests that most businesses have seen a whopping 200-300% increase in click rate when their marketing e-mail is embedded with a video. Also, it is estimated that almost 50% of the people have seen at least one video over the course of one month and this number is always increasing.

Companies need to understand that people are willing to watch more marketing videos if they are relevant, attractive, and do not take too much time to get their point across. Companies need to think creatively to keep their customers glued to their devices and watch the videos. Therefore, it is advisable that video editors take a close look at various film editing techniques and learn some tips for editing videos before embarking on this journey.

Top 7 Professional Video Editing Tips & Tricks

Being a good video editor is not an easy task. There are a lot of things to be considered before actually sitting down to edit a video footage. A video editor needs to understand the different aspects of professional video editing and develop some of their own video editing techniques and tricks while editing videos. We have listed some of the top film editing tips & tricks which can help editors develop high-quality videos and give them a professional touch -

  1. Pick the Right Hardware

    Pick the Right Hardware

    Having access to a computer with fast processing power and a reliable graphics card will always be of great help when it comes to video editing. Though having a fast computer will not necessarily make you the best video editor, but it will definitely save you some time so you can focus on your video story rather than software technicalities and provide the viewers with an enjoyable experience. It is always advisable to get a fast storage device, increase the RAM of the system, and invest in faster processors with better video cards for your workstation.

  2. Pick the Right Video Editing Software

    Pick the Right Video Editing Software

    This is one of the most important points to be considered by a video editing team. They need to pick the right software before embarking on their video editing journey and creating an enjoyable experience for the viewers. There are tons of video editing tools available in the market today, but identifying the best one which complements your style and preferences is of utmost importance. Some of the most well-known software for video editing include Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, etc.

  3. Learn those Keyboard Shortcuts

    Learn those Keyboard Shortcuts

    One way to differentiate between a professional and an amateur video editor is to see the way they use the keyboard. Professional video editors have the knack of using the keyboard much more to perform almost all the operations in the video editing software. Using these keys will help you save a lot of time which can be invested in thinking of ways to make the video more interesting and eye catching. There are lot resources available online which can be an easy guide to learn these shortcuts which are specific to the video editing software you are using.

  4. Concentrate on Your Story

    Concentrate on Your Story

    Video editors are also better known as story tellers. As a video editor, it is important for you to understand that you are not just adding and deleting footages but have the responsibility of conveying a message across to the audience in as succinct a manner as possible. It is therefore necessary to keep the story in mind at all times while editing a film. Every transition, background sound, camera movement, the graphics, etc. need to contribute towards conveying the story across to the viewers and take them on an enjoyable journey.

  5. Learn Video Editing Terminology

    Learn Video Editing Terminology

    Video editing is now a multi-million dollar industry with numerous big and small players in the market vying for attention. It is important that video editors understand the fierce competition in the industry and gear up accordingly to compete with this. It is always good for your clients to know that you understand the latest video editing terminologies. This is pretty helpful when you are interacting with your customers or communicating with other video editors. Terms like J and L cut, jump cut, match cut, match action, montage, cutting on action, etc. must be a part of every video editor's vocabulary. This helps in mingling and sharing of ideas and makes the video more enjoyable.

  6. Good Music Heals Everything (Almost)

    Good Music Heals Everything (Almost)

    Good music can really help you to set the tone and mood for the entire video. It is of utmost necessity that to make a video enjoyable it must be complemented with some great tunes and background scores. It is always advisable to spend money on buying some great music and sounds to fit your video based on your budget. This helps to make your film more engrossing and appear alive to the viewers. Many musicians also give away their music royalty-free as well in lieu of recognition so do not forget to tap that market as well! Another aspect of adding music is to understand the exact leveling to be used for different kinds of sounds in the video.

  7. Export in the Right Format

    Export in the Right Format

    After video editing is complete the most important part is to save and export the edited video. Several things need to be considered before selecting the right format. Most editors concentrate on their films being screened on the big screen, but practically that is not the case. Most of the people these days watch videos on their phones. Therefore, factors such as codec, frame rate, resolution, bit rate, etc. needs to be taken into consideration while exporting the video. This allows the video to be played on different devices and screen sizes and provide the viewer with a great experience.

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