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Motion Graphics Design Services

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Get access to high-quality, creative, and high-end motion graphics design at prices starting at $10/hour

Are you looking to use motion graphics to communicate with your audience and add depth to your story? Do you wish to partner with a motion graphics design service provider that can add elements like music to your motion graphics? Are you looking to create high-quality animations together with text? If so, you are in the right place.

Outsource2india (O2I) can turn your script into the desired end-product and take it beyond. Whether you are a filmmaker, gaming designer, corporate house, or other entity, our motion graphics services team can handle your short animation films, cartoon films, logo animations, infographics, explainer videos, and typographical presentations with absolute professionalism. When you outsource motion graphics design to O2I, our motion graphics design team will give your ideas the right momentum and direction. Our team of motion graphics design artists turns your ideas into compelling stories and helps you economize on time, resources and talented manpower.

Motion Graphics Services We Offer

O2I is a leading motion graphics design services company and has a team of experienced motion graphics designers who are experts in all mediums and styles like vector, cartoons, semi realistic, and realistic. Our motion graphics design services are popular among film studios, animation companies, ad agencies, and corporate houses. We offer end-to-end motion graphics design services or individualized services. As part of our motion graphics design services, we have worked on explainer videos, TVCs, corporate films, infographics, typography, logo animations, and presentations to name a few.

The services we offer are -

  • Motion Graphics Services

    Motion Graphics Services

    Outsource2india offers end-to-end motion graphics services which include visuals, typography, and plain motion graphics. As a leading provider of motion graphics design services in India and abroad, our team has the experience to initiate motion graphics even with a simple script and arrive at the best user experience. After understanding the input, our motion graphic artists create a storyboard and transform it into engaging motion graphic content by creatively syncing visuals and audio.

  • Infographic Services

    Infographic Services

    Outsource2india's motion graphics design artists mix graphics in 3D or 2D animation or plain vector images with short text, voiceover, music, and sound to form compelling infographics. Whether it is launching a product or service, tutoring audiences on a specific subject, or with the intention to inspire, our team has the skills to create enthralling experiences for viewers.

  • Typographical Services

    Typographical Services

    Outsource2india has a team of artists with the skills and expertise in typography and titling. Depending on the script and motion graphics, our team works on typographical animation, bringing the right look and feel, character, and readability to the communication while keeping the overall theme in perspective.

  • Special Effects Addition

    Special Effects Addition

    As a top motion graphics design services providing company, we can effectively and efficiently add just the kind of special effects into the motion graphics that you require. We provide services right from concept design to providing advanced 3D animation services. With us by your side, you can easily add sophisticated special effects to your motion graphics.

  • 3D Animation

    3D Animation

    We have experience and expertise in using 3D models and animation to more effectively demonstrate concepts or to show details of products in a way that is not possible with traditional photography and video. With our 3D modelling and animation services, you have almost unlimited options for communicating your idea/concept.

  • Product Modeling and Design Services

    Product Modeling and Design Services

    With us by your side, you have access to advanced 3D product designs, right from simple goods to more complex products that have a lot of details. Our 3D modelers and designers know just how to bring your product to life in photorealistic detail. We use advanced software to model and render your products in amazing detail that is sure to leave a lasting positive impression in the minds of your audience.

Motion Graphic Process We Follow

Outsource2india understands the need for motions graphics services in the market. Our talented and experienced team of artists follow tried and tested processes that undergo constant improvisation to incorporate the latest techniques and technology in motion graphics.

Our process is as follows -

1. Comprehend Motion Graphics Need

Get clarity on script and graphic content

2. Rough Animatics

Rough storyboard of movement depicting motion graphics and timing

3. Approve Animatics

Get feedback, make required changes

4. Execute Motion Graphics

Make changes based on client feedback for final

5. Render Final Images

Create outputs that are ready-for-use files based on requirement and handover to client

Software Used for Motion Graphic Services

We have a team of versatile creative artists who can work on visuals, graphics, sound, and typography, creating compelling motion graphics. Our motion graphics design team has worked on documentaries, films, VFX, TV commercials, product / corporate videos, product visualization, architectural and interior design visualization & walkthroughs, engineering animation, short & long form animated projects, and 3D/2D games.

The software our motion graphics design team uses include -

3ds Max Adobe After Effects Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere Maya

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Motion Graphics Design Services to O2I?

Outsourcing motion graphics design services to us provides you with many benefits that you can take full advantage of. These include -

  • Competitive Pricing

    Outsource2india undertakes motion graphics projects of any volume - our flexible pricing structure is designed to suit multiple budgets and we ensure every penny invested is completely worth it.

  • Creative Graphics Team

    Outsource2india's has a technically sound team and includes artists from various creative backgrounds with a passion for detail. Our motion graphics team can mix different mediums together to bring life to any form of communication.

  • End-to-end Focus

    Outsource2india's motion graphics team works closely with the client and discusses the project with the client's art and creative team. Post the discussion, team O2I initiates a storyboard and delivers the motion graphics based on the brief.

  • Eye for Detail

    Outsource2india's team spends quality time to understand the finer nuances of projects from the client's perspective. Every project is precisely detailed, and a storyboard is made for the client to approve. Projects are handled by skilled project managers who oversee the proper execution of the project.

  • Precise Scheduling

    Outsource2india has multiple delivery centers which enable delivery of projects on time. Clients are intimated regularly on the status of the project. Depending on priority of the client, team O2I can deliver projects overnight.

  • Ready Availability

    Outsource2india has a strong support system and can be reached 24/6. With openness to suggestions and feedback, our motion graphics designers are committed to offering the best and to exceed expectations.

  • Secure Environment

    Outsource2india has proper quality control processes in place and we follow stringent data security and privacy policies using the best security firewalls. Safeguarding the projects and regular back-up of files is also performed.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Prepress and Vector Artwork to a Dublin-based Client

Outsource2india Provided Prepress and Vector Artwork to a Client in Dublin

A leading Dublin-based client required reliable prepress and vector artwork services. Our team provided the services quickly.

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O2I Provided Live Video Editing to a Swedish Film Production House

Outsource2india Delivered Live Video Editing to a Film Production House in Sweden

A leading film production house based in Sweden required reliable and cost-effective live video editing services. We provided the services within a quick time.

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Outsource Motion Graphics Design Services to O2I


Thanks for your quick turnaround time and attention to detail. Our Australian ad agency greatly appreciates your hard work.

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Outsource2india's motion graphics design services bring together various design components, from 2D and 3D graphical elements to special effects, typography, and moving graphics design. The team uses all the possible techniques to effectively create projects that enhance the product and brand value of our clients. We also provide other sub services such as video cropping services, video trimming services, real estate drone video editing, holiday video editing, and more.

So, if you are looking for high-quality and cost-effective motion graphics design services to enhance your communication, contact us.

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Motion Graphic Services FAQs

  • What are motion graphics for?

    Motion graphics are used when there is no need for storytelling and is useful for illustrating a point and emphasizing a message that you want to convey effectively.

  • What is the difference between animation and motion graphics?

    Motion graphics describes a moving or animated graphic design while an animation is a bigger umbrella term that describes the entire moving imagery domain.