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Creative Artwork Services Provided to a Leading Investment Firm

The Customer

A leading firm involved in the finance and investment business in Ireland, with offshoots in several European cities.

The Requirement

The customer regularly required voluminous amounts of high quality creative artwork, to cater to its communications and other presentation needs. These included artwork for brochures, financial reports and corporate presentations.

The Problem

For its entire gamut of creative essentials, the customer used a single branded template, which formed the framework for every piece of artwork that the customer needed and sourced.

Up until now, the company had been sourcing its artwork needs from multiple vendors in different places. For example, it would obtain the design from one dealer, the written work from another, while a third vendor would execute the final piece and so on. As a result, the quality of the finished design would suffer - not only due to mediocre work by individual vendors, but also due to poor coordination between them.

The Challenge

The customer was on the lookout for a one-point solution to its artwork needs - essentially a company that is capable of executing complete artwork projects under one roof.

How We Did It

Having provided artwork services for years together, we have a definite edge as a ’single source’ of delivery for all the creative artwork needs of all our customers. Our customer had never availed of our services before, so we provided a free trial initially. The company was so pleased with our work that they immediately decided to collaborate with us for their entire artwork service requirements. With just one free trial we had effectively become the customer’s preferred and comprehensive artwork partner!

We followed a robust process to execute this project. Following were the stages in which we catered to the requirements of our customer:

Selection: After the agreement to work together, the customer visited our office, surveyed the individual capabilities of our creative team and selected artwork professionals best suited to their needs.

Training and Work: Post selection, the chosen professionals underwent training provided by the customer. We now have six dedicated professionals in our team who work with the customer in the customer’s own time zone.

Delivery and Rates: We work for the customer in real time. As such, there is no stipulated delivery time. We operate a virtual studio dedicated to the customer’s artwork needs and we function exactly like the company’s own artwork department. As and when the customer comes to us with a requirement, we start working on it immediately and then provide the service in the minimum time possible. And yes, our rates offered to the customer are highly competitive.

Customer Benefits

Providing real-time services made a positive impact on the customer’s business. We also have an in-house project management tool, which has proved to be very useful to us in the past. The customer appreciated our suggestion to use the tool for managing the artwork projects that we work on. With the use of this tool, we now work more efficiently towards our customer’s needs.

The customer has no complaints at all. In fact, we have been much appreciated for our attention to detail and the high quality of our work. In a nutshell, another satisfied customer!

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