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8 Tips to Edit Drone Videos Flawlessly

Drone Video Editing Tips

Drone videography has gained tremendous popularity among the marketing teams of various companies. More and more companies are using drone videos to develop top quality videos for their marketing purposes. Drone videos have proved to be extremely beneficial especially for the real estate companies to showcase their properties in the best possible light. Due to this, the demand for drone video editing has increased in an exponential manner, and today numerous companies are providing top quality aerial video editing services.

With more and more people entering the field of drones, it is quite common now to see drone footages from around the world. Drones have become very accessible to the people now. Flying the drone for fun is just one side, but shooting and creating a professional video is a completely different story. In this article, we have listed some of the basic drone video editing tips & tricks which will help you to capture and edit drone videos in a flawless manner.

Top 8 Tips to Edit Drone Videos Professionally

With more and more players entering the field of drone video editing, it is important that people understand the intricacies involved in this art form. The competition is fierce in this domain, and hence one must produce flawless videos to stay ahead in the competition. We have listed some of the handy tips below, which can help you flawlessly edit your drone videos -

  1. Plan the Movements

    It all begins with the shoot. It is important that you perfectly plan the way you want to shoot your video. It is always good to have a couple of practice runs before you shoot the actual video. The video must be shot always keeping the editing workflow in mind. It is good to visualize your shots beforehand and then have a rough sketch ready on how you will fly the drone and capture high-quality video.

  2. Prepare a Pre-flight Checklist

    It is necessary to make a pre-flight checklist before you get your drone in the air. Preparation is the key to success. The drone needs to be checked if -

    • There are any loose components
    • The camera is fitted properly
    • The battery is fully charged
    • The drone is calibrated
    • The SD-card has been inserted
    • The camera is turned on and appropriate settings are on
    • The nearby are is scanned, etc.
  3. Shoot Long and Steady Shots

    It is important that drone starts off slowly and does not rush to reach great heights. It is always good to shoot long shots with the drone being as steady as possible. This is necessary when you are editing the videos. It rather gets difficult to edit videos which are constantly switching angles and speeds.

  4. Convert File through GoPro Studio

    The original GoPro video will be stored on the SD card in the compressed form. This compressed version of the file may not run smoothly on the computer. These files need to be decompressed before using them to create flawless videos. Decompressing the file allows the computer to play the video file smoothly without any disturbances.

  5. Shoot in High Quality

    It is always advisable to shoot the video in a high-quality format with a high frame rate. These videos may take up more storage space but prove to be extremely helpful and easy while editing. High-quality videos can be tweaked in the required manner and turned into a professional looking video.

  6. Stabilize the Footage

    Video editing software such as Adobe Premiere have the require settings to stabilize videos from the drone. The "warp stabilizer" can be used to stabilize the required video frame. This may take some time to analyze the clip but then will automatically stabilize the video frame.

  7. Correct Lens Distortion

    Commonly known as fisheye removal, this is an important step while editing raw drone videos and transforming those into highly professional videos. Most software have the inbuilt setting to remove the lens distortion from the videos as this is one of the common problems while shooting using a drone camera.

  8. Exporting the Video

    When you are done with the necessary video editing, the most important part is exporting the video in the most suitable format. It is advisable to export the video in the H.264 format, as this format is compliant with all online hosting sites and most of the devices. Also selecting the preset to "YouTube 1080p HD" will help to strike a good balance between video quality and the file size.

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