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Case Study on Effective Photo Retouching Services to UK-based Client

O2I Helped a UK-based Client Reduce 50% Costs with Stunning Image Retouching Services

The Client

The client has a sterling presence as a photography company. They specialize in wedding photography. Also, they delve into portraits, private events, and commercial projects. Despite a rigorous schedule of at least 2-3 weekly shoots, the client wanted to stay competitive and provide shorter TATs to their customers.

The Requirement

What the client needed was a flexible business partner who would support scalability and take the post-production chores off their hands. It would help the client achieve their business goals and expand their customer base without exceeding their budget.

The Challenges

Prior to contacting us, the client had partnered with several other vendors. Unfortunately, those tie-ups did not lead to an unforgettable outsourcing experience. If anything, the client was dissatisfied with the culling and the overall quality of the outputs. The client had briefly considered hiring and training resources in-house, but this solution was far from cost-effective.

Our Solution

During the briefing phase, we took the time to understand the client's business, struggles, objectives, and requirements. It was clear that the client needed an expert editor to work on Wedding catalogue using Adobe PhotoshopCC and Lightroom.

Our Strategic Approach

We onboarded the client for image culling and basic-to-advanced image retouching. For each task, we allocated dedicated resources with years of experience. We customized the editing workflow to meet the quality expectations from the client and at the same time ensuring quick TAT. We helped the client cut his overheads without having to invest in infrastructure / additional resources and become extremely competitive interms of Pricing and TAT.

Tools & Software Used for This Project

Adobe Photoshop CC & Adobe Lightroom

The Business Impact We Delivered

 50% reduction in operating costs
 12 to 18 hour's turnaround time
 Greater customer satisfaction

The Final Outcome

The client was beyond happy with our services. Due to this partnership, the client could deliver better value to their end users. Our revenue from the client increased four times within a short span.

Outsource Image Retouching Services to O2I

To AI or not to AI, is that train of thought keeping you awake at night? At O2I, we believe we have the perfect solution. We allocated dedicated and skilled editors to perform complex photo retouching chores. Our skilled editors have the know-how to decide when using AI is productive vs. counterproductive. We bring the best mix of technology and manpower to help achieve your business goals and deliver more value to your clients! Contact us today for a free trial of our services.

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