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Rotoscoping Services

Rotoscoping Services

Avail innovative rotoscoping outsourcing services starting at just $10 per hour at Outsource2india!

As animation finds widespread application across various industry sectors, it is important to convey your ideas laced with immersive visual elements to entice your target audience. Our premium rotoscoping animation services can help you transform average videos into a creative mix of animation and reality. At Outsource2india, we specialize in VFX rotoscoping services. Our skilled and experienced rotoscoping 3D animation artists have helped many businesses and individual filmmakers to create powerful motion films.

We have skilled VFX artists who process your simple videos and transform it into breathtaking shots. With years of experience in VFX rotoscoping, our specialists can extract video elements and characters of your choice and place it in the scenes you want. By partnering with Outsource2india, you can minimize the boil and get customized rotoscoping animation services to produce exceptional videos that serve your purpose.

Rotoscoping Services We Offer

Animators at Outsource2india use different techniques such as onion skinning, morphing, rotoscoping etc. to create stunning animations. Following are some of the top rotoscoping animation services we offer -

  • Effects Painting

    Effects Painting

    Being a rotoscoping outsourcing company, we have a team of rotoscoping artists who add effects to scenes using the latest automation tools or frame-by-frame, to generate elaborate particle effect.

  • Cloning & Touch-Ups

    Cloning & Touch-Ups

    We touch up video footages and films to remove scratches, logos, wires, rigs, and dust, while focusing on spatial and temporal cloning.

  • Stereo Conversion

    Stereo Conversion

    Our rotoscoping VFX outsourcing also entails isolating elements within mono-shot sequences, we carry out stereo conversion to produce depth maps. This serves as another virtual camera that enables stereo parallax.

  • Matte Creation

    Matte Creation

    By outsourcing rotoscoping services to us you can also avail matte creation. Here, we create holdout mattes using rotosplining, mask overlay, and extraction, which produce outstanding effects.

  • Stereo Workflow

    Stereo Workflow

    Using stereo workflow, we flawlessly integrate the elements shot on two different cameras to create a final product, where the elements of two different footages seamlessly integrate to enable comfortable viewing.

  • Motion Tracking

    Motion Tracking

    We digitize the movement of an object or a subject using advanced motion tracking tools that help you create superior videos that are enticing.

  • Photoshop Rotoscope Animation

    Photoshop Rotoscope Animation

    Our rotoscoping animation services also include photoshop, graphic retouching, DTP - newspaper and magazine layout adjustments, video editing, wedding video editing, real estate video editing, events and Go-Pro videos editing.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Choose Outsource2india for Your Rotoscoping Needs?

Besides exceptional creativity and quality, you can also be assured of quicker turnaround and reasonable pricing when you partner with us. A professional rotoscoping company like ours offers benefits such as -

  • Shorter Turnaround Time

    At Outsource2india, we have highly qualified animators who ensure that the best results are delivered at the shortest turnaround time.

  • Skilled & Experienced Technical Team

    We have a team of skilled professionals who carry years of relevant experience and are passionate about providing you with nothing but the best.

  • Extended Operational Support

    Our rotoscoping services come with backup and business continuity plans to ensure that your projects are completed on time, every time, even in case of sudden disruptions, such as natural calamities, pandemic, etc.

  • Higher Cost Efficiency

    With a team of expert resources, we can help you estimate the cost and provide you with flexible billing options for all your rotoscoping needs. We can also schedule pilot projects to help you make cost estimations.

  • Uncompromised Data Security

    We use secure platforms and servers to download all your video footages. After completion, we send it back to you through these secure channels to prevent any kind of data breach and security glitches.

Client Case Studies

O2I Provided High-quality Rotoscoping Services to a Leading South Asian Media Production Firm

Outsource2india Provided High-quality Rotoscoping Services to a Leading South Asian Media Production Firm

Learn how O2I's rotoscoping professionals provided exclusive rotoscoping solutions at a cost-effective rate that helped the client save 50% cost.

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O2I Provided Creative Artwork Services to a Leading Investment Firm

Creative Artwork Services

A leading investment firm in Ireland was looking for comprehensive creative artwork services under one roof. We won the trust of the customer with our initial free sample and since then there has been no looking back. We now function as the customer's virtual studio.

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The quality of Artwork delivered during the trial period was exceptional and that helped us to decide on our new Outsourced Partner from a couple of quotes from companies across the globe.

Director - Operations, Leading pharmaceutical company in Netherlands More Testimonials »

Outsource Rotoscoping Services to O2I

Outsource2india has 23 years of experience in offering a range of sensational animation services including rotoscopy services to a global clientele, ranging from small and mid-sized firms to large fortune 1000 companies. Our teams of skilled and experienced technical staff coupled with our well-equipped global data centers help us cater to even the most challenging rotoscoping projects. We can also work as an extension of your team.

Partner with us to create next level videos that redefine quality and innovation!

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