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Rotoscoping Services

Rotoscoping Services

Animation has found widespread application in today's world. It is easier to convey ideas, especially when laced with immersive visual elements. Rotoscoping makes all that possible because it turns an otherwise ordinary footage into a creative mix of animation and reality. At Outsource2india, we specialize in rotoscoping services, one the oldest 2D animation techniques still in use today. Many businesses and individual filmmakers outsource rotoscoping services to us because we have the right qualifications to help you create powerful motion films.

The film and animation industry has come a long way from the 2D animation that began a century ago till the present times where heaps of innovation has led to an advanced level of integration between animated graphics and real footage. Since rotoscoping is an older form of animation technique, you will require a third-party outsourcing provider with the right expertise to process your videos, and we are the answer to that. O2I is the top provider of rotoscoping services in India readily delivering rotoscoping services to many global clients.

Rotoscoping Services We Offer

Animators at Outsource2india use different techniques such as onion skinning, morphing, rotoscoping etc. to create stunning animations. Whether you need hard or motion blur mattes, nuke or silhouette splines, we've got you covered from the tiniest detail. Other specific services we provide include visual effects, 3D conversion (stereoscopic), matte painting and more.

Top features of our customized rotoscoping services include -

  • At Outsource2india, we have highly qualified animators who ensure that the best results are delivered at the shortest turnaround time
  • The timeline may vary depending on project specifications and client requirements
  • We extract and place your characters and other video elements within the scenes you choose so that you can see your vision in action, completely customized
  • We work towards high-quality imaging that visually satisfies our clients
  • We go the extra mile and give you more with regards to creativity

Outsource2india's Rotoscoping Services Process Flow

Before we offer the rotoscoping service, we take some steps to ensure that customers can observe and understand the developments in every stage of our workflow. In the long run, it helps us deliver better services while customers can confidently trust our services. From setting goals to finalizing the results the process is as follows -


When you approach us with a set of objectives, we begin by understanding the initial script and concept.


Next we gradually detail out the basic sketch of sequence and characters.


The pre-agreed concept will then be used by the animators to develop a complete storyboard.


Our team of animators will create 2D animations.


For live action videos, where the entire action happens on a green screen, we cut out the figures and do the frames as required


We send you a 5-second sample video or any duration agreed on with you for a review


If you require any edits, we carry them out for you at this stage.


The final files are sent to you for your approval.

Our Core Rotoscoping Process Includes the Following Steps

Outsourcing rotoscoping services to us can assuredly offer huge benefits. Here is an in-depth breakdown of the process from studying the footage and layering them with rotoscope animation until the addition of keyframes.

  • We study the footage before we start rotoscoping to check if there are changes in direction. We check to see if parts of the subject are obscured, and if there are camera shakes that could be stabilized to make rotoscoping process easier. It also helps determining the timeframe for the project and the best way to implement rotoscoping
  • Our rotoscoping artists will trace an object using a set of tools within the compositing software to create a new alpha channel for a specific part of an image sequence or video
  • As footage taken directly from a camera has no alpha data, the roto artist will need to manually create that alpha by tracing over the elements within the video
  • Our rotoscoping artists create different shapes around an object and animate those shapes to match the movement on each frame
  • We use a minimal amount of points and only what is needed to trace the subject
  • If a matte's outline changes over several frames, it can give it a jittery look when played back, and it's much harder to keep track of all the points. Finding the most complex shape that the subject is in and outlining that initially is important
  • If the object or person is a complicated shape, we do not use one shape for the entire subject. We use separate different limbs, fingers, etc., into different sub-shapes
  • We use fewer keyframes as possible. Our artists' animate the rotoscope to follow the movement of the subject in the footage, we do not need to create a new keyframe for every frame
  • We take the frames where the most movement occurs, and adjust them accordingly
  • If the outline does not follow the subject, we add another keyframe to make that adjustment

Outsource Rotoscoping Services to O2I

Outsource2india has 23 years of experience in creative design and animation services. Ours is an ISO-certified global outsourcing company with clients ranging from small and mid firms to large fortune 1000 companies. Our servicing teams which include artists and designers are well-experienced and qualified to carry out rotoscoping projects. With well-equipped global data centres, we are confident to carry out even the most challenging projects. We can also work as an extension of your team. Our services are not only customizable but also cost-efficient.

Get in touch with us to outsource your projects which require rotoscoping. We assure to provide a FREE quote in 24-hours.

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