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Outsource MP4 Video Editing Services

MP4 Video Editing

When you watch a video on the web or on your mobile phone, the odds are pretty good that you are using the MP4 video format. MP4 is the short form of MPEG-4 Part 14 which is a standard developed by Motion Pictures Expert Group which is responsible for creating industry standards for digital video and audio. Today, MP4 is commonly used video format for sharing content on the Web, and promises great quality in a smaller file size.

The size of MP4 files is relatively small but even after compression the quality of the video is maintained. This video format is gaining more popularity than other video formats as it is easily compatible with both mobile and online browsers and is also supported by new HTML5 browsers. Outsource2india's team of video editors understands the various benefits of this format and excels at providing high-quality MP4 video editing services.

Our MP4 Video Editing Services

Outsource2india, a leading video editing service provider, has been providing professional MP4 video editing services for about 25 years now. Our team understands the video format very well and knows how it can be tweaked around to get the desired results. Some of the services we offer include -

  • Basic MP4 Video Editing

    It is important that the basic editing of the video is strong and maintains a professional look throughout. We provide basic services such as merging videos, standardizing formats, sequencing footages, removing unwanted content, etc.

  • MP4 Video Effects and Transitions

    Our team specializes in providing different kinds of effects and transitions to the MP4 video. These include special effects, creative tilting and zooming, voice-overs, animations, etc.

  • MP4 Video Stabilization

    When a video is taken by a handheld camera or a mobile phone, it can encounter a lot of shake and movements. Our expert video editors are skilled in editing the video in such a way that these random camera movements are nullified in the final video.

  • MP4 Audio Integration

    Adding audio to an MP4 video makes it more appealing and attractive for people to watch it. We provide audio integration services such as adding background sounds, noise reduction, and dialogue mastering.

  • MP4 Video Subtitling

    Our video editors excel at subtitling of videos and setting the accurate timings. We work with a dedicated team of language translators who write the subtitles in various languages.

Benefits of Using the MP4 Format

MP4 has been the preferred format by most of the consumers mainly because of the versatility and the benefits it offers to the users. Some of the benefits of using the MP4 video format include -

  • Video Sharing is Easy

    This format allows one to view and enjoy all kinds of movie clips including amateur and professional. These files can be stored on the hard disk and shared with others via email. Websites which make use of streaming applications also allow sending a copy of the video via email.

  • Allows Streaming over the Internet

    This video format allows direct streaming from the internet and hence it can be downloaded as well as watched in real-time as it downloads.

  • Players Capable of Playing Lower MP Versions

    MP4 players are capable of playing even the lower versions of the format such as MPEG and MP3 audio files. The MP3 format does not actually exist and is the file extension used.

  • Supported by Various Video Players

    These files are supported by different video players and devices like iPhones, iPods, iTunes, Media Player, MPlayer, VLC Media Player, KMPlayer, Windows Media Player, etc.

  • Video Quality is not Affected

    The quality of the video does not get affected even for smaller sized files when they are converted to MP4. Most of the converters come with the additional features which improve the video quality to a great extent.

  • Ability to Store Data Types

    This video format has the ability to store different data types other than video and audio like object descriptors, MPEG features, and other object oriented file structures. A separate hint track is used in this video format to encode the streaming information.

MP4 Video Editing Software We Use

Finding the right software for professional MP4 video editing can be a difficult job. Our team has been trained to use various MP4 video editing software to deliver high-quality edited videos. Some of them include -

  1. Windows Movie Maker

    Windows Movie MakerIf a video editor wants to edit a video without using much of the system's resources, then Windows Movie Maker is the ideal video editing software. Windows Movie Maker is used to add tracks to the video, add simple animations and special effects and export the video into a Windows-compatible video format.

  2. iMovie

    iMovieOne of the most popular video editing software used in the Macintosh devices by Apple. This software helps you edit videos while using any of the iOS devices. Some of the key features include drag-and-drop editing, timeline based editing, etc. while featuring expansive transitions and animations.

  3. Avidemux

    AvidemuxThis software is a small but very powerful open source video editor which helps to cut video clips, combines them, and changes the effects using a wide range of filters. There are a lot of effects which can be added to create a video just as you imagined.

  4. Lightworks

    LIGHTWORKSThis video editing tool is the only software which does not have support for OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Some of the key features include multi-cam editing, support for background I/O, special keyboard to enhance video editing along with a wide range of real-time special effects which are used for professional video editing.

  5. VSDC Video Editor

    VSDC Video EditorThis video editing software provides different filters, animations, transitions, drawing and selection tools, audio effects, etc. Once the editing is complete the output can be chosen which is compatible with different devices including game consoles and smart phones.

  6. iFastime Video Converter

    iFastime Video ConverterThis is a professional MP4 editor which can meet your needs of editing MP4 videos and MP4 video customizing which provides split, merge, trim, crop, add watermark, adjust video effect, edit audio and insert subtitles.

Why Choose Outsource2india for MP4 Video Editing Services?

As a well-known video editing service provider we provide a series of benefits to our clients. We pay extreme attention to detailing and are committed to providing superior quality. Our key differentiators include -

  • Our dedicated video editors are graduates from premier institutes and are well-trained in using various video editing tools and technologies
  • We are known for providing highly accurate (98%) MP4 video editing services
  • We adhere to strict ISO guidelines and ensure that we deliver the results within the given budget and turnaround time
  • We follow strict security procedures while handling client data and ensure that your videos are not published by any third-party
  • We provided customized pricing options to clients to choose from according to their requirement
  • We provide high-quality edited videos within a quick turnaround time

Hire the Best MP4 Video Editors at Outsource2india

MP4 is turning out to be the most popular video format in today's world. More and more people are developing videos in this format as it provides so many benefits and in spite of compression the quality of the video is kept intact. Our team of highly experienced video editors has been in the video editing services domain for over 25 years now. Outsourcing your video editing requirements to us, you can be assured that your content is in safe hands.

If you have any video editing for MP4 requirement or are looking for MP4 video editors, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.

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