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10 Quick and Effective Video Editing Tools for Businesses

Quick & Effective Video Editing Tools

With the human mind's attention span on a rapid decline these days, marketers hardly get any time to engage their customers with relevant content. Video is one of the new and smart ways to convey the message to your customers within a short time. It is surprising to know that a staggering 6 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every month.

Video has become one of the most crucial components of business to business marketing. It's a great way to tell your story, show the human side of your business and communicate highly complex ideas in an easy to digest manner. New findings reveal that 96% of B2B companies use video content in their marketing and about 73% claimed that it has yielded positive results in terms of return on investment.

10 Quick and Effective Video Editing Tools for Businesses

Using a camera and recording a video with a brilliant prose of text does not always result in a compelling video. There are proven techniques and tools that can help make your videos engage, hold attention and impress the viewer. Here are easiest video editing tools for small businesses that can help you get started -

Final Cut Pro

1. Final Cut Pro This software is developed Apple Inc. and is quite popular among video editors. It has an impressive UI to start with along with some very handy keyboard shortcuts. One cannot import projects from the Final Cut version without using a third-party plugin. The latest version of the video editing tool is a consumer-friendly update of the pro-level Mac editor.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio

2. Sony Vegas Movie Studio This video editing software is actually the compressed version of Sony Vegas Pro and is used by many professional video editors in the industry. It has a pretty simple user interface with features such as adding text, transitions, video stabilization, special effect, etc. For video editors who do not have much time to spend on editing the video, this is an ideal tool.


3. Lightworks This video editing tool features a comprehensive package for aspiring movie makers and is available for OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Some of the key features include multi-cam editing, support for background I/O, special keyboard shortcuts to enhance video editing along with a wide range of real-time special effects which are used for professional video editing.

Pinnacle Studio

4. Pinnacle Studio This is a very popular video editing tool used primarily by Windows users and is the compressed version of the full-fledged video editing tool developed by the same company. It has some attractive features such as timeline-based editing, drag and drop editing of HD videos, free training, DVD authoring, adding songs and music, title and overlay creation, etc. and also comes with a wide range of transitions and special effects.

Corel VideoStudio

5. Corel VideoStudio This video editing software makes creative video editing an easy task for anyone running a 64-bit operating system. It is highly optimized to work on good rigs and computer setups, and the full-fledged version of the software has features such as multi-monitor support, stop-motion animation, variable speed in video editing, DSLR enlarged mode, etc.


6. iMovie iMovie is one of the most popular video editing software used in Macintosh devices and is made by Apple. This software helps you edit videos while using any iOS device. Some of the key features include drag-and-drop based interface, ability to fine tune clips, iMovie Theatre which allows you to watch movies on the Apple TV and has a vast collection of transitions and special effects.

Adobe Premier Pro

7. Adobe Premier Pro This is one of the most widely used video editing tools for time-line based video editing available on Mac and Windows. This tool can be easily integrated with Photoshop and After Effects and has eye-catching features such as video masking, transitions, special effects, etc.

Windows Movie Maker

8. Windows Movie Maker If a video editor wants to edit a video without using much of the system's resources, then Windows Movie Maker is the ideal video editing software. Windows Movie Maker is used to add tracks to the video, add simple animations and special effects and export the video into a Windows-compatible video format. This tool is ideal for amateurs or home movie makers.

CyberLink PowerDirector

9. CyberLink PowerDirector This popular video editing software has a very simple user interface which helps a video editor get used to it very easily. This tool provides a unique feature by allowing you to edit the video from a mobile app and has features such as professional looking animations and transitions and slideshows.

AVS Video Editor

10. AVS Video Editor This video editing tool is usually the first choice of video editors if they are looking for an easy-to-use interface and professional looking results on Windows computers. This tool has a large amount of transitions and special effects, multilingual support, support for Blu-ray videos and the videos can be easily shared to any of the social networking sites.

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