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Desktop Publishing Services

Outsource Desktop Publishing Services

Create print-ready designs with our easy-to-rescale, frame-based solutions!

Try our Desktop Publishing services to enhance your design capabilities and slash production costs

As the demand for well-edited, print-ready documents increases, the challenges associated with in-house desktop publishing are also constantly rising. Maintaining consistency, mastering complex software, and managing costs are some of the significant obstacles. This is exactly where professional desktop publishing services like ours offer a strategic solution to these challenges. Harness our two-decade-long expertise to create standout designs that are print-ready.

Edit various types of digital content such as white paper, newsletters, web content, web page, HTM, HTML, and more. We interpret your requirements and localize documents accordingly. Our skilled professionals are adept at using the latest desktop publishing tools and techniques. This ensures the production of high-quality and visually appealing documents. Besides, outsourcing significantly reduces overhead costs related to software purchases, staff training, and hardware maintenance. Scalability and flexibility are the added benefits of outsourcing, which allow you to tackle fluctuating project demands.

Enhance your design capabilities, create print-ready designs, and slash production costs with our desktop publishing services.

DTP Services We offer

We specialize in design layout services, creating stunning and professional layouts for your documents. Our services deliver scalable, high-quality graphics that maintain clarity at any size. We also provide multilingual desktop publishing. Partner with us to leverage the expertise of our seasoned professionals and take your designs to the next level.

  • InDesign Layout Services

    InDesign Layout Services

    Our InDesign layout services transform your content into visually striking documents that resonate with your brand. Using Adobe InDesign, we create custom layouts for various documents, including brochures, magazines, and flyers. Our skilled designers ensure your content is aesthetic and engaging.

  • Vector Creation Services

    Vector Creation Services

    We offer high-quality, scalable graphics that retain their clarity at any size. Using Adobe Illustrator to create vectors ensures they are perfect for logos, illustrations, and other design elements. Our skilled designers deliver crisp, clear, and visually appealing graphics. Create designs that remain visually spectacular, regardless of scale, with our services.

  • Typesetting Services

    Typesetting Services

    Arrange your text and images on each page to create visually appealing and easy-to-read documents with our typesetting services. Whether you're publishing a book, a magazine, or a brochure, we ensure your content is presented in the best possible way. Our team meticulously chooses the right margins, fonts, and line spacing to improve readability. With us, you can create content that is readable and visually engaging.

  • Document Formatting Services

    Document Formatting Services

    Ensure your manuscripts, research papers, and scientific journals meet the formatting requirements of your field with our document formatting services. We carefully format citation style, margins, spacing, and font selection to create professionally formatted documents. Our team ensures consistency throughout the document, enhancing its professional look.

  • Large Format Print Support Services

    Large Format Print Support Services

    Ensure your banners, posters, and billboards are print-ready with our large format print support services. We use cutting-edge printing technology to deliver sharp, vibrant, large-scale prints. Our team ensures your designs are correctly formatted and optimized for large-scale printing. Partner with us to create large prints that make a visual impact.

  • Content Localization Services

    Content Localization Services

    Make your content relevant to your international audience with our content localization services. We adapt your content to the cultural, social, and legal context of your target market. Our team ensures your message is accurately conveyed, enhancing its appeal to your international audience. This ensures your content connects better with the global market.

  • Text Formatting

    Text Formatting

    Format your content before publishing with text formatting services. We analyze typography, including font size, font type, special characters, and more, to ensure maximum readability. Our DTP experts check page breaks, margins, headings, tabulation, bulleted lists, blocking, indenting, line breaking, and other aspects. This ensures that every bit of text is formatted to meet publication guidelines.

  • Layout Design

    Layout Design

    Avoid costly pitfalls with accurate book and magazine layouts. Skilled layout specialists review and push your magazines and books to press on time. Graphics, screenshots, and illustrations are carefully edited before publishing. We also advise on an estimated pagination, depending on your choice of format and word count of your manuscript.

  • Multilingual Typesetting Services

    Multilingual Typesetting Services

    Place and format translated text into a design or graphic of your choice with our multilingual typesetting. We provide design assistance for immediate publication in a digital or print format. This also includes the localization of images present in your content. Our professionals translate content into 100+ languages, including various Asian, Middle Eastern, and European languages.

Process Flow



Client transfers images, script and textual input via a secure FTP server, Dropbox, or email to O2I


O2I's DTP professionals download the input and check if all the required inputs are present

3.DTP Services

Qualified DTP professionals perform formatting services, with Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw, MS Publisher and MS Word. This includes checking if formats, resolutions, colors, fonts, and other elements are correct

4.Quality Check

Quality Specialist conducts a quality check of first draft files to ascertain SLA adherence and formatting accuracy


PDF version (or any other format if specified) sent to client for approval, edits if any are incorporated, based on client input

6.Final Output

Final approved files transferred back to client via secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Dropbox

Software We Use

Our professionals have 3+ years of experience in the publishing and related industries, and are well-versed in Adobe Indesign, QuarkXpress and other electronic publishing technologies.

Adobe InDesign Adobe FrameMaker CorelDraw Microsoft Publisher Adobe PageMaker

Industries We Serve

Customs BrokerageCustoms Brokerage
Healthcare and HospitalityHealthcare and Hospitality
Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Public SectorPublic Sector
Retail and eCommerceRetail and eCommerce
Real EstateReal Estate

What Sets Our Desktop Publishing Company Apart?

As an experienced desktop publishing company, we specialize in various services, including multilingual invoice processing, video editing, brand design, and DTP solutions. Our team of professionals is highly skilled in utilizing industry-leading desktop publishing tools such as InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher, Photoshop, and more. Here are some additional advantages you can expect when partnering with us -

  • ISO Certification and GDPR Compliance

    We are ISO-certified and committed to maintaining a 99% compliance rate with service level agreements (SLAs), ensuring we deliver on time and meet your expectations.

  • Expert Team

    With a team of over 30 professionals, including DTP experts, designers, illustrators, graphic artists, and account managers fluent in multiple languages, we have the expertise to handle your diverse requirements.

  • Flexible Schedule and Quick Turnarounds

    We offer a 24/6 schedule to accommodate different time zones, ensuring fast turnarounds and efficient project management.

  • Customized Solution

    Our customer-centric approach enables us to meet your needs and budgets, providing tailored solutions that align with your business objectives.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Our dedicated customer support team is available round-the-clock to address any queries or concerns via email or phone.

  • Data Security and Compliance

    We adhere to EU GDPR, ensuring the highest level of data security and confidentiality in handling your sensitive information.

  • Extensive Experience

    With a proven track record of working with startups, SMEs, Fortune 500, and Fortune 1000 companies, we bring a wealth of experience to the table.

  • Robust Security Measures

    We prioritize the safety of your data with secure web servers, FTP uploads, virtual private networks (VPNs), and comprehensive confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements.

  • Cost-efficiency

    Our competitive pricing models offer significant savings of 60 percent or more, allowing you to maximize your budget while receiving top-quality services.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Graphic Design Services

Get creative and visually captivating designs that effectively communicate their brand message with our graphic design services.

3D Design Services

Bring your ideas to life with immersive and realistic visualizations. Use advanced software to create 3D models that showcase your offerings with precision.

Artwork Services

Get custom-designed artwork that adds a touch of creativity and uniqueness to your brand with our professional artwork services.

Illustration Services

Enhance your brand's visual storytelling with custom illustrations that effectively communicate your message.

Animation Services

Create dynamic and visually compelling animations that bring your ideas to life with our custom animation services.

Prepress Services

From proofreading and color management to file optimization and formatting, we ensure that your materials are error-free, consistent, and optimized for printing.

Customer Success Stories

Case Study for Desktop Publishing

Case Study for Desktop Publishing

Learn how our client benefited from our outsourced DTP solution that helped provide an array of reports to its investors and assisted in its internal documentation needs. The client was able to leverage the cost savings and quality of work inherent in all our solutions, thereby enabling it to streamline operations across different global centers while improving efficiency.

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O2I Provided Provided to A US-Based Promotional Products Marketing Company

DTP Services Provided to A US-Based Promotional Products Marketing Company

Outsource2india delivered cutting-edge DTP services to a leading promotional products marketing company. Our services helped the client cut costs significantly, scale up, and increase profitability.

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I am overwhelmed with the support & level of understanding of your team. The effort you spent in working out my DTP project diligently with a very quick turn around time has helped my company reap immense profits. Looking forward to very successful business relationship in the coming years.

Graphics Manager, A leading electronics company from South Korea More Testimonials »

Outsource Desktop Publishing Services

Outsourcing DTP services to us ensures that your localized content gets adapted adequately into any layout of your choice, ranging from interactive charts and static images to enhanced graphical elements. Partnering with us offers unique benefits that extend beyond cost savings and efficiency. With the ability to process various document formats, from brochures and flyers to business reports and books, we bring versatility that caters to diverse business needs. The use of cutting-edge tools and software ensures the highest quality of output that adheres to the latest trends and standards in design and layout. As tools and in-house staff training costs are taken off your shoulders, you will experience increased cost efficiency.

Try our services now to benefit from superior design expertise and reduce publishing costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of partnering with a DTP services company?

Partnering with a DTP service company provides access to a team of skilled professionals adept at using the latest desktop publishing tools and technologies. Such partnerships can significantly reduce overhead costs related to software purchases, staff training, and hardware maintenance. Scalability and flexibility allow you to manage fluctuating project demands. Partnering with a professional assures efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality solutions.

How do you choose the right DTP service provider?

Choosing the right DTP service provider involves evaluating their track record, technical expertise, and understanding of your industry. Selecting a provider with a deep understanding of desktop publishing standards and trends is crucial. Client testimonials and case studies can provide valuable insights into the quality of their work, ability to meet deadlines, and handle projects of your scale.

How much do DTP services cost?

The cost of DTP services can vary depending on the complexity of the project, the number of pages, the turnaround time, and the specific requirements. The document type also influences whether it's a brochure, a book, a flyer, or a business card. Some service providers may charge per page, while others may offer a flat rate for the entire project.

How experienced is your team in providing DTP services?

Our team has skilled professionals offering creative design services with experience spanning over two decades. We've worked with diverse clients across various industry sectors, delivering high-quality, professional documents that meet their unique needs. Our designers are proficient in the latest desktop publishing tools and software and can handle projects of any scale and complexity.

What support can I expect from your design team after the project delivery?

After delivering a DTP project, we offer a review period during which any necessary revisions can be made based on your feedback. Our team is readily available to answer any queries or concerns you may have. We also provide training on how to make minor updates or changes to the documents if needed.

How do you ensure the quality and data security of your DTP Services?

We adhere to stringent quality control measures to ensure the highest standards of our DTP services. Each project undergoes multiple rounds of review and proofreading to ensure design accuracy and consistency. On the data security front, we comply with international security standards and have robust data protection protocols in place.