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Content Localization Services

Outsource Content Localization Services

Get your content localized for the market where you intend to introduce your products and services by a professional localization expert at rates starting at ¢8 a word

Business owners today have more opportunities to grow their businesses than before. With online business helping promote business around the world, companies no longer have to restrict themselves to domestic borders to grow. And the easiest way to reach out to target markets is through top-notch content localization services. This service goes beyond simply translating content to a local language, but also conveying your brand experience in a way that connects with the people of the region.

Outsource2india has over 25 years of experience in content localization. We have assisted a range of industries to translate their content into the local language and culture of the customers and expand their market with ease. Driven by a team of certified content localizers, both in-house and crowd-sourced, and well-established process, platforms, technology, and quality check methods we have helped our clients get the best results from content localization.

Content Localization Services We Offer

We offer a range of content localization services to our clients. These include -

  • Web Content Localization

    Web Content Localization

    We have vast expertise in localizing websites. Our extensive services have helped our clients create a great impact on the way they achieved their business goals in regional markets. Our approach is to help our clients decide on their core markets first and then choose a language version that would best suit the market. Our services entail thinking beyond the site itself. We take into consideration other aspects of website localization such as digital assets, content, and channels that make up your local presence. We also make sure that the localization service is executed in a way to ensure regional search engines cache your new local website.

  • Software Content Localization

    Software Content Localization

    Our Software localization services aim to deliver a user interface on a linguistic and cultural level. We blend the two to ensure a user can understand and interact with a given page, screen or window, with the contextual familiarity they desire. We specialize in both Waterfall content localization and agile localization. In Waterfall content localization the process is done at the very end (a post-release method) or during a specific period of the software development process and in the Agile content localization method we sync the localization process with the development process so that both development and localization happen simultaneously. We create a style guide for every software localization service.

  • Promotional Material Content Localization

    Promotional Material Content Localization

    Before a website and software catch the attention of the local people, it's important to localize the promotional material of the product. Like any other content localization service, our promotional material localization service gives equal importance to the cultural, regional, and lifestyle choices of the region in question. This is exactly why we strive to make promotional material more appealing to a local audience. We bank on short, direct, and informative writing; use social proof to pivot the message and spread the message through the most accepted channels in the region. We also focus on language-specific SEO and a call to action that rings with the regional audience.

  • SEO Content Localization

    SEO Content Localization

    SEO is an integral part of our content localization strategy. We leverage SEO to make sure the localized content meets online success with high search engine rankings. We follow all the online content regulations guidelines to get popular with the local search engines. Other key elements of our SEO process include keyword optimization, multimedia content optimization, title optimization, and other technical factors. To make content localization more precise, we optimize each language in the content marketing library separately. We dedicate adequate time to Google Keyword Planner and SEM Rush to research the kind of words and phrases trending in a language depending on the industry.

  • IOS/Android App Content Localization

    IOS/Android App Content Localization

    Mobile app localization processes for different countries and regions are arranged differently in Google Play and App Store. We assist our clients to localize their apps accordingly and take the process through another lens of experts for contextual and cultural alignment. We take care of the rules mandated by App Store and Play Store like using keywords only once in any language and so on. For android apps, we add a localized version of the app title, short and long, and description in Google Play Console. Then our experts run through the changes to make it gel with local preferences. Our mobile app localization services guarantee easy popularity in local markets.

  • Graphic UI Content Localization

    Graphic UI Content Localization

    Our graphic UI considers all the nuances of localization and peculiarities of design to incorporate them into the flow of content localization. To start with, we design a dynamic layout to accommodate the varying scope of different languages without affecting the interface. Next, we adapt the design for the right to left languages without flipping graphs, images, video controls, and so on. Our Graphic UI Content Localization also takes care of presenting numerical data as per the linguistic norms. We focus on Unicode compliant fonts or Google Noto Fonts to provide a seamless experience across all languages. Besides we also use the right icons and symbols to avoid misinterpretation.

  • Branded Content Localization

    Branded Content Localization

    Our branded content localization service aims to take the local voice and cultural understanding to convey a branding message. It is because of this single-minded objective that we have been able to create authentic branded content that works for a local market, embracing the local traditions, flavor, and humor. Our branded content localization strategy is based on anticipating regional audience needs, focusing on what can interest them as per their tradition and culture, capturing their emotions as per their unique conventions and traditions. We also specialize in using community-driven tactics and influencer marketing as a method for branded content localization.

  • Advertisements Content Localization

    Advertisements Content Localization

    People always prefer to see an ad in their local language. Therefore, when it comes to increasing awareness and sales multinational companies must serve ads in a local language. We have wide experience in this go-to customization tactic. Our advertisement content localization strategy hinges on local tastes and running creative for the country and culture-specific celebrations and holidays. Our strategy, therefore, avoids a copy-paste approach and instead is based entirely on local research of preferences and words and phrases. Additionally, we look at the local competition before localizing the content. In other words, we go beyond the typical localization needs of a region to improve the whole experience for a particular audience.

Content Localization Process We Follow

We are an expert content localization services providing company, and so follow few well-defined steps to content localization. These steps include -


01. Requirement Gathering

Every content localization project has its specific requirements. The requirements help us tailor the right approach to localization. We sit with you to understand your product and service and your brand's value proposition. Based on this understanding and the cultural preferences of the region we develop a strategy for localization. During the project, we are entirely guided by regional experts


02. Volume Analysis and Preparation

This is the first step to the localization process, in which the client extracts the resource files for translation. We make use of robust localization platforms which support a variety of source file formats so that our clients can directly upload their resource files. We use a range of translation management systems to expedite the process


03. Translation and Localization

After the source files are loaded all the extracted information is translated into the local language. As the translation goes on, our experts follow it closely to assess the quality of the translation and localization process. We flag issues at this stage


04. Implementation of Localized Content

This is the final stage of the content localization process. The translated content is implemented on the website, app, promotion material, or advertisement. During the implementation process, we take care to fit the content into the layout with proper alignment and spacing. This ensures a consistent user experience


05. Linguistic & Layout Testing

After the implementation of the localized content, an expert linguistic and design team carries out a final review of the localized version. The final review is done to spot linguistic and design errors that may have gone unnoticed after the implementation of the localized content


06. Client Review and Feedback

Once the final review of the localized content is done, the content is sent to the client for a final review. We seek feedback on the localized content. We have a proven track record of getting approval without any major feedback


07. Implementation of Client Feedback

If there is some minor feedback from the client, we implement the feedback exactly according to client specifications. After the changes, the project is finally delivered to the client

Other Services We Offer

Why Outsource Content Localization Services to Outsource2india?

Our clients outsource content localization services to us because of vast experience in different domains, short turnaround times, and accurate localization services. Some primary reasons include -

  • Increased Sales at Affordable Rates

    We localize content to deliver tangible benefits to our clients. The primary objective of our localization service is to increase product awareness and help our clients realize the goal of reaching out to local audiences. We localize content in a way that nurtures engagement and finally leads to greater audience interest and increased sales.

  • Expertise in Content Localization Services

    Our content localization service consists of not just translating the content verbatim but also carrying the translation out in keeping with local preferences. We make the language catchy and capture the local flavor to engage the target audience. Our services have helped our clients stand out from the competition and retain the target audience's interest. We have a proven track record of hooking attention and building trust and engagement.

  • Diverse Industry Expertise

    We have catered to a wide range of content localization clients hailing from different industry domains. From life sciences and medicine to eCommerce, and from e-learning to banking and mortgage and from software to service industry we have localized contents for a wide variety of requirements. We leverage this vast exposure to give the best services to our clients.

  • Expert Team of Translators

    Our content localization service is driven by a team of translators with command in the local language. They specialize in creating original language scripts based on guidelines provided by the client. We have a separate team to proofread the content and ensure that the presentation is engaging and all brand guidelines are met. We hire our translators based on strict eligibility criteria.

  • Reliance on Latest Technology

    We make use of the most advanced technologies to render our content localization services. These technologies help us create new methods for simplifying the translation workflow. Some such technologies we bank upon include machine learning and artificial intelligence. We embrace the latest technology to enhance quality, provide better support and take better decisions.

  • Rapid Business Growth

    One of the biggest benefits of localized content is the ability to reach out to regional users and compete with local manufacturers. As a result of this outreach, there are chances of your business attaining a global footprint. As an outsourced content localization service provider, we understand the needs of the local audience and so can craft the best message for your business needs.

  • Improve User Experience

    A brand cannot connect with its target audience if it does not convey its message the way they would want to hear it. We consider all the necessary localization aspects while translating the message for your target audience. As a result, your audience gets the experience they would wish to have.

  • Improve Return on Investment

    Our content localization services aim to help you improve your return on investment. We leverage our expertise to help you connect with the audience quickly and in the most convincing way thereby ensuring they turn into customers soon enough.

  • Optimized for Local Search Engines

    If you want to increase business across foreign countries then localizing content helps you optimize your content for local search engines. This is true for countries where Google is not the local search engine. Our content localization services help you come on the first page of local search engine results.

  • Flexible Hiring Options

    We believe in providing our clients with a flexible service model so that people can avail of our services overcoming all budgetary constraints. Besides end-to-end content localization services, our clients can avail of specific services such as language translation, language proofreadings, SEO optimization, etc. We have emerged as a one-stop solution for all types of content localization needs.

  • High-quality ISO-certified Translation Service

    We are an ISO-certified company. To meet the high standards of ISO, we go the extra mile to provide high-quality content localization services with all our projects. We ensure this with the help of stringent quality checks in which a requirement is taken through multiple stages of review. Our meticulous evaluation levels ensure we meet expectations and deadlines.

  • 24/7 Services

    As a specialized content localization company, we work 24/7 from different global centers in the world. This helps us work across time zone differences and complete projects within due delivery dates. Our diverse operational structure helps our clients meet all their scalability needs with ease.


The quality of the transcripts I received was of good quality and the timeliness of the work was excellent. I have recommended your service to fellow researchers who may need transcribing services.

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Outsource Content Localization Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india has over 25 years of experience in content localization services. Over the years we have taken great care to ensure that the content, through the website, software, promotional materials, etc. is translated and localized in keeping with the local language and socio-cultural preferences of the regional market. As an experienced content localization partner, we team up with you to guide you for a strategic and seamless market entrance. Besides offering the highest level of precision and quality, we have provided our clients with website translation support using advanced software and scalability, while preparing them for different regional languages and market launches. Our clients have banked on us for accuracy, timely delivery, and cost-effective services.

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