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Mandarin Translation Services

Outsource Mandarin Translation Services

Our native Mandarin speakers can translate your business or personal documents accurately to English or any other international language without altering its context. Our services start at just ¢8 - ¢10 per word

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. There are around 935 million native speakers of the Chinese language in the world. This combined with the economic development of China and the need to reach out to the local markets of china has made it important for organizations around the world to embrace Mandarin translation.

At outsource2india we have over 21 years of experience in providing exceptional Mandarin translation services. As a specialized Chinese translation agency, we have wide experience in delivering translation services in diverse fields and different business requirements. We have covered domains such as architecture, agriculture, automation, astronomy, computers, business contracts, economics, education, electronics, energy, engineering, finance, government, history, insurance, investment, poetry, ancient Chinese treatment like acupressure, legal literature, and cooking.

Why is Mandarin Translation Important?

Mandarin is most sought after as a language because it is very important in terms of economic factors. It gives access to countries that are highly developed such as Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

Businesses around the world have realized that the best way to go global is by learning local languages. And when it comes to expanding business, no country can give you the firm market footing as China does. A World Bank report said China's GDP will increase from $200 billion in the late 70s to $15 trillion by 2020. Besides, China is the world's second-largest importer and the largest exporter of consumer and other goods. Getting access to the market of a global superpower can help any business grow by leaps and bounds.

Likewise, partnering with a local Chinese company to market its products on a global scale can bring huge benefits to non-Chinese companies. However, as it may take significant time to master a language, and waiting to attain that proficiency is not sustainable, Mandarin translators are sought after the most.

On the academic front, mandarin translation can help you understand the Chinese culture better. It is an ancient culture with a rich history and the best way to get to the depth of the culture is to depend on translations.

Another thing which can attract you towards learning Chinese as a second language is that it is a very ancient culture. By learning this language in-depth, it will help you a lot in learning and delving into the most ancient literature.

As a specialized mandarin translation services, we have experienced, trained, experienced and native Mandarin-speaking translators with domain expertise in major industry verticals. They can effectively help you with Mandarin to English translations and English to Mandarin translations. Our services have helped our clients get mandarin translations done with great quality and accuracy

Professional Mandarin Translation Services We Offer

Outsourcing Mandarin Translation Services can bring you umpteen benefits and makes you versatile in the competitive world. As a professional mandarin translation service, our services include -

  1. Mandarin Document Translation

    Mandarin Document Translation

    Document Translation is the translation or conversion of the source text, let’s say Mandarin to English or Vice Versa. We support a range of mandarin translation services which include legal document translation, medical document translation, business document translation etc.

  2. Mandarin Machine Translation

    Mandarin Machine Translation

    Machine translation of Mandarin to English or English to Mandarin is done with fully automated software. However, this translation is not always perfect. Our translators help you review the translation and make it perfect for use.

  3. Mandarin Marketing

    Mandarin Marketing

    Marketing in mandarin with right brochures leaflets and ad boards or with online PPC ads can be a challenge for foreign companies. Our translators will help you with the right Mandarin translation to meet all your marketing needs.

  4. Mandarin Transcreation

    Mandarin Transcreation

    Our Mandarin Transcreation service will assist you to adapt a message from Mandarin to English or vice versa while maintaining its intent, tone, style, and context. This service of ours has primarily helped academic institutions create better studies.

  5. Mandarin Linguistic QA

    Mandarin Linguistic QA

    Our mandarin linguistic QA support is designed to assist you in project localization for websites, and applications. Our clients leverage our services to ensure high-quality translations that send the right message about the vision and brand of the company to the market.

  6. Mandarin Copywriting

    Mandarin Copywriting

    Our mandarin copywriting services can be leveraged to write the text for advertising or other forms of marketing. It is designed to create the right balance between linguistic standards, brand guidelines, and marketing performance.

  7. Mandarin Transcription

    Mandarin Transcription

    Our Mandarin transcription services are designed to help you catch up with mandarin phonetics, dialectology, conversation analysis, and sociolinguistics. We have experience in mandarin transcription for academia, court hearing, physician's recorded voice, etc.

  8. Mandarin Voiceovers and Subtitling

    Mandarin Voiceovers and Subtitling

    Our subtitling and voiceover service in Mandarin is designed to help you produce high quality multilingual audio-visual content to appeal to your target audiences. Our mandarin voiceover network is vast in scope and is tailored to offer the right experience to your audience.

  9. Mandarin e-Learning Support

    Mandarin e-Learning Support

    With our Mandarin e-learning support, we help you support translation services for those wanting to learn the language or different courses in the language. This service has been availed by numerous educational institutions and independent teachers.

  10. Mandarin Over the Phone Interpretation

    Mandarin Over the Phone Interpretation

    Businesses have leveraged this service of ours to correctly interpret the views, needs, and requirements of their customers and partners. Our interpreters get on the line when you converse with your connections and help you translate for you as well as for your audience.

  11. Mandarin Typesetting

    Mandarin Typesetting

    This service has been widely used by publication houses after getting a translation of Mandarin done by us. Our typesetters help arrange the text and images on a page, and ready it for the printing requirements of a publishing house.

  12. Mandarin Bilingual Staffing

    Mandarin Bilingual Staffing

    Our bilingual staffing service helps companies around the global hunt for the right Chinese talent for recruitment. We have assisted a range of firms to hire customer support representatives fluent in Mandarin for meeting their requirements in China.

Mandarin Translation Process We Follow

Backed by two decades of experience we have built a process not just to provide accurate deliverables in short turnaround time but bring a host of benefits to our clients. Our Mandarin translation process consists of the following steps -


We sit with you to understand your Mandarin translation requirements. Based on this understanding we give you a timeline and budget


Once you approve, we assign dedicated translators to your project. We assign only domain experts to you so that they are well-versed with all the related terminologies of your domain


We allow our clients to interview the chosen translators for domain-specific requirements. During the process, our translators also clarify ambiguous terminology to set expectations clear


During the translation, our translators refer to the accepted glossary levels. Even our editors refer to it time and again. This ensures accurate and consistent Mandarin translation


After the first draft of the translation is ready it goes to the editing team for a review. Senior translators of the domain go through the document to ensure quality is met. Errors, if any, are corrected and the document goes through another round of QA before the final draft is prepared


The document is handed over to the client either in stages or in full. This is done to get feedback


Once we receive feedback, changes specified by the client are duly incorporated into the document and resubmitted to the client


Once the client is satisfied, we raise an invoice for the project

Other Services We Offer

Why is Mandarin Translation Challenging?

Mandarin translation poses a challenge for international companies. This is because one version of mandarin cannot be used to reach out to all mandarin-speaking population. There is a huge difference between the spoken and written versions of Mandarin. Likewise, the popular form of Chinese in Hong Kong is Cantonese. However, this language is very close to Mandarin with similar grammatical structures. Our mandarin translation experts have complete mastery over understanding the linguistic complexities of the Mandarin language which is why they can use the right mandarin version for the right region for optimal performance.

Why Outsource Mandarin Translation Services to O2I?

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified Mandarin Translation Service Providing Company, we have over the years served over 50,000 clients in over 80 countries. In the course of our service we have assisted over 200 language pairs, leverage our proficiency in Mandarin to further their interests. The reason for our success has been our huge contact list of translators specializing in different dialects of Mandarin. Based on your requirement we approach the right translator for your needs. While we assure 100% accuracy, our services also come with the guarantee of correcting mistakes if any within a stipulated period. We are preferred for translation services for several reasons. These include -

  • Competitive Prices

    We offer the best prices in the market. Our prices come in different modules to ensure it meets all types of budgetary needs. Irrespective of the price model you choose we ensure you get the best of translation services.

  • Experience in Mandarin Translation

    We have over 21 years of experience in helping various business firms meet their mandarin translation needs. Over the years we have gained a complete understanding of what businesses need to how to pitch the need to Mandarin speakers for maximum effect.

  • Domain-Specific Translator

    As a leading provider of Mandarin translation services in India, we have a range of translators specializing in different domains. All our translators are native translators or bilingual translators having native level proficiency. We assign only domain-specific translators to meet the needs of the businesses. This ensures the needs are perfectly met and results are optimum.

  • Specialized Teams

    We are driven by a team of native Chinese translators who work across different time zones to complete your project, on time and under budget. Our team of writers is guided by a team of editors with profound experience in mandarin translation. Be it mandarin to English translation services or English to mandarin translation services our teams work together they ensure you get accurate results and complete satisfaction.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    As a renowned Mandarin translation service provider, we guarantee quick turnaround time to our clients. This is because we have a very strict workflow that is well monitored and driven by time-bound parameters. Another reason for a quick turnaround is assigning projects only after diligently screening each linguist.

  • Safe and Best Infrastructure

    The safety of your data is unabated. We offer the best level of security to your personal data so that it’s immune against loss or misuse. Our infrastructure complies with the ISO/IEC 27001:2022 regulations, making it a safe choice for all your needs.

  • Scalable Work Process

    Our Mandarin translation process is strictly based on TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading). This ensures that proper translation quality is always maintained. We use the advanced translation tools to ensure consistency and quality along with cost-benefit.

  • Time Zone Advantage

    We have multiple offices around the globe and work 24/7/365 workdays. This ensures your translation work is on even when your business is not operating.

Outsource Mandarin Translation Services to Outsource2India


The quality of the transcripts I received was of good quality and the timeliness of the work was excellent. I have recommended your service to fellow researchers who may need transcribing services.

Student, Australia.
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For over 21 years we have ensured businesses do not lose out on prospective customers because of their inability to comprehend Mandarin. Our clients have leveraged our foreign language translation services to reach out to new markets and win over customers in different regions of China as well as in Hong Kong and Taiwan. In the process we have helped businesses penetrate Chinese markets, grow their business and make their operations truly global. Our clients include big and small firms including some big brands from major countries such as the US, UK, France, Australia, Spain, Russia, Germany, India.

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